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Suffolk teens

fr 24 May

How very Suffolk:)  ♫ She Think's My Tractor's Sexy

tu 16 Apr

The shop being built at the Stowupland Co-op garage is going to be a BIG one.

mo 25 Mar

Suffolk ConstabularyThe Constabulary start this year's monthly Safe Rider Workshops for motorcyclists at Martlesham Heath next month 5-6th April.  The two day courses includes an escorted ride and lunch.

we 23 Jan

It's all the go in and about near the coast, temporarily closing petrol stations to re-Haynings garage Framlingham being updatedmodel them, not an insignificant matter when there are so few to start with.  Woodbridge (has it re-opened yet?), Co-op Stowupland (not closed but building going on), Haynings Framlingham (reportedly will have a 24 hour self service pump) and now the BP garage on the west bound A14 near Newmarket.  Fortunately services just off the A14 on the other side of Cambridge are copiously resourced ... three Costa Coffee machines!

th 10 Jan
Suffolk ConstabularyWe do seem to get through chief constables, Steve Jupp will be the fourth in six years ... just saying.

The Suffolk joke is There's a bloke in our village who's been to Norwich ... well he had to.  We rather like Norwich with its market that always reminds us of a souq and the city now has its own section on here.

tu 1 Jan
Ed Sheeran in 2006 and Earl SohamWe could rant about the relentless building around near the coast making rural Suffolk increasingly suburban with little if any improved infrastructure but we'll console ourselves that it's still a pleasant place to live.  We have bubbling a slight change to our look and very probably stylish merch.  In 2019 no doubt there'll be continued sightings of Ed Sheeran, the East African will report local fury about something or other and there'll be even more building ... wishing you the best for 2019.
su 12 Aug

Lavender and Jude the wedding dress shop in Stradbroke has moved to Bungay, can't say that's a surprise.

sa 5 May

Middy in the War Years tomorrow at Brockford Station Wetheringsett.

fr 19 May
It's six thirty pm and we're changing for dinner ... this may be Suffolk but do we look like we drive a tractor?
su 13 Nov

Our link checker is starting to pick up the now defunct local web sites that chose not to pay One Suffolk and the village site that bizarrely now thinks it's 2015.

sa 12 Nov

Yakety Yak's production of Hay FeverHay Fever is a Noel Coward comedy about a totally mad weekend house party in the 1920s.  Last night's performance at the Bungay Fisher Theatre was beautifully costumed, had a very decent sized and appreciative audience and some the cast's ott business tempted applause mid-performance.  Last chance to see tonight at the Pavilion Theatre Gorleston.

fr 21 Oct
Trafalgar Day - 21 October 1805

One SuffolkIf memory serves about the time PM Tony Blaire's vision for the information superhighway was to dole out rubbish computers in Framlingham the website One Suffolk arrived.  An unlikely partnership between Suffolk's constabulary, county and district councils it provided free websites for community organisations, small business and parish councils,  From next month Community Action Suffolk will be the new provider and they will charge for the service.

we 31 Aug

You're never going to believe what happened next in Little Mutterings ...

fr 8 Jul

Don't know how long it's been there but we've only just noticed that BBC Radio Suffolk has appeared on Freeview channel 720.

mo 2 May

Police have named the Thurston teenager who died yesterday and confirmed that he died from an injury caused by an air pellet.

su 1 May

Two teenagers have been arrested after a 14 year old boy died following a possible firearms incident in Thurston near Bury St Edmunds.

we 13 Apr

Vegetables and fruitWe have a friend who grew up in Armagh.  On a trip he and his father discovered that in Belfast fish and chips is served with fruit ... a slice of lemon.  In a similar manner we have come to terms with fish and chips served with vegetables but went to pieces when in Long Stratton we were offered mint sauce with our mushy peas.  We refused but next time we'll pluck up our courage and try.

we 30 Mar

Overheard whilst waiting for a burger at Thetford rugby club He's eleven months, what would he want with some chips?

sa 19 Mar

Visited the Fisher Theatre Bungay last night for the first time yesterday toCharley's Aunt in Bungay discover it's small but perfectly formed with loads of tech and you can take your drink into the auditorium.  RoughCast Theatre were presenting the Victorian farce Charley's Aunt.  Audience members inevitably asked Are you the official photographer? (No, we don't photograph officials) and then observed They're very good aren't they? ... can't disagree with that.  Charley plays tonight in the Framlingham St Michael's Rooms.

fr 26 Feb

Part of the Wyverstone ammunition stashThe thing about chairman of the parish council James Arnold's highly illegal 460+ firearms stash in Wyverstone (the other side of Stowmarket from near the coast) was the some 200,000 rounds of ammunition and other explosives.  Kept in close Rifles from the Wyverstones arms cacheproximity and a single room if there had been an accident there would have been a fireworks display the village wouldn't forget.

Arnold died of pancreatic cancer in July 2014 before he could face charges but last Friday following a related enquiry firearms dealer Anthony Buckland received six years for fraud and selling prohibited weapons.

mo 31 Aug

It's not near the coast, it's not even Suffolk but we just love the name, next weekend is the Strumpshaw Steam Weekend.

fr 7 Aug

Ipswich Comedy ClubWell there's a novelty, instead of the usual Suffolk fatuous justification Jokers Comedy Club in Ipswich apologises for this month's show not being up to their usual standard.

su 3 May

International Dawn Chorus DayThe first Sunday in May is International Dawn Chorus Day, no events in Suffolk but one in the rather pleasant Sussex village Steyning, pronounced Stenning by blow ins and Staining by non-blow ins.

we 22 Apr

Election hustings at Wingfield BarnsWe attended our first election hustings yesterday, it was in the Wingfield Barns and organised by the Country Landowners Association.  There was pretty much one of each flavour candidate but only Labour's Jack Abbot and the Green's Rhodri Griffiths (he lives in Parham) standing in Central Suffolk.  To be honest we didn't stay long and during that time the audience neither booed or cheered but it was nice to see some election activity.

sa 11 Apr

There are 122 parishes in Mid Suffolk and only nine will bother with an election this May.  Stradbroke looks particularly lively with 18 candidates for the 13 seats.  It's unclear what Stackton Tressel will do as they don't seem to come under either Central or Coastal Suffolk.  Stackton community leader Hamish McEdbanguh commented Sorry, I'm in a hurry.

we 1 Apr
April Fool

Hopkins HomesThe Vatican City has announced the excommunication vitandus of Hopkins Homes for engaging in joint commercial activities with Satan.  An excommunication vitandus barrs Catholics from dealing with the excommunicated which should slow the spread of Satanism within Suffolk.

A Lowestoft man arrested on suspicion of yesterday's Wenhaston burglary.

tu 17 Mar
St Patricks's Day

Look out, Miss, Lord Framlingham has arrived!It was generally agreed that Michael Lord MP for Central Suffolk was an excellent constituency MP but it would seem his subsequent ennoblement to Lord Framlingham has rather gone to his head.

mo 5 Jan

Suffolk police have seized 400 Superman ecstasy tablets hidden in a public place near Norwich Road Ipswich, Norwich Road is a long road.  In the same press release the police report arresting a 19 year old for supplying class B drugs, ecstasy is a class A drug.

fr 2 Jan

Suspect ecstasy tableSuffolk police have released a pic of the 'Superman' ecstasy tablets suspected of killing at least two in Ipswich and possibly others in the UK including Telford Shropshire.

th 1 Jan

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  No doubt in 2015 Andrea Hill will return as County chief executive and sponsorship renames Suffolk as Hopkinshomeshire, it'll be cheapest to park in Essex and use helicopters to travel around ntc, finally roller derby in Ipswich and perhaps we get a record 20,000 visitors in a month, we abandon VeganB46 but still drop a dress size and despite the continual house building and bureaucratic BS near the coast remains a pleasant place to live ...

th 10 Jul

The East African Daily Times is reporting a Mackenzie Crook lookalike seen in Fressingfield near the Fox and Goose ...

su 29 Jun

Cratfield open weekend - pic by Geoff MooreWeekend before last perhaps instead of having a summer fete Cratfield had an open weekend which impressively included The Poacher being open all day.  What a successful idea, the event raised over £4,000 to support the church and village hall.  Thanks to Candy Blackham and Geoff Moore for the info.

fr 20 Jun

That's all we have until ThursdayIn this part of Suffolk you're more likely to be run down by a mobility scooter than an inline skater but we do like its been here forever bumptiousness ... and though unfair to say it's still the 1950s near the coast we have heard that sugar rationing didn't end in Stackton Tressel until 1986 ...

su 1 Dec

The Stonham Aspal Ten Bells is still boarded up and has those concrete blocks in the entry to the car park that make anywhere look so attractively like a war zone.

fr 13 Sep

Friday the 13thAn anvil has been stolen from outside a Thorington house, Wile E. Coyote visiting coastal Suffolk for Benji's centenary?  meep meep

tu 3 Sep

Presumably it's the national co-op who produce their own brand washing up liquid but it is a little bit Suffolk to think something can be original and new at the same time.

sa 17 Aug

The Brewer has given us the bad news that the hop farm just outside Sibton has given up and it might be the last one in Suffolk ... although there could be another at Monewden at least.  Either way we hope the splendidly industrial machinery at Sibton has found a home and the Brewer is modestly confident he can keep the character of his beers with other hops ... and the barley still comes from Brandeston.

th 4 Apr

More heating oil thefts including one in Worlingworth and an helicopter found in a Trimley St Martin back garden.

mo 11 Feb

Maybe somebody's seen The Apostle or maybe just plain weirdness but food abandoned in Friston and Aldeburgh plus maybe somebody didn't mean to donate earphones and memory sticks to the Woodbridge Red Cross shop.

we 5 Dec

The Keeper's DaughterThe Keeper's Daughter starting tonight in Kelsale are out on the road around near the coast with this year's Christmas show Twas The Night Before Christmas until the 29th.  We saw the dress rehearsal Monday in Needham Norfolk and it looks another stunner with a central magnificently awful pun ... people like magnificently awful puns, that's why they buy red tops.

su 23 Sep

Monochrome in Diss last nightLast night in Diss a black and white themed charity dance prompted imaginative dressing and complemented Framlingham's favourites The Outlaws who rocked of course (even if it is Norfolk, if only just).  Over £650 was raised for the St Nicholas Hospice Bury St Edmunds and as we left we passed a dancer walking home with her high heels in her hands, thought that only happened in films ... maybe we should get out more.

mo 7 May

The Friston Chequers continues to be shut and has grass growing up through the car park's gravel but the Theberton Lion is open and has a shop.

sa 7 Jan

As it was Rumburgh Morris mumming at the Cratfield Poacher last night we assumed it would be outside but no, it was in the pub which had a good houseful and a good handful of beers of which we only recognised Adnams.  Mumming is clearly grandparent to pantomime and last night's mum included a full contact handbag fight which must have left one of the ladies bruised, afterwards there was music making.

mo 17 Oct

Young cyclocross riderIt's been a couple of years since we've seen a cyclocross and though a nice day may have helped there was impressive youthful involvement at the Amis Velo Supacross in Colchester.  Old timers complained like they always have that the course was too easy and national junior cross champion and Ashfield cum Thorpe resident Hugo Robinson won the event with such ease it must have been little more than a training run for him ... mind you he still broke sweat.

tu 4 Oct

We've been told the Crowfield Rose has been closed for over a year and the Great Glemham Crown has been shut for months.

sa 30 Jul

The free Westleton wild flower festival in the village hall started yesterday and ends tomorrow, and it's the divine Buster Keaton in the feature length comedy The General at the Aldeburgh cinema tomorrow evening.

we 18 May

The Apache helicopter back again last night but this time around Horham.

we 20 Apr

A 70 year old local man has died after a road accident in Swilland earlier today.

mo 28 Feb

Outlaws fans at the Needham Limes - pic The Outlaws Looks like the death of another near the coast music venue, the Needham Market Limes will close today unless it gets a saviour.

th 20 Jan

mobile police station in RendhamDespite chillingly miserable rain there'd already been a customer for PCSO Kevin Mann at the mobile police station in Walpole when we visited last Monday morning, Nat Bocking had visited to tell Kevin about the handy bus project.  The Suffolk Coastal mobile is one of four in the county and has on board Internet, loads of info, can postcode free bicycles and mobile phones and has a computer linked speed indicator display to monitor traffic speed through a village.  We followed Kevin on to Rendham but the rain seemed even more penetrating so we didn't hang about.

tu 18 Jan
Winnie the Pooh Day - AA Milne's birthday

Damien Payton isn't so much gamekeeper turned poacher as gamekeeper The Village Grocer in Walpoleturned grocer.  His Village Grocer van takes a week to visit villages between Felixstowe and Southwold and the0n starts again.  Despite the chilling and insistent rain yesterday he was parked up on that corner in Walpole where there used to be a pub and his fruit and veg looked in good shape ... more pix

tu 27 Jul

We are told Saturday's formal opening of the Bruisyard village hall was attended by several hundred, somewhat fewer Sunday.  The hall is intimidatingly pristine with three French windows and a kitchen serving hatch accessing the outside where impressively the lighting is solar powered LED and movement triggered.  The hall stands on a field bought by the parish council in 1995 when the village's agricultural engineers went bust ... what a good decision that's turned out to be ... buying the field that is, not going bust.  More pix on Facebook.

th 13 May

Letheringham church fundraisers have organised an opportunity Monday to meet Meg Rosoff author of How I Live Now in Easton Village Hall.

sa 1 May

Little Bealing village hallCentral Suffolk Lib-Dem candidate Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne was canvassing in The Bealings yesterday  but we couldn't find him (poor mobile reception); regrettable because graphically on the Internet he's the invisible man.  Not a wasted afternoon though as The Bealings are utterly charming, a cobweb of tiny lanes that sometimes make you feel you've wandered onto someone's drive, a pub, a railway station ignored by trains since 1956 but it must have featured in a Miss Marple, and a small but perfectly formed church hall.

fr 30 Apr

Therese Coffey with panini and chipsCoastal Suffolk Conservative candidate Therese (it's French) Coffey lives in Westleton so she can't get Channel 5 or Freeview and no doubt rubbish broadband.  When she asked BT why near the coast broadband is so rubbish so close to BT's research centre they said Oh, their broadband is rubbish too.  We found out yesterday at the Martlesham Black Tiles that Therese has stood as an mp once before, her rescued dog Rizzo is very patient, when she ordered the panini she hadn't realised it came with chips, and is very aware this time round she's not a shoo in.  More pix

th 22 Apr

Robert Castellani plays Butley Priory tonight and he's not just all all that hippy shit as Lady KRJ would have it.

we 24 Mar

Bruisyard parish council in the village hall tonight.

we 10 Mar

1:00pm: The A12 is closed both ways at Thorington near Blythburgh because of a fatal road accident.

th 25 Feb

Gordon Knowles the chicken man Reasonably pleased with our cd cover pic of Bungay's chicken man Gordon Knowles and it was our pleasure to meet such a genuine bloke.

fr 19 Feb

Cratfield Poacher  des' dinners 77

NaTCH  found the Cratfield Poacher on Wednesday in the traditional manner by wandering about until he tripped over it and then with the Gentleman Plumber, whose satnav had taken him right to the pub, they approved of Woodfordes Nelson's Revenge (4.3%) whilst Tony stuck to Adnams and there was hare for a main course.  Conversation included the barn owl NaTCH had seen out hunting on his way there and which Fox brother was appearing at the theatre in Bungay.  Folk at The Poacher on third Wednesdays and bands on occasional Saturdays ... if you can find it:)  AfARs from Amanda (Ron wouldn't let her have the satnav) and Nick (boring old work again).  (first proper visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

we 6 Jan

Gosh!  Ashfield cum Thorpe resident Hugo Robinson competing in cyclo-cross as a youth (what sort of used to be called schoolboys) is having a very successful season including a second place in Belgium and last year sixth in the UK National Championships.

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