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nearthecoast provides low cost and targeted advertising to our thousands of visitors each month and to the 1,700+ subscribers to the twice monthly email digest.  A 160 x 110 graphic links to your web site.  What you do is:What a bargain!

  • email us to book a slot
  • the graphic is sorted, we'll create it if you want
  • we send you an email invoice and you settle with a credit/debit card on PayPal
  • your ad goes on nearthecoast and you're a happy bunny.
  • What you get: £11.95 buys a months worth.  There is an ad slot on every one of the site's 300+ pages with advertisers limited to a maximum of four so statistically your ad will show three out of every four visits.  Current advertisers go into the twice(ish) monthly email digest on an ad hoc basis.  Email us
  • Tip: We can make the graphic for you but if you do it yourself consider making the background transparent because you then don't have to leave a margin around the text or logo, ie the text or logo can go right up to the edge making it appear bigger.

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