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fr 26 Feb
After over 14 years the

bulletin board

 has retired, here's why.  As an alternative you can post on our page on that there evil Facepack.  Lot's of tidying up to do now ...
th 25 Feb
Jess the black and white catThe the Wave Goodbye one


  emailed out today ... click Jess Postman Pat's black and white cat to get your free copy.
we 24 Feb
Vagaband in the Seagull Theatre LowestoftWe've always enjoyed at


 Festival shows the broad repertoire and sometimes standyup drummer of Norwich band Vagaband who musicalise (yes, we just made that word up) the 2021 Census tv ad.  The band briefly appears around 49secs in. ♫
A very convoluted and twisted thread of motorbike theft and drugs in


tu 23 Feb
Brandy Clark - Bigger Boat featuring Randy NewmanThough the curve of new


 infections in East Suffolk (not including Ipswich) is looking good it's still not back to where we were last summer, keep following the guidelines.  The Beeb guide to unlocking prompts us to anticipate grass roots sport, open pubs and finally open cinemas.  Our eighty first reason to be cheerful Bigger Boat. ♫
nearthecoast at Alamy We have over 5,000 stock images available on Alamy.
mo 22 Feb
This year the


 Airfield Museum is 40 and the museum's latest newsletter reminisces about the early years.
sa 20 Feb
Nice enough day, queues on


 Market and for barista Dusted With Cocoa.
fr 19 Feb
Emma.The first lockdown last year started on the very day we were planning to see Emma. at the


 Cinema ... hopefully Emma. will return and do you think Miss Bates (Miranda Hart) will fall over?
th 18 Feb
A perfect hook and ladderFor quite a long time we vaguely thought it was called a hook and ladder because it was something to do with firefighting equipment.  Then we learnt that hook is a receiver route hooking towards the pitch centre and the ladder is a lateral (a sideways pass) ... but it's generally known as a hook and ladder.
The every ten years National Census is next month on Sunday 21 March and for the first time can be done online.
we 17 Feb
How to promote yourself on


tu 16 Feb
Dutch rider Anoushka Koster in Felixstowe and 2014The Women's Tour which was pushed back to June is now being further postponed but so far still with the final stage finish in


.  Had a lovely time (including free Costa coffee) in 2014 when the Tour's third stage started in Felixstowe.

american football

pundit Mike Carlson became Michael Carlson on Radio 4's arts prog Front Row last night.
The temporary traffic lights have been in Fairfield Road


 for a month presumably to stop us walking on the pavement.
mo 15 Feb

bin collections

 should restart today, no garden green wheelie garden collections until St David's Day 1 March.
PC TipsPic in Windows photos viewerDon't know why it's taken us years to trip over this.  In Windows 10 photo viewer double click on an image and it zooms up, hold and drag to move the image about, and double click again to zoom back ... l♥ve it.

Pancake Day

 tomorrow!  We've already bought our lemon:)
su 14 Feb
Valentine's DayNot surprisingly the Tour de


 has been pushed back from the end of this month to May but still the Wall of Kigali.
sa 13 Feb
Suffolk ConstabularyThursday for the third time a defibrillator in Sea Road


 was vandalised.
fr 12 Feb
Chinese New Year of the Ox
Present Police Crime Commisioner Tim Passmore in 2016 2nd rightDelayed from 2020 and in the coming May we get to exercise our franchise and vote for


's Police Crime Commissioner ... just three candidates.
We thought that palindromic dates had ended for the time being when we moved in to a new decade but today could be shown as 12 02 2021.
Wonderfully confusing calendar how

bin collections

 will hopefully restart next week.
th 11 Feb
 WARNING  High winds have stranded poisonous shellfish on


 and Norfolk beaches.  Dog walkers are advised to keep their pet on a lead ... dogs will eat anything ...
Anorak Alert No.31:  Dodie Smith's novel I Capture The Castle is set in


 but the film adaptation has a beach scene that doesn't look like Suffolk to us.
we 10 Feb
Judging by the queue at the back of the


 Community Hall the vaccination centre was open today after being closed yesterday.
Jaques Tati  1907-1982The twice monthly(ish)


 emailing out this afternoon to the 1850+ nearthecoasters on the list ... click Jaques Tati to receive it free.
Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in East SuffolkThe curve of new


 infections in East Suffolk (not including Ipswich) is looking much improved but it's still not back where we were last autumn, keep following the rules.  Eightieth reason to be cheerful Laughing Norwegians.

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