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sa 4 Jul
American Independence Day

Yesterday the BBC reported a massive 1,000+ increase of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Suffolk to 2,599.  We're guessing care home have started being included or it's a typo come error?  Either way after the two preceding weeks when there were virtually no new cases this week when we're starting to unlock it looks like fifty odd new cases ... sixty second reason to be cheerful ♫ Listenin' to ol' Alabama ♫

Framlingham today.

Lucy Sampson one half of Honey and the Bear♫ Today Saturday 4 July is US Independence Day but more importantly your local pub should re-open.  Let's hope bottled beer hasn't reprogrammed your taste buds and you have to relearn draught.  This afternoon you could use up those bottles while Maverick virtually festival on that there Facepack.  We'll be looking out for rocker Terra Lightfoot and local Honey and the Bear.

fr 3 Jul

St Elizabeth HospiceSt Elizabeth Hospice is hosting a virtual Pet Pageant with a Morrison's hamper for Best in Show.  Being virtual means you can bring your pet python as it won't terrify the rabbits:)

Framlingham this week.

th 2 Jul

From the BBC's very excellent More or Less a cold look at the numbers around at least 43,000+ Covid 19 deaths in the UK.

If it's your 29th birthday this year you're younger than the Hubble Space Telescope.

we 1 Jul
Canada Day

Pam Grier in Jackie BrownA teensy but worrying spikette, after a week of no new cases over the past four days a jump of 16 new confirmed Covid-19 cases in Suffolk.  The sixty first reason to be cheerful ...

Radio Stradbroke's Home ServiceFor the duration of this difficult time Radio Stradbroke are broadcasting daily 10:00am-02:00pm, tomorrow it's Richard Pierce.

tu 30 Jun

nearthecoast at Alamy We have over 5,000 stock images available on Alamy.

Not surprisingly August's Maui Waui festival near Theberton has been postponed unitl next year.

When Richard Branson goes roller skating with some rock dinosaurs and it's not him who breaks his ankle surely an up cock by God ... ♫

mo 29 Jun

Annette Badland plays DCI Gwen DanburySet in East Suffolk police whodunit DI Gwen Danbury has no strong sense of place but name checks locals like Orford and Woodbridge.  Copper Gwen Danbury is played by the delicious Annette Badland who was so wonderful in Little Voice.

East Anglia's Children's Hospices shop in Framlingham re-opens next Monday.  As there's usually me too involved expect the other charity shops to do similar.

su 28 Jun

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sa 27 Jun

Play Area ClosedThe roads on the Castle Keep development on Fairfield Road Framlingham have names though Google maps have yet to catch up.  Regrettably the charming children's play area has been closed during the present coronavirus pandemic.

Another seven days with no new confirmed Covid-19 cases in Suffolk, fingers crossed eh?  The sixtieth reason to be cheerful is Ridley Scott's first feature film.

fr 26 Jun

Parham Airfield Museum is waiting on government guidelines before considering when to re-open.  When it does their cafe makes a pleasant break on a Sunday bike ride.

th 25 Jun

Framlingham yesterday and a Fram blues/classic rock guitarist is looking for a band. ♫

we 24 Jun

Jaques Tati  1907-1982The twice monthly(ish) digest is emailing out today to the 1800+ nearthecoasters on the list ... click Jaques Tati to receive it free.

Online auctioneers eBayPC TipsIf you go through the online process to return an eBay item, get to the end and then want to go back to the beginning to change the reason for return DON'T click Cancel.  If you cancel a return you can't start another one for the same item.

Craig Brown is a humourist who's had a Radio 4 series and directed the Aldeburgh Documentary Film Festival.  Next month the Halesworth Cut is hosting a Zoom Q&A with Craig about his latest book One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time. ♫

tu 23 Jun

The Station Hotel - 01728 723455Very pleased to welcome back supporter The Framlingham Station who presently Thursday to Saturday evenings are serving takeaway pizza and takeaway eight pint pipkins of Earl Soham Victoria and Brandeston Gold.

Now would be a good as time as any to make us your home page. Make us your home page

mo 22 Jun

13 amp socket with USB chargingOur grateful thanks to Tony Hutt for doing the sum we should have and calculating the standby cost of charging USBs on a 13amp socket is pence per year ... but then as our mother said (wagging her finger) when she got a £200 ex-gratia payment for slipping over sequence dancing It's not the money nearthecoast it's the principle.

su 21 Jun
2020Father's Day - pic contributed by R Magritte

Bertie Wooster and Bingo Little at the Senior LiberalsA good streak of no new confirmed Covid-19 cases in Suffolk but yesterday a total of 1,048 so far.  The fifty ninth reason to be cheerful ... Not all the soda Jeeves.

Worried too many people might turn up at your virtual coffee morning?  Garden fete?  Swingers' party?  Don't do promotion on nearthecoast then.

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