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sa 3 Jun

We've added a player from Samboomba and Monday's Gala Fest to Fram Ladies.

fr 2 Jun

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th 1 Jun

22 Bridge Street FramlinghamIn recent decades 22 Bridge Street Framlingham has been a watchmakers, the Munchbox, the Bridge Street Cafe and finally the Common Room.  Now it's had a paint job and looks like it's going to be a corner shop not on a corner.

No Mow MayNo Mow May may now be over but you don't have to mow all your lawn, we're leaving some very long grass that screens our unattractive kindling pile.

we 31 May

Suffolk ConstabularyOvernight Sunday to Monday a garden shed on High Street Ufford had the door forced and gardening tools including a strimmer and hedge trimmer, and water sports equipment stolen.  Any info contact police quoting 37/31027, you can call 101.

With 11,000+ visitors this month is our busiest for quite awhile.

tu 30 May

Street Dance Troopers in the Gala ParadeStrangely comforting to have the Framlingham Gala Parade back yesterday.  The Market Hill and the Bridge and Church Streets were packed with a resulting sea of humanity following the parade on to the Castle Meadow.

su 28 May

Newly married Rachel and AdamIt's been a while since we've encountered a Framlingham wedding and Rachel and Adam's this afternoon was our first at the Unitarian Meeting House.  The purple of guests Pretty Grim Border Morris was echoed in the bride's dress and the medieval knights remained non-combative.  The couple left in a steam car that dripped a little and had a very LOUD horn ...

sa 27 May

To The Bridge by Sara Harrington (detail)As a slightly preemptive strike the Sudbourne Printmaker's summer open studios starts today and runs until tomorrow week.  Refreshments of course (almost certainly with cake) and next week printmaking demos.

fr 26 May

Welcome to Barclays FramlinghamThe HSBC bank in Church Street closed in December 2013 and the cash dispenser removed with later knock on effects.  After 126 years (thank you brandeston.net) the Barclays on the Market Hill is closing in August.  A safe(ish) assumption the ATM will go leaving just the one in the Co-op car park which is a little hidden to visitors.

th 25 May

Jaques Tati  1907-1982The fortnightly(ish) digest emails out today to the 1500+ ntcers on the list ... click Jaques Tati to get it for free.

Fressingfield Open GardensNext month there is a weekend of open gardens in Fressingfield.  Attractions include as you'd expect refreshments alcoholic and otherwise, cake of course, two markets plus sculpture and scarecrows.

we 24 May

Suffolk Open Studios 2023The Suffolk Open Studios paper directory for next month is around and free.  Took us a while to work out that an entry's weird annotation like ///season.shade.turns was the what3words handle for the particular studio, how perceptive ... of the directory ... not of us.

tu 23 May

Anorak Alert No.53: ♫ On Radio 3's In Tune last night both presenter Sean Rafferty and The Kings Singers thought Walpole just outside Aldeburgh ... from the moon it is.

mo 22 May

The Suffolk Miracle by Beverley BarnettStarting this Thursday in Wingfield Open Space Theatre are touring around near the coast The Suffolk Miracle a story of forbidden love .. blimey!  The performance includes folk band Syzewell Gap, don't think we've seen them since an early manifestation of Hachfest. ♫

The next available advertising slot is now, it will take you well into summer.

su 21 May

Victoria in the Framlingham BookshopAfter over 30 years yesterday was Victoria Bell's last day in a Framlingham Bookshop busy with well wishers saying farewell and leaving goodbye cards and pressies.  The bookshop will continue under the new management of Dr Chris ...

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sa 20 May

A to Z of ntcDon't know your way round nearthecoast?  You need the A to Z, it's FREE, kills 99% of known germs plus you don't have to pay and display or walk through the gift shop to get out.

fr 19 May

Saxmundham has a museum? Who knew?  We didn't.

th 18 May

Ipswich CardinalsGridiron UKIpswich Cardinals Juniors towards the end of the second half were coming back but still lost 34-24 to the together South London ... more here

tu 16 May

Suffolk ConstabularyA Royal Mail post box has been stolen from Pound Green Road Badingham.  It was last seen last Wednesday.  Any info please contact Suffolk Police quoting crime reference 37/27089/23, you can call 101.

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su 14 May

♫ Next Sunday at the Stonham Barns the very yellow looking Jive Aces.♫

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