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su 26 May

D-Day 80th Anniversary Next Sunday 12-4pm in Hacheston village hall it's the Big Lunch and family fun it would seem to celebrate D-Day's 80th anniversary a few days early.

No Mow May If like us you're No Mow Maying and the lawn is looking shaggy and unkempt stick with it, just a week to go.

sa 25 May

Bric a Brac Sale in SibtonStarting today a three day Bric a Brac Sale at St Peters Sibton; books, clothes, toys and unsurprisingly bric a brac ... free parking and entry.

Next month is Suffolk Open Studios and The Sudbourne Printmakers are jumping right in next weekend with demos and refreshments. Mona Lisa

fr 24 May

Free creative workshops in SaxmundhamTomorrow fortnight the Saxmundham Arts Festival includes free artist led workshops at the Fromus Centre in Street Farm Road, you do need to book. Mona Lisa

We've inserted at 53 to reasons to be cheerful the both wonderful and excruciating singing telegram girl from Brazil.

th 23 May

The Toronto ArgonautsAstonisher No.61: A chum with Canadian antecedents finds Toronto Argonauts an unlikely name for a Canadian football team (it's like American football but different).  It seems more likely when you know they were founded in 1873 by the Argonaut Rowing Club.

Free live music pretty much all afternoon Sunday at Framlingham Sports Club.

Suffolk ConstabularyLast weekend a rear gate was forced and a shed broken into at a business in Ferry Road Southwold.  Soft drinks and alcohol may have been stolen.  Any info contact Suffolk police quoting crime references 37/27987/24, you can call 101.

we 22 May

Ipswich CardinalsThe Ipswich Cardinals second home game of the season Sunday, £3 admission with commentary, licensed bar, burger stall and intermittently half time entertainment.

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tu 21 May

Ah, that's what a police car was doing outside Framlingham library earlier in the month ... next street meet Saturday morning 8 June.

mo 20 May

Needed in Framlingham a bee keeper because of a retirement. World Bee Day

Everybody's interested in house pricesEverybody?  Well nearly everybody.

su 19 May

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard (in an estate agents): ... he said he knew I must be her sister because I was so nice ...

A witch ducking this year?Planning a witch ducking this summer?  Or perhaps a trial by fire for an estate agent?  You're welcome to promote it on here.

sa 18 May

Lizzie No - HalfsiesElla Spencer has seen London band Dom Glyn and His Sunday Best when they had the whole room dancing and we quite understand her enthusiasm for Lizzie No.  Both are part of this year's Maverick festival in Easton 5-7 July. ♫

Suffolk ConstabularyBetween 2 and 3pm Tuesday a wallet containing bank cards and a driver’s licence was stolen from a car parked in The Street Hacheston.  Any info please contact Suffolk police quoting crime reference 37/26912/24, you can call 101.

fr 17 May

The Wizard of Oz by the Harleston PlayersComedy and tragedyFirst show of the weekend this evening at the Harleston Sancroft Academy.  The Harleston Players Youth Theatre present The Wizard of Oz with a matinee and evening show on the tomorrow.

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Professional Psychic Steven GillTomorrow in memory of Josh Fisk Yoxford village hall is hosting professional psychic Steven Gill for charity.

th 16 May

Free Choral Concert in Martlesham♫ Now that's what we call a good time.  Sunday a free choral concert at St Michael's Martlesham with a programme including Flanders and Swann, audience participation and a chance to conduct the Hallelujah Chorus! ... baton supplied?

Jess the black and white catOur fortnightly(ish) digest is emailing out at lunch time ... click Postman Pat's black and white cat to get your free copy.

The Scales of JusticeSome of the entries on our page Suffolk Myths have a heavy element of irony so we've weeded them out onto the new page Suffolk Truths.

Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: She's very religious, she's made arrangements for the afterlife ... bought a fireproof purse.

we 15 May

Suffolk ConstabularyAround 8:30am Saturday a trampoline was stolen from a Stour Avenue Felixstowe front garden.  Any info contact police ref: 37/26451/24, call 101.

Drinks and nibbles this Saturday at the Butley Mills Studios Gallery. Mona Lisa

tu 14 May

Suffolk ConstabularyIn the very early hours of Saturday some change was stolen from a car in Stone Street Crowfield.  Any info contact police ref: 37/25939/24, you can call 101.

mo 13 May

Life Skills No. 56:  Don't push your supermarket trolley with your hands on the outside, you'll get your knuckles skinned by a careless trolley pusher and if it's the Bury St Edmunds big Tescos they probably won't apologise.

su 12 May

Bowled second balllIn Stradbroke yesterday the home team were at 60 runs when a middle order batsman was bowled second ball.  Next man in out first ball but impressively the tail wagged finishing at 106.  The visiting Colchester Cavaliers were scoring steadily when we started to feel hungry, we' had no lunch.  As cricket teas seem to have joined affordable postage stamps and tomatoes that taste of something we went home ... final score.

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