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fr 19 Jul

Tomorrow entry to the Framlingham Horse Show is free and at midday Roy Hudd's widow Debbie Hudd will open the Crowfield village fete.

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Suffolk Overheard Suffolk Overheard: ... Really?  I do hear tell that in Bruisyard they speak of little else.

th 18 Jul

Two public services on the Market Hill Framlingham yesterday.  PCSO Christian Hassler said yes, they could security mark bicycles.

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we 17 Jul

Last chance today to see Games We Play at the Pond Gallery in Snape.

Alan Smethurst 'The Singing Postman' 1927-2000The tractorati quiver with antici ... pation for the digest that emails out lunchtime today.  To get your free copy click on Alan Smethurst The Singing Postman. ♫

Beer can instructionsLife Skills No. 57:  We struggle with those beer four packs that are glued together to avoid a plastic binder.  Indeed on our first encounter we deployed a Swiss army knife and inadvertently cut through a can wall made of an aluminium only slightly thicker than a human hair.  Getting ready for England v Spain Sunday night we noticed there are instructions on the can side .. it was so much easier.

Suffolk ConstabularyDuring Friday night a van in Suffolk Drive Rendlesham was broken into and garden power tools stolen.  Any info contact police reference 37/39419/24.

tu 16 Jul

The Great on Channel 4Anorak Alert No.63: Surprisingly Peter III Emperor of Russia only ruled for the first half of 1762.  In series 1 episode 5 of The Great the foodie royal speaks of something involving loganberries.  The fruit was first crossbred in 1881 by James Harvey Logan .. picky eh?

Suffolk ConstabularyJust after 9am last Wednesday in the High Street Southwold a woman cyclist in her 70s collided with a parked grey Vauxhall Vivaro van and sustained serious injuries later described as potentially life-changing.  Any information please contact Police Headquarters quoting reference: 37/39390/24, you can call 101.

mo 15 Jul
St Swithin's Day

Ipswich Sport Karate ClubIpswich Sport Karate Club's tournament in the Hacheston village hall Saturday had a full house, a contact exhibition bout, lots of commitment and some very pleasant cake.

Everybody's interested in house prices.  Everybody?  Well nearly everybody. House sales around near the coast

su 14 Jul
Bastille Day

Framlingham wedding at the UnitarianIn Framlingham last year there was widespread flooding, the Tour of Britain visited, after 126 years Barclays closed leaving the town without a bank, Victoria Bell retired from the bookshop and there was a very particular wedding at the Unitarian.

fr 12 Jul

The Big LebowskiSaturday Night SidesAldeburgh Cinema's Saturday Night Sides season has got some upcoming crackers including Breaking Away, The Last Picture Show and one of our all time favourites The Big Lebowski ... Let me tell you something pandejo.

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th 11 Jul

Sax Music Fest♫ Next month's Sax Fest has 22 hours of free live bands over the weekend so a load of bands and each night ending with a tribute band ... Saxmundham eh?

A witch ducking this year?Planning a witch ducking this summer?  Or perhaps a trial by fire for an estate agent?  You're welcome to promote it on here.

we 10 Jul

Debenham Films showing this month its first ever matinee Kung Fu Panda 4. Film @ Fram

tu 9 Jul

Fish, still missed.

mo 8 Jul

Film @ FramAt least two other showings of Wicked Little Letters cert15 (Tim Key as a vicar) around near the coast this month.  We'll be at Film @ Fram Wednesday.

Yes, wasn't Maverick wet this year but still a delight.

sa 6 Jul

womens gridironDuring Peterborough Royals 26-49 Manchester Lions last Saturday there was just a single solitary punt and a rather unfortunate one.  Place kicking ... more here

fr 5 Jul

Iceland venue for the Cod Wars.When town councillor Major Gervaise DeRoute says he served during the war he means the Third Cod War.

th 4 Jul
American Independence Day

Old father time ...Throwback Thursday: 19 years ago today people were voting in the St Voting in Framlingham and 2005Michael's Rooms Framlingham, they didn't need photo id or even their polling card and a teller was seated outside.  For the local elections a notice by the poll entrance about tellers (see 1.23 here). JUST VOTE!

 VOTE  Remember to vote you need photo id. You'll need photo id to vote

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