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near the coast

mo 6 Sep

♫ We feared that Maverick being two months later this year and so darker and perhaps colder it wouldn't be as popular as previously, we were wrong ... more here

su 22 Aug

Travelling to Ipswich via Framsden and Westerfield the weekend before last we were surprised that none of the bus shelters seemed to have timetables.

sa 14 Aug

Julian Harries in Justin and the ArgonautsThis autumn Common Ground Theatre Company are touring around near the coast The Dream of A Ridiculous Man featuring Julian Harries born to play the Ridiculous Man.

th 5 Aug

Earlier this week thefts from garages in Stradbroke and Huntingfield.

Casting opportunity for British Asian actors from the very excellent Eastern Angles.

fr 23 Jul

house sales around near the coastPerhaps surprisingly house sales active around near the coast in Saxmundham and Wickham Market but not Woodbridge.

Sunday morning litter picks are back in Bungay.
fr 16 Jul

A shed/workshop in Woodbridge Road Waldringfield was broken into sometime during the past few weeks and reported on Monday 12 July.  Tools and a mobility scooter were stolen.  Anybody with any infor are asked to contact Suffolk Police quoting crime references 37/37925/21, you can call 101.

tu 13 Jul

Suffolk Myth 93:  For young Suffolk couples role play often involves tv progs like Naked Attraction, 24 hours in A&E or Massive Engineering Mistakes.

sa 3 Jul

Although the number of covid cases in East Suffolk is now galaxies away from last winter it is still on the rise.

we 23 Jun

An experienced nanny and an ex-Age UK care assistant both freelance and available near the coast.

mo 21 Jun

Suffolk DayWe've renewed our garden waste subscription, as expected it went on for quite a bit and was very picky.  It might help if someone there understood defaults.

su 20 Jun
Father's Day - pic contributed by R Magritte

RoughCast Theatre start their summer tour of The Tempest tomorrow night at the Brockdish Old King's Head.  Brockdish and the Wingfield shows are already sold out but Saturday they are at the stunning Thorington Outdoor Theatre.

fr 18 Jun

Mini Mouth's A Mid-Summer Night's DreamThorington Outdoor Theatre is a stunning natural ampitheatre in woods not that far from Darsham.  Last night we enjoyed Mini Mouth's dress rehearsal of A Mid-Summer's Night Dream for the theatre's opening tonight.  The large cast from very mini and upwards were thoroughly enjoying themselves (especially the pre-show warm up) and keeping the stage manager active marshalling youthful spirits:)

we 2 Jun

near the coast 2007-00 has become near the coast 2008-00 featuring Davy Crockett and the then still open Marlesford Bell.

su 30 May

Sudbourne Printmakers at the Sweffling printroomAs so often stunned how long since we last visited the Sudbourne Printmakers.  This week they are being hosted by the Sweffling printroom and when we visited yesterday it was busy, lots of sales with Peter Besson clearly popular.  Next exhibitors at the printroom are local artists Amanda Edgcombe and Tassie Russell.

fr 21 May

Suffolk Constabulary Shed burglaries at the beginning of the week in Tunstall  and Iken .

tu 18 May

Next Tuesday here in near the coast  we could be getting a test text message as the first step in a national emergency message service.  The government is generously making this service available to the NHS but being Tories they will be making money out of it.

we 12 May

Suffolk ConstabularySometime between late Thursday afternoon and Monday morning £24,000 of GPS was stolen from around Marlesford and what sounds like farm machinery.

we 7 Apr

Last week an overnight burglary near Walnut Lane Pettistree .

th 18 Mar

East Suffolk  (District) Council's paid service (£45) collecting large items for disposal started up again this week.

we 3 Mar
Belated reminder that the garden green wheelie bin collections restarted this week, collection with your recycling as usual.
mo 15 Feb
The bin collections  should restart today, no garden green wheelie garden collections until St David's Day 1 March.
fr 12 Feb

Wonderfully confusing calendar how bin collections  will hopefully restart next week.

we 10 Feb

Again near the coast  bin collections have been CANCELLED for today.

tu 9 Feb

Understandably bin collections around near the coast  have been CANCELLED today as well.

su 7 Feb

UK Power Networks' incident map01:00pm: With power cuts (Leiston is out at the mo') around near the coast  caused by the Beast from the East's younger brother you are likely to find this UK Power Networks' incident map useful (enter your postcode).

fr 5 Feb

The other Walpole  has the misfortune to be home of Ken Burns he of the relentlessly sentimental background music and equally relentless pan/zoom across a still image.

sa 30 Jan
More sheep worrying with two dead pregnant ewes in Gedgrave  (yes, we had to look it up).
th 21 Jan

Last week two dogs worried pregnant ewes at Friston .

su 10 Jan

Pleasant Green is near the coast 's own Sleepy Hollow and is between Orford and Rendlesham.

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