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th 3 Dec

Dancing in Syleham village hall gets another favourite on that there Flickr.

we 28 Oct

Seven reported mobile phone distraction thefts since the the beginning of October.

th 10Sep

Very sorry to hear that Cliff Quay brewer Jeremy Moss passed away last Friday 4th September,

we 9Sep

Mid Suffolk Carriage Driving for the DisabledLast year the walk raising funds for the Mid Suffolk Carriage Driving for the Disabled was in Peasenhall.  This year it was going to be a dog walk in Monk Soham but sadly it's CANCELLED.

sa 29 Aug

Roadside verge volunteer wardens rake and monitor verges as wildlife reserves.

we 19 Aug

The Bentwaters Cold War Museum has thought about re-opening and decided leave it until next year.

fr 7 Aug

Not surprisingly with the current unpleasantness house sales around near the coast are slow but most active in Saxmundham.

th 30 Jul

The Bentwaters Cold War Museum is thinking about re-opening next month, we certainly enjoyed our visit.

tu 30 Jun

Not surprisingly August's Maui Waui festival near Theberton has been postponed until next year.

su 7 Jun

Man in the Hat♫ Man in the Hat's three previous virtual hoedowns have triumphed with a sea of appreciative comments.  He's doing it again Friday ... PPE not needed but you are advised to social distance from your device.

we 27 May

Katie's Garden plant centre NewbourneWe visited Katie's Garden Newbourne for the first time last week.  A staff member asked Are you trying to leave without paying?  We were third in the socially distanced queue for the cashier and exit and empty handed because we'd put our three tumbler tomatoes down whilst waiting.

fr 22 May

HM Coastguard are warning that the Bawdsey Cliffs are dangerous because of erosion.

we 13 May

A man has been charged with the Darsham and Framlingham petrol station burglaries and ramming a police car.

we 6 May

Suffolk ConstabularyIf not a crime wave around near the coast at least a ripple.  Last night both Darsham and Framlingham petrol stations were burgled, Friday a quad bike was stolen in the Yoxford area and about the same time two expensive looking bicycles were stolen from a Woodbridge shed.

sat 2 May

Framlingham Co-op ice bucketSuffolk, or at least Co-ops near the coast, have rediscovered the ice bucket challenge.   Yesterday in front of a few socially distanced onlookers a very good handful of Framlingham Co-op staff were cheerfully dunked by their co-workers.  If we'd paid more attention we would know which charity benefitted but we do know Wickham Market Co-op have been challenged to do the same thing.

th 2 Apr

Suffolk ConstabularyYesterday afternoon a body was found in an Aldeburgh house and in the evening there was an armed robbery at the Fressingfield Mace Store.

mo 24 Feb

This Saturday the 29th a free (donations welcome) nostalgic Film Night at Horham Community Centre.

th 20 Feb

9am-2pm Saturday week 29 February Knodishall Brownies are holding a table sale in the village hall with profits to the hall.  Tables are £10, phone Brown Owl Jo Mayhew on 01728 831748.

su 9 Feb

Storm Ciara (not Clara) has closed the Orwell Bridge we think 3:00am-06:00pm.

sa 8 Feb

 WANTED  A graphic designer to be paid for designing a Bauhaus style poster.

fr 22 Nov

Didn't know there's a winery in Monk Soham, they are open 11:00am-04:00pm weekend after next for Christmas shopping.

we 20 Nov

Sunday a charity fair in the Hasketon Victory Hall, a quid to get in but that does include refreshments.

sa 16 Nov

As we've noted before the Shepherd and Dog at Forward Green still has a TO LET sign and the recently expanded Stowupland Co-op petrol station attractively has planters on the grass verge.

mo 11 Nov

Don't know if it's Brexit or the approach or perhaps arrival of winter but house sales around near the coast seem slow.

tu 29 Oct

You are in designated public placeDesignated Public Place Orders (DPPOs) were enacted in a bunch of near the coast towns over ten years ago.  They aren't simple drinking bans, it's not illegal to have wine with a picnic as long as a copper doesn't ask you stop ... read the question.  DPPOs have been replaced by Public Space Protection Orders and last month East Suffolk Council resolved (didn't they vote?) to remove the DPPOs (number seven in the minutes).  Impressively they also thought to remove the signs that imply Framlingham Fen Meadow is the haunt of drunken muggers rather than sober(ish) dog walkers.

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