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fr 21 May
Suffolk Constabulary Shed burglaries at the beginning of the week in Tunstall  and Iken .
tu 18 May

Next Tuesday here in near the coast  we could be getting a test text message as the first step in a national emergency message service.  The government is generously making this service available to the NHS but being Tories they will be making money out of it.

we 12 May
Suffolk ConstabularySometime between late Thursday afternoon and Monday morning £24,000 of GPS was stolen from around Marlesford and what sounds like farm machinery.
we 7 Apr

Last week an overnight burglary near Walnut Lane Pettistree .

th 18 Mar

East Suffolk  (District) Council's paid service (£45) collecting large items for disposal started up again this week.

we 3 Mar
Belated reminder that the garden green wheelie bin collections restarted this week, collection with your recycling as usual.
mo 15 Feb
The bin collections  should restart today, no garden green wheelie garden collections until St David's Day 1 March.
fr 12 Feb

Wonderfully confusing calendar how bin collections  will hopefully restart next week.

we 10 Feb

Again near the coast  bin collections have been CANCELLED for today.

tu 9 Feb

Understandably bin collections around near the coast  have been CANCELLED today as well.

su 7 Feb

UK Power Networks' incident map01:00pm: With power cuts (Leiston is out at the mo') around near the coast  caused by the Beast from the East's younger brother you are likely to find this UK Power Networks' incident map useful (enter your postcode).

fr 5 Feb

The other Walpole  has the misfortune to be home of Ken Burns he of the relentlessly sentimental background music and equally relentless pan/zoom across a still image.

sa 30 Jan
More sheep worrying with two dead pregnant ewes in Gedgrave  (yes, we had to look it up).
th 21 Jan

Last week two dogs worried pregnant ewes at Friston .

su 10 Jan

Pleasant Green is near the coast 's own Sleepy Hollow and is between Orford and Rendlesham.

th 3 Dec

Dancing in Syleham  village hall gets another favourite on that there Flickr.

we 28 Oct

Distraction Thefts of Mobiles

Police are reminding customer facing staff to keep their phones secure at all times after receiving seven reports of ‘distraction thefts’ since the start of October.  The offenders will enter a premises with a customer reception area such as a hairdressers or hotel and distract staff by asking for help or directions and waving papers around.   They will then take the phone from the reception desk/counter whilst the member of staff is distracted.

th 10Sep

Very sorry to hear that Cliff Quay brewer Jeremy Moss passed away last Friday 4th September,

we 9Sep

Mid Suffolk Carriage Driving for the DisabledLast year the walk raising funds for the Mid Suffolk Carriage Driving for the Disabled was in Peasenhall.  This year it was going to be a dog walk in Monk Soham  but sadly it's CANCELLED.

sa 29 Aug

Roadside verge volunteer wardens rake and monitor verges as wildlife reserves.

we 19 Aug

The Bentwaters Cold War Museum has thought about re-opening and decided leave it until next year.

fr 7 Aug

Not surprisingly with the current unpleasantness house sales around near the coast  are slow but most active in Saxmundham.

th 30 Jul

The Bentwaters  Cold War Museum is thinking about re-opening next month, we certainly enjoyed our visit.

tu 30 Jun

Not surprisingly August's Maui Waui festival near Theberton  has been postponed until next year.

su 7 Jun

Man in the Hat♫ Man in the Hat's three previous virtual hoedowns have triumphed with a sea of appreciative comments.  He's doing it again Friday ... PPE not needed but you are advised to social distance from your device.

we 27 May

Katie's Garden plant centre NewbourneWe visited Katie's Garden Newbourne for the first time last week.  A staff member asked Are you trying to leave without paying?  We were third in the socially distanced queue for the cashier and exit and empty handed because we'd put our three tumbler tomatoes down whilst waiting.

fr 22 May

HM Coastguard are warning that the Bawdsey  Cliffs are dangerous because of erosion.

we 13 May

A man has been charged with the Darsham and Framlingham petrol station burglaries and ramming a police car.

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