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tu 16 Jun

The Women's Tour will be coming to Suffolk tomorrow ... virtually.

th 11 Jun

Suffolk County Council were surprisingly quick about that.

sa 23 May

A Suffolk rainbow, they're special eh?

mo 18 May

An ironic returning to normality with East Suffolk garden waste collections starting again next week on Bank Holiday?! Monday 25 May.

fr 15 May

Yesterday 1,326 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Suffolk.  The  forty seventh reason to be cheerful ... the drummer could be from any Suffolk covers band

sat 2 May

Framlingham Co-op ice bucketSuffolk, or at least Co-ops near the coast, have rediscovered the ice bucket challenge.   Yesterday in front of a few socially distanced onlookers a very good handful of Framlingham Co-op staff were cheerfully dunked by their co-workers.  If we'd paid more attention we would know which charity benefitted but we do know Wickham Market Co-op have been challenged to do the same thing.

we 29 Apr

East Anglian Covid-19 infections No new confirmed Covid-19 cases in Suffolk yesterday.  A new map effectively showing infection as percentage of population and Suffolk doing no better than the rest of East Anglia.  The thirty seventh reason to be cheerful ... go on, judge us. ♫

mo 6 Apr

Yesterday unsurprisingly the total of confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk went over over 200 confirmed cases.  If like us you're suffering from sport deprivation here's a fourteenth reason to be cheerful ... they're going for two. ♫

sa 4 Apr

Brown Wheelie Bin RemovalThe paid green garden waste wheelies arrived in October 2018.  At this difficult time East Suffolk district council are suspending garden waste collections but subscriptions will be extended when the collections restart.

tu 31 Mar
world backup day

Recall our space exclamations rant?  Radio 3 presenter Petroc Trelawney is doing it.  The spaces between words show where the words start and end though this doesn't necessarily apply to Suffolk roadside signs FOR SALE  Bare Roothedging.  A full stop/exclamation shows where a sentence ends and by placing a space before it you're confusing things ... but we wouldn't break social distancing to argue this.

su 29 Mar

Yesterday 74 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk.  A seventh reason to be cheerful. ♫

sa 28 Mar

Framlingham Gala CancelledFor only the second time ever (the first was 2007) Framlingham sports club have cancelled the Gala and the Rendham Mummers have cancelled their summer tour of near the coast ... in years to come troubadours will sing sad ballads of these tragedies.

Yesterday 61 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Suffolk, that's a BIG increase.  A sixth reason to be cheerful (we didn't see it coming) ♫.

fr 27 Mar

Yesterday 42 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Suffolk, a rate of increase less than nationally.  A fifth reason to be cheerful (seemingly Norwegian funk is a thing, who would have thought?) ♫.

th 26 Mar

Yesterday 35 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Suffolk, it's ramping up but here's a fourth reason to be cheerful ♫.

we 25 Mar

Yesterday 28 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Suffolk but the good news is the East of England Co-op is offering 10% off to all NHS workers ... and a yet another reason to be cheerful ♫.

tu 24 Mar

Yesterday 22 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Suffolk ... another reason to be cheerful ♫.

mo 23 Mar

Yesterday 18 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Suffolk ... a reason to be cheerful ♫.

sa 21 Mar

Cary Grant in Arsenic and Old LaceRoughcast Theatre have postponed their production of black comedy Arsenic and Old Lace (a Frank Capra film) until next spring but are continuing with Macbeth this autumn.

we 18 Mar

Campsea Ashe Spring Fayre cancelledAldeburgh Cinema has closed for the duration so we won't get to see Emma this afternoon but the Woodbridge Riverside seems to be partially functioning.  The Red Rooster festival near Thetford has been postponed to September and Life Arts have postponed April's Woodbridge festival to next year.  All Snape Maltings music events cancelled until the end of April (we were lucky), the Phoenix Singers concert in Framlingham next month cancelled as is the Campsea Ashe Spring Fayre this Saturday and still only three virus cases in Suffolk.

tu 10 Mar

A Wing And A PrayerA Wing And A Prayer is not only a Ry Cooder track but also a project by glass artist Arabella Marshall she has been preparing for three years.  An artwork glass window is being installed in the ruined chapel at RSPB Minsmere, more info at www.awingandaprayer.org.uk

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