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Maverick Festival

we 12 Jul

Hello Darlin's guitarist on stage at this year's Maverick and who isn't Murray Pulver added to Suffolk Gentlemen.

mo 3 Jul

Sara Petite Friday night at the 2023 Maverick Festival♫ A little light Friday night rain didn't disrupt this year's Maverick Festival and after we asked we did find the relocated Travelling Medicine Show stage.  High spots for us were the outstanding keyboard and guitar solos from Hello Darlin's on Saturday, both Sara Petite's no messing sets and our Chicken Jalfrezi lunch.

th 29 Jun

The Henry Brothers♫ The Maverick Americana Festival in Easton starts tomorrow.  As always there'll be stuff new to us we'll like and we know we like local bands Vagaband, Honey and the Bear and the Henry Brothers plus Nashville born Laura Cantrell sounds a cert.  Reckon Saturday afternoon will continue the festival's long streak of good weather ... fingers Xed eh?

sa 15 Apr

♫ The wonderfully grumpy Rich Hall is back at this year's Maverick Festival. Maverick 2023

we 21 Dec

♫ We've given these pages a bit of a sort out.

sa 26 Nov

Maverick Thanksgiving Ranch Party♫ A while back the Maverick Thanksgiving Ranch Party seemed doubtful but we're very pleased it will be back in Easton Farm Park tonight.  Rich Hall is headlining plus the excellent Henry Brothers and Chuck Wills Band ... can't wait eh?

sa 2 Jul

♫ ZZ Top were a Texas bar band, last night at the Maverick Festival in Easton Vandoliers were a rowdy Texas bar band with a hint of mariachi ... l♥ved it.

fr 10 Jun

The Redhill Valleys♫ We're looking forward to the Maverick Festival in Easton next month, it's usually excellent weather and there's always bands we didn't know we liked.  This year we fancy Canadians The Redhill Valleys combining alt-country with NASCAR plus Dirty Cello who despite the name would you expect Rebecca Roudman to be playing stand up cello?

we 9 Mar

2022 Maverick FestivalThe line up has been set for this year's Maverick Festival at the beginning of July.  As always there's some players we haven't heard of but some of them we'll really like. ♫

mo 6 Sep
Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

Eddy Smith and the 507We feared that Maverick being two months later this year and so darker and perhaps colder it wouldn't be as popular as previously, we were wrong, an excellent turnout.  Our particular enjoyments included the 507's bass player's licks, decent fish and chips, the intimacy and flatfooting of West Virginian Jeni Hankins, and the woggle on the glamorous new wrist bands. ♫

sa 4 Sep

Maverick Festival 2021A bit of a queue at the entrance for the Maverick Festival last night whilst lateral flow credentials were established but a delight that Maverick is back.  Jerry Joseph soloing in the Moonshine Bar was so sharp edged he demanded your attention.  On the Peacock Stage the James Riley Band pleasantly tickled our Americana buds with something in threes and the wonderful pedal steel of Chris Hillman.  Rich Hall tonight, can't wait. ♫

mo 30 Aug

Unconfined joy the Maverick Festival in Easton is back this Friday and definitely lucky for those going for the thirteenth time. ♫

sa 3 Jul

It nevers rains at Maverick ... well hardly everIf there had been no pandemic this weekend would have been the 14th Maverick Festival (thanks for the reminder Skirky).  Maverick has been moved to the start of September this year with favourites Rich Hall, Hank Wangford and BJ Cole and as always there will be new acts to us we'll discover we enjoy. ♫

sa 8 May

Maverick Music Hour5pm tonight on Alde and Blyth Valley Community Radio (rolls off the tongue eh?) the Maverick Festival's daddy Paul Spencer plays music for rangers, wranglers and rustlers live from the plains and prairies of Suffolk.

th 18 Mar

Rich Hall from off the tellyLike the Maverick  Festival strap line Often unheard, always unherd.  This September the wonderfully grumpy Rich Hall will be returning, and unheard by us but certainly unherd Black Eyed Dogs will do a show and then transmogrify into Dogs Play Dead to do a Grateful Dead set ... can't wait.

we 24 Feb

Vagaband in the Seagull Theatre LowestoftWe've always enjoyed at Maverick Festival Shows the broad repertoire and sometimes standyup drummer of Norwich band Vagaband who musicalise (yes, we just made that word up) the 2021 Census tv ad.  The band briefly appears around 49secs in. ♫

su 24 Jan

We were looking forward to Pancake Day and the return of the Maverick Festival  in Easton.  Perversely Maverick have made their return more likely by pushing themselves back from July to September.

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