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sa 22 Jan

Suffolk ConstabularyThis Suffolk Police report a bit scary.  Over Christmas the majority of drivers tested for drugs were positive, 67 of 107.

tu 28 Dec

Do you know how many street names there are in East Suffolk?  Do you know how many down swipes it takes to find Victoria Mill Road in an alphabetical list?  No, neither do we, we soon gave up trying to find out this week's bin collection day.

th 9 Dec

Suffolk County Council have allocated £10m to pavement repairs with completion by 2025.  Next month it'll be the first birthday of the temporary lights in Fairfield Road Framlingham, they could be ready for primary school before the pavement gets fixed.

th 4 Nov

Surprisingly shortly after yesterday's digest emailed out it had been more viewed in the USA than the UK ... well this is Suffolk ...

fr 29 Oct

Sobering that Ipswich Hospital, West Suffolk Hospital and all community hospitals in the area have suspended visiting because of Covid.

tu 12 Oct

Saturday the Suffolk Singers celebrate their 30th anniversary with a Celebration of Song at St Michael's Framlingham, your ticket includes refreshments! ♫

we 25 Aug

♫ The Red Rooster Festival starts Friday at Euston Hall (in Suffolk but only just) at the end of the month and the bands include the no messing about of Kitty, Daisy and Lewis.

th 19 Aug

Leon Bedwell performs songs from the musicalsBack before the pandemic we saw Leon Bedwell make a very decent fist of Lysander in A Mid-Summer's Night Dream.  Next month he starts as a self financed student at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts.  Saturday to fund raise he is entertaining with friends at St Mary's Bungay .  If you just want to help go to his gofundme page. ♫

tu 4 May
Star Wars Day
PCC Tim Passmore (left) with a crushed car - pic Suffolk ConstabularyThursday (delayed from last year by the pandemic) we get to vote for one of three candidates for Police Crime Commissioner plus county councillors and some by election district councillors.  Tim Passmore so far has been been Suffolk's only PCC. 
th 15 Apr

Suffolk Constabulary JOBS  Surprisingly the constabulary has perhaps 15 non-frontline vacancies pretty much all full time and include Campaigns and Marketing, Digital Comms, Firearms and Photographic Technician.

mo 1 Mar
St David's Day

EACH The Best Pub Quiz EverEast Anglia's Children's Hospices has taken a big financial hit because of the virus.  You can help out this Thursday by entering The Best Pub Quiz Ever with a guest appearance by Grif Rhys Jones.

fr 12 Feb
Chinese New Year of the Ox

Present Police Crime Commisioner Tim Passmore in 2016 2nd rightDelayed from 2020 in the coming May we get to exercise our franchise and vote for the county's Police Crime Commissioner ... just three candidates.

th 11 Feb

 WARNING  High winds have stranded poisonous shellfish on Suffolk and Norfolk beaches.  Dog walkers are advised to keep them on a lead ... dogs will eat anything ...

Anorak Alert No.31:  Dodie Smith's novel I Capture The Castle is set in Suffolk but the film adaptation has a beach scene that doesn't look like Suffolk to us.

we 3 Feb
Suffolk ConstabularyThe Constabulary have tweeted that what looks like a RSPCA van has been stopping dog walkers.  Seems unlikely but then a couple of years back waiting to cross Station Road Framlingham an estate car stopped and the driver tried to sell us carpet ...
mo 25 Jan
Burns Night

Emily Winter and Anna Brinkley in A Midsummer Night's DreamInevitably because of the lockdown no spring show from RoughCast this year but hopefully a summer tour of The TempestThe itinerary around East Suffolk includes outdoor venues which is very promising as we much enjoyed the company's A Midsummer's Night Dream in the Laxfield Low House garden and 2019.

th 14 Jan

Yesterday's Suffolkness digest is being surprisingly active in Germany ... didn't know there was a European Suffolk diaspora eh?

we 13 Jan

... Suffolkness before the Castle Keep estate was built on it eh?Stackton Tressel town council's Suffolkness committee has issued new guidelines.  To be authentic Suffolk you should have a Co-op loyalty card, drink beer (meaning mild) not lager, know what squit is, who the manager of ITFC is and where Benhall and Little Mutterings are, and not use 'do' and 'does' the right way round like those la di da townies from that there London does ... owning a tractor helps ...

sa 2 Jan

Le Flâneur by Paul Gavarni 1842We had to look up flâneur, apparently it means a man who saunters around observing society.  So same problem in Suffolk as with street photography.

th 24 Dec

bloody Christmas ... eh?Advent window in Double Street FramlinghamSuffolk in Tier 4 from Boxing Day so even less of a Christmas than was anticipated but festive Framlingham is looking rather glamorous and lovely especially in Double Street where the advent windows are raising money for St Elizabeth Hospice and the Lebanon Appeal ... see you on the other side.

mo 7 Dec

Roughcast Theatre's reading of A Christmas CarolSaturday night's A Christmas Carol reading at the Fisher Theatre Bungay was much more produced than we anticipated for a reading; costumes, music and effects both sound and stage.  We were much impressed by the theatre's courage to gut the seating to ensure social distancing.

we 25 Nov

Saddle Ring found in BecclesSuffolk Police are appealing for help in locating the owner of a gold ring found in Beccles.  The gold ring is described as a vintage saddle design and was found by officers from the Sentinel team in the town on Monday 23 November.  Contact PC Richard Sievers via the police website or via 101 quoting reference number 37/68097/20.

tu 17 Nov

Confirmed Covid-19 cases in East SuffolkConcerningly despite this second lock down confirmed Covid-19 cases in East Suffolk continue to rise ... seventy third reason to be cheerful is Wes Anderson's eccentric world view.

su 25 Oct

Maggi Hambling: Making Love with the PaintIt is a truth universally acknowledged that In Suffolk you are never more than five yards away from an artist.  Last night a BBC 2 doc about nearthecoast's very significant paint botherer Maggi Hambling ... more than once the non-surgical mask was slipped.

tu 15 Sep

Daisy Cooper in Aldeburgh and 2010Born in Suffolk Daisy Cooper went to Framlingham College, was Suffolk Coastal prospective parliamentary candidate in 2010 and in 2014 looked like a shoo in for the Lib Dem presidency.  Daisy is now MP for St Albans and this week was elected deputy leader of her party ... we need more politicians called Daisy.

mo 7Sep

Really like Scott Mortimer's Suffolk Noir cards set in Woodbridge.  Packs of nine cards available at Browsers Bookshop in the Woodbridge Thoroughfare.

sa 8 Aug

Multiple power tools recovered by Suffolk ConstabularyAn arrest early last month in Ipswich has led to the recovery of multiple power tools from multiple burglaries and thefts across Suffolk.  The constabulary web site has pictures and the police are asking potential owners to come forward.

mo 20 Jul

Suffolk Punches at the 2007 Framlingham Horse ShowThe Suffolk Punch was (may be is) one third of the Suffolk Trinity (with red poll cattle and black faced sheep) but as a breed it's severely under threat with just 72 mares in the UK.  A positive sign for this gorgeously coloured and historically important breed is using a new sex sorted sperm method a filly colt has been born in Whitchurch Shropshire.

tu 7 Jul

Suffolk Roller Deby skater Dr Astrid CoxonIn a lifetime of laughter and tears we have noted that most people like what they're used to and that usually means clichéd predictability so when the Blue Thunder Rollers renamed themselves we were impressed they resisted Suffolk Punchers or such like.  Recently Suffolk Roller Derby skater Dr Astrid Coxon has revived the draught horse allusion.

Suffolk Myth 85:  Good afternoon and who let you in? is another popular Suffolk greeting.

sa 4 Jul
American Independence Day

Lucy Sampson one half of Honey and the Bear♫ Today Saturday 4 July is US Independence Day but more importantly your local pub should re-open.  Let's hope bottled beer hasn't reprogrammed your taste buds and you have to relearn draught.  This afternoon you could use up those bottles while Maverick virtually festival on that there Facepack.  We'll be looking out for rocker Terra Lightfoot and local Honey and the Bear.

mo 29 Jun

Annette Badland plays DCI Gwen DanburySet in East Suffolk police whodunit DI Gwen Danbury has no strong sense of place but name checks locals like Orford and Woodbridge.  Copper Gwen Danbury is played by the delicious Annette Badland who was so wonderful in Little Voice.

tu 16 Jun

The Women's Tour will be coming to Suffolk tomorrow ... virtually.

th 11 Jun

Suffolk County Council were surprisingly quick about that.

sa 23 May

A Suffolk rainbow, they're special eh?

mo 18 May

An ironic returning to normality with East Suffolk garden waste collections starting again next week on Bank Holiday?! Monday 25 May.

fr 15 May

Yesterday 1,326 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Suffolk.  The  forty seventh reason to be cheerful ... the drummer could be from any Suffolk covers band

sat 2 May
Framlingham Co-op ice bucketCo-ops near the coast, have rediscovered the ice bucket challenge.   Yesterday in front of a few socially distanced onlookers a very good handful of Framlingham Co-op staff were cheerfully dunked by their co-workers.  If we'd paid more attention we would know which charity benefitted but we do know Wickham Market Co-op have been challenged to do the same thing.
mo 6 Apr

Yesterday unsurprisingly the total of confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk went over over 200 confirmed cases.  If like us you're suffering from sport deprivation here's a fourteenth reason to be cheerful ... they're going for two. ♫

sa 4 Apr

Brown Wheelie Bin RemovalThe paid green garden waste wheelies arrived in October 2018.  At this difficult time East Suffolk district council are suspending garden waste collections but subscriptions will be extended when the collections restart.

tu 31 Mar
world backup day

Recall our space exclamations rant?  Radio 3 presenter Petroc Trelawney is doing it.  The spaces between words show where the words start and end though this doesn't necessarily apply to Suffolk roadside signs FOR SALE  Bare Roothedging.  A full stop/exclamation shows where a sentence ends and by placing a space before it you're confusing things ... but we wouldn't break social distancing to argue this.

su 29 Mar

Yesterday 74 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk.  A seventh reason to be cheerful. ♫

we 25 Mar

Yesterday 28 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Suffolk but the good news is the East of England Co-op is offering 10% off to all NHS workers ... and a yet another reason to be cheerful ♫.

we 18 Mar

Campsea Ashe Spring Fayre cancelledAldeburgh Cinema has closed for the duration so we won't get to see Emma this afternoon but the Woodbridge Riverside seems to be partially functioning.  The Red Rooster festival near Thetford has been postponed to September and Life Arts have postponed April's Woodbridge festival to next year.  All Snape Maltings music events cancelled until the end of April (we were lucky), the Phoenix Singers concert in Framlingham next month cancelled as is the Campsea Ashe Spring Fayre this Saturday and still only three virus cases in Suffolk.

tu 10 Mar

A Wing And A PrayerA Wing And A Prayer is not only a Ry Cooder track but also a project by glass artist Arabella Marshall she has been preparing for three years.  An artwork glass window is being installed in the ruined chapel at RSPB Minsmere, more info at www.awingandaprayer.org.uk

sa 29 Feb

 JOBS  Suffolk Small Museum of the Year the Bawdsey Radar Trust is looking for two paid interns for six month placements.

tu 14 Jan

Unfair to say in rural Suffolk it's still the 1950s but sometimes it does feel like the 1960s.

fr 3 Jan

If Count Dracula's ship the Demeter had got lost in all that fog and landed at Orford instead of Whitby then after his first meal in Suffolk the Count would know a lot more about tractors.

su 22 Sep
Nicholas Crane presenter of tv prog CoastWe've added Nicholas Crane on the Framlingham Market Hill to peeps in Suffolk.  He presents the tv show Coast so Fram gateway to the stars ... and that there Ed Sheraton.
we 12 Aug
We've added comedian Rich Hall at the Maverick Festival to peeps in Suffolk.
tu 2 Jul

Stallholder Karl on Framlingham's Saturday market joins our Suffolk Gentlemen.

tu 11 Jun

Saturday a 40 minute afternoon walk (dogs on leads welcome) around Peasenhall followed by afternoon tea in support of Mid Suffolk Carriage Driving for the Disabled.

sa 25 May

near the coast's other notable warbler Laura Wright joins our peeps in Suffolk page.

fr 24 May

How very Suffolk:)  ♫ She Think's My Tractor's Sexy

tu 16 Apr

The shop being built at the Stowupland Co-op garage is going to be a BIG one.

tu 26 Mar

An Honest GentlemanAn Honest Gentleman is theatre from company Stuff of Dreams about Norfolk born gentleman of the road Thomas Easter.  The 16 date tour starts Friday in Beccles.

mo 25 Mar

Suffolk ConstabularyThe Constabulary start this year's monthly Safe Rider Workshops for motorcyclists at Martlesham Heath next month 5-6th April.  The two day courses includes an escorted ride and lunch.

mo 11 Mar

Women's Tour of Britain 2019This year's Women's Tour of Britain will again visit Framlingham but this year it starts in Beccles and ends in Stowmarket.

mo 4 Feb

An actress in the Keeper's Daughter's production of Romeo and Juliet at Wingfield Barn's last summer has been added to Ladies in Suffolk.

sa 26 Jan

The BP garage on the west bound A14 near Newmarket is open again and the Stowmarket Co-op garage has the metal framework in place for a substantial building.

fr 25 Jan
Burns Night

Fressingfield Players' Alice in Wonderland - pic contributedTonight it's the second night of the Fressingfield Players' Alice in Wonderland a family pantomime filled with riddles, rhymes and rabbits.  The three day run ends tomorrow with a matinee and an evening show.

we 23 Jan

It's all the go in and about near the coast, temporarily closing petrol stations to re-Haynings garage Framlingham being updatedmodel them, not an insignificant matter when there are so few to start with.  Woodbridge (has it re-opened yet?), Co-op Stowupland (not closed but building going on), Haynings Framlingham (reportedly will have a 24 hour self service pump) and now the BP garage on the west bound A14 near Newmarket.  Fortunately services just off the A14 on the other side of Cambridge are copiously resourced ... three Costa Coffee machines!

th 10 Jan
Suffolk ConstabularyWe do seem to get through chief constables, Steve Jupp will be the fourth in six years ... just saying.

The Suffolk joke is There's a bloke in our village who's been to Norwich ... well he had to.  We rather like Norwich with its market that always reminds us of a souq and the city now has its own section on here.

tu 1 Jan
Ed Sheeran in 2006 and Earl SohamWe could rant about the relentless building around near the coast making rural Suffolk increasingly suburban with little if any improved infrastructure but we'll console ourselves that it's still a pleasant place to live.  We have bubbling a slight change to our look and very probably stylish merch.  In 2019 no doubt there'll be continued sightings of Ed Sheeran, the East African will report local fury about something or other and there'll be even more building ... wishing you the best for 2019.

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