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th 14 May

The Ballistics at Hachfest '08The '09 Hachfest prog seems pretty much set with Ade Edmundson's The Bad Shepherds topping on the Friday Night and a 'Quo tribute band on the Saturday. ♫

mo 21 Jul

Two piece brass section  The Ballistics' drummer  Fierce

The BallisticsAt the second night of Hachfest in Hacheston yesterday the tall security lady opined of The Ballistics They're just trying to be Madness, well nothing wrong with that and if anything there was more Ian Dury than Madness ... and we just lurv bands that put on a show; seriously recommended. ♫


su 20 Jul

Rosalita at Hachfest 2008Rosalita are a teensy bit up themselves (say three sixteenths?) or maybe it's just attitude but despite that (or maybe because of that) they do kick; brash, confident and driving.  Plenty of stalls and people having a good time.

The sweetie stall looked just great Yeah!
Line dancing?
sa 19 Jul

An awful lot of smokeAt the first night of Hachfest yesterday there were over a thousand people not counting Mandy and her dog, Earl Soham Vic serving near perfectly, as you can see from the waving arms Abba Revival engaging the crowd ... and an awful lot of smoke. ♫

su 23 Jul

Hat and part of Buff OrpingtonHachfest had burger, mini doughnut and ice cream vans; clothes, jewelry and second hand book stalls, a much patronised ESB beer tent (the brewer had to make a mercy dash for more beer), cleverly organised traffic management, overnight camping, security having a lovely time chatting to each other on their radios, kids doing that running thing, of course St John's and a bunch of interesting bands including the impressive Jade who are that rarest of things a local band who don't do covers.  The band on the main stage at Spadgfest wasn't bad either. ♫

Buff Orpington's singer/bass playerBuff Orpington's singer/bass playerBuff Orpington's singer/bass player

sa 25 Jun

Earl Soham beers being served at last night's Hacheston Music Night. ♫

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