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th 2 Apr

At this difficult time we have thought and prayed and decided to keep this website open but we ask visitors to observe social distancing and remain at least two metres from the screen.

Yesterday 125 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk just an increase of nine but there's been a big jump nationally.  Eleventh reason to be cheerful ... l♥ve the hats. ♫

we 1 Apr

Eddy Merckx at last year's Tour de FranceThe NFL will still have the annual draft (it's so American) this month but virtually, and the teams have voted to extend the playoffs.  The French minister for sport is considering a spectator free Tour de France ... To a Frenchman the Tour de France is more important than sex ... but not as important as lunch.

April Fool

Last year's Lady Di lookalike winner ... well it is SuffolkAt this difficult time Stackton Tressel town council have reluctantly moved the annual Lady Di Lookalike competition to the fireworks display November in Gayla Park .  Hamish McEdbanguh commented The Coy Look You’d Most Like To Take Home Award won’t be the same in the dark.

Yesterday 116 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk and the tenth reason to be cheerful is a monstrously witty solo from Fascinating Aïda's Dillie Keane. ♫

tu 31 Mar
world backup day

The Aldeburgh Festival at the Snape MaltingsNot surprisingly the Snape Maltings has cancelled the Aldeburgh Festival but is understandably holding off on a decision about the proms in August.  No word we've seen about next month's Alde Valley Spring Festival in Great Glemham.

Yesterday 100 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk a daily jump of 21 the biggest so far.  A ninth reason to be cheerful, Django Reinhardt meets western swing. ♫

Recall our space exclamations rant?  Radio 3 presenter Petroc Trelawney is doing it.  The spaces between words show where the words start and end though this doesn't necessarily apply to Suffolk roadside signs FOR SALE  Bare Roothedging.  A full stop/exclamation shows where a sentence ends and by placing a space before it you're confusing things ... but we wouldn't break social distancing to argue this.

mo 30 Mar

John Prine on YouTubeYesterday 87 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk.  Musician John Prine (we saw him at the Cambridge CornEx maybe 10? 15? years ago) is Covid-19 critically ill ... unrelated an eighth reason to be cheerful, note the New York music lover some three quarters way through. ♫

Women's american football has its own nearthecoast Facebook album.

su 29 Mar

French tv comedy Derby Girl25-year-old Lola Bouvier, a fallen ice-skating star with an outsize ego, decides to become “the greatest roller-derby champion of all time” but unwittingly joins one of the worst French teams: the Cannibal Unicorns!  French tv comedy Derby Girl ... the production stills look a bit obvious ... and cheap.

The clocks go forwardSlightly chilly early morning because the boiler hadn't noticed that the clocks had gone forward.

Yesterday 74 confirmed C-19 cases in Suffolk.  A seventh reason to be cheerful. ♫

sa 28 Mar

Framlingham Gala CancelledFor only the second time ever (the first was 2007) Framlingham sports club have cancelled the Gala and the Rendham Mummers have cancelled their summer tour of near the coast ... in years to come troubadours will sing sad ballads of these tragedies.

Yesterday 61 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Suffolk, that's a BIG increase.  A sixth reason to be cheerful (we didn't see it coming) ♫.

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