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we 14 Jun

Fram Flyers' Friday Five 2016At the end of this working week it's the Framlingham Flyers' Friday Five a five mile road race.  It's the Suffolk county five mile championship and a field in the region of 500 is expected so the Saxmundham and Badingham roads will be crowded around 7:30pm.  Hopefully the race director's comments to the runners will be as amusing as last year.

The Constabulary warn against a telephone scam claiming to be the tax office.

tu 13 Jun

Framlingham College JOB  Framlingham College is recruiting a full time database application developer ... and it would appear there is such a thing as free lunch because along with gym membership that's part of the deal.

Very pleased to welcome back Charnwood Genealogy, there's an advertising slot available at the moment ... email us.

mo 12 Jun

Borderland Brawlers scrimmagePretty obvious why on the outskirts of Stamford the shiny new sports centre and home of the Daniels is called Borderville ... it's maybe just 100 yards from the county border with Rutland.  On Saturday a clash with a children's party in the hall slowed things down but the track was already laid, the bouncy castle soon packed away and NSOs instructed.  A bunch of friends, relatives and potential derbyists got to see a lively ... more here

th 8 Jun

Two little Dutch girls (from Somerset) on roller skatesWe do wonder if like laptops/tablets and glasses of wine today early last century roller skates were used to make people appear up to date with a sophisticated look and lifestyle ... like it does today:)

mo 5 Jun

Flying water bottleA light moment before yesterday's Ipswich Cardinals-East Kent Mavericks game when the visitors failed to shake hands with honourary captain for the day singer Sarah Probert so the referee sent the Kent captains round again:)  The Cards were looking competitive and scored first but the Mavericks had some very nippy (and slippery) runners for a Cards 51 to 28 loss.

su 4 Jun

PC Tipsrecycled tip from May 2007Here's a bit of good clean fun.  Whilst holding down the Windows key press and release R.  This will pop up the Run window.  (The Windows key is usually second left ... more here

near the coast house sales review.

sa 3 Jun

 JOB  Assistant vet wanted in Framlingham ... or possibly Earl Soham.

fr 2 Jun

Mackenzie Crook outside the Framlingham Crown JOBS  Around near the coast The Detectorists have one day's paid work next month for bearded mechanic type aged 40-80, filming in Staverton Park Butley.  Jobs also going for removal/builder types, a milkman and two male mourners in Framlingham and lots more, scroll down here.

th 1 Jun

Taylor Wimpey Looks like the Taylor Wimpey development in Fairfield Road Framlingham will be called Castle Keep ... very imaginative.

tu 30 May

2017 Framlingham Gala ParadeThe fire engine left for a call out just as yesterday's Framlingham Gala parade started out (it usually leads) and irritatingly the alarm was a false one generated by an automated system.  This did not stop two independent Cats and a Charley and the Chocolate Factory having a lovely time, excellent dressing up.

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