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The Rupa Ensemble - St Michaels Sat 27 Oct
October (the green wheelie one) 2018   visit the web site at www.NearTheCoast.com
fr 19 Oct

The new green wheelie binsThe green wheelie bins (two months late) have arrived in Stately Terrace Framlingham.  The lids don't close properly but the leaflet says we're not to worry about that, there's a hidden tag (presumably RFID?) to identify individual bins and there will be one more collection of the brown bin.  We asked if deliveries will continue into October and the driver's mate opined It's going to take a while.

th 18 Oct

Congratulations to Rebellion Roller Derby who have been accepted by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association as an apprentice league.

A women in her 50s found dead in Aldeburgh on Monday and a 90 year old man with a head injury found at the property has since died.

we 17 Oct

Framlingham 27-27 RGS Colchester second XVsYesterday Royal Grammar School Colchester put up four rugby teams against Framlingham College.  When we arrived maybe halfway through the first half of the second XVs an injured RGS player was getting gas and air and RGS were losing 20-00.  Some disorganisation with Fram losing possession for dithering ... more here

I advertised with nearthecoast and it fixed our downstairs looThe next available advertising slot above and in the twice(ish) monthly digest is Monday 29th of this month.  Help yourself by telling near the coast about yourself with a month's worth for £11.95

tu 16 Oct

In historic Stamford charity shop DVDs are typically 99p ... a lesson for us all eh?

mo 15 Oct

Today in that odd canal thingy that runs through the car park of the Bury St Edmunds Tesco's there was a little egret and in the store a queue of men (makes a change) for the disabled toilet as the gents were closed ... all part of life's rich pageant eh?

su 14 Oct

Jem 143-195 Sindy (mixed rookies bout)When we arrived at Loughborough Leisure Centre this afternoon it was pouring with rain and the car park completely full, we had to circle until a leaver made a space but the Leicester Dolly Rockits were very welcoming.  The mixed league support bout of rookies and second bouters was very impressive; Bambi jumped the apex, there was ... more here

fr 12 Oct

East Anglian american football in 2016,2015 and 2014.

th 11 Oct

The Rupa Ensemble at St Michaels Framlingham 27 Oct♫ Very happy to welcome new advertiser the Rupa Ensemble an octet of outstanding, stylistically agile singers especially adept in singing founder Julian Marshall's compositions.  They will be singing in concert at St Michael's Framlingham Saturday 27 October.

The clocks go back at the end of October  The clocks go back at the end of the month.

we 10 Oct

Some changes at the Iceni Spears in Norwich; Vicki Ware is training with the GB national team and Craig Thompson is the new head coach moonlighting from Norwich Devils' offensive coordinator.  Last weekend on a surprisingly ... more here

tu 9 Oct

Halesworth Arts Festival 2018The Halesworth Arts Festival returns for the 17th time in Saturday and as always the programme is intriguingly entertaining.  Opera-lele delight again, silent film The Cat and the Canary with live drums and piano, poet Roger McGough and closes with a James Bond concert hosted by the divine Madeline Smith.

mo 8 Oct

Bentwaters Cold War MuseumSunday week 21 October will be the last opening this year of the Bentwaters Cold War Museum.

Hollesley gets its own page, and why not?

su 7 Oct

The cafe in a Norwich Sainsburys has a Customer Self Clear Station ... it's a rack where you put your tray having eaten a £3 cheese sandwich.

sa 6 Oct

nearthecoast on AlamyLife Skills 22: We've noticed increasingly people see small change as an annoyance, especially non-drivers who don't need it for parking.  If so then next time you are in a supermarket with self-service checkouts use one, put all your change in and pay the balance with a card.  (Thanks to Big Al for this one.)

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