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Mind Body and Soul in Woodbridge Sat 18 Marchnear the coast We're on FacebookWe're on Twitter
... a bit Suffolk
Charnwood Genealogy - 01702 826469
April (the FREE kid's shows one) 2017   visit the web site at www.NearTheCoast.com
tu 4 Apr

FREE children's matinees at the Halesworth Cut FREE  kid's morning matinees at the Halesworth Cut, we're a bit late telling you about Trolls but you could still make The Secret Life of Pets, Finding Dory and The BFG.

Driving by Wilby we saw in the distance and the corner of our eye this flash of yellow and thought Ah, the oil seed rape's out.

mo 3 Apr

Putting up the practice nets at Stradbroke Cricket ClubIt was Cricket Force day at Stradbroke CC yesterday when a good turn out started preparing the ground for the first match of the season on the 29thCricket Force is a cricket promotion involving NatWest and Jewsons which we didn't quite understand but we did get a very fine home made sausage roll.

 JOB(S)  The Brundish Crown has a staff wanted sign 01728 628282.

su 2 ap 17
recycled tip

A euro keyPC TipsIf like us you've got a euro sign on the $4 key but don't know how to get at it the trick is the angry dog key (Alt Grrrr) immediately to the right of the spacebar; whilst holding down Alt Gr press and release 4 ... see, it works!

sa 1 ap 17
April Fool

Popular song singer Ed Sheeran in Earl Soham and 2006In today's East Anglian there's absolutely no mention of football team Ipswich Town FC or popular (pop) singer Ed Sheeran.

we 29 Mar

 FOR SALE  Three baby pygmy goats between Kettleburgh and Easton.

tu 28 Mar

No Over the Moon coffee today on Framlingham market or for the next three weeks, the van is having a new chassis fitted.

Twitter was offering to translate our tweet from Swedish ...

mo 27 Mar

Sponsor a Halesworth Cut seatA nice thing about the Halesworth Cut for a photographer is you can discretely move via the back of the seating from one side to the other.  Not any more though, on our last visit we discovered that the gap on the far side has gone in anticipation of new and reorganised seating this autumn.  Buy a little piece of immortality by sponsoring a seat.

su 26 Mar

 JOB  Warehouse Staff wanted in Pettistree.

Halesworth in 2013, 2012 and 2011.

th 23 Mar

Men's American football team Iceni Daggers has merged with the Norwich Devils who expect to be playing league football next year.

tu 21 Mar

East Anglo Smackson v Knights of OldhamAt the Sewell Park Academy Norwich Saturday the caretaker (he probably has a posher job title than that) untypically was friendly (he sorted out the machine giving us the wrong coffee) and actually watched the roller derby.  The officials' sweetie stash included old fashioneds and surprisingly some remembered four ... more here

fr 17 mr 17
St Patricks's Day

 JOBS  Wanted in Framlingham a café supervisor at Paddy & Scotts and an animal feed preparation/pellet press operator at Charnwood Milling.

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