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Artdog at Campsea Ashe Station House ~ 15-17 November
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th 21 Nov

George Brooke Keer brewery in 1832What's now flats on the corner of Crown and Anchor Alley and Fore Street Framlingham was a brewery.  Brewer and elder George Brooke Kerr declared bankruptcy in February 1832.  This card shows George owned a surprising amount of property and two roads have since changed their name.

10:00am-12:00pm Saturday morning it's Parham's Christmas coffee morning.

we 20 Nov

Stick holder not getting out of the wayStanding on a sideline in Red Lodge watching american football with a Bury Saint either side of us.  A closely pursued running back approached and we were gratified that the players either side started to move before us, we'd always felt a bit soppy running away:)  Having seen this we will now start running sooner.

Sunday a charity fair in the Hasketon Victory Hall, a quid to get in but that does include refreshments.

The Horse Show and Framlingham Flyers in sporty Fram 2008-07.

Last posting for Christmasbloody Christmas ... eh?Christmas looms and you've already missed last posting international economy for the world.  Monday is the next deadline, BFPOs for operational forces.

tu 19 Nov

I advertised with nearthecoast and it unblocked our downstairs looVery pleased to welcome back Man in the Hat who has taken the 13 December ad slot, next available 27 December.  Tell near the coast about yourself for a mere £11.95 and two months ... explained here.

This morning in Felixstowe a mystery pedestrian was struck by an Audi Q7.

bloody Christmas ... eh?Brundish has got it's festive diary sorted out starting with the candlelit service An Advent Cantata in St Lawrence's this Sunday.

mo 18 Nov

Brockley Open StudiosA pleasure to visit the imaginatively made over Campsea Ashe Station House yesterday for the last day of Artdog's show.  Artdog will be showing Saturday at Brockley Open Studios in South London and in Framlingham next month.

su 17 Nov

The UEA Pirates knew that promotion to the premiership was going to be a leap and last Sunday for their first home game of this season they were shut out ... more here

When we drove past the Campsea Ashe shop this morning encouragingly it was open and has been since the end October.  When we drove back this afternoon it was closed.

sa 16 Nov

As we've noted before the Shepherd and Dog at Forward Green still has a TO LET sign and the recently expanded Stowupland Co-op petrol station attractively has planters on the grass verge.

fr 15 Nov

Skate outs and dancing for the Hydra?  Definitely! ... roller derby eh?

th 14 Nov

Hyde Park Renegades v Black WidowsSaturday in Norwich was women's flag american football Opal series round four.  Hosted by the Iceni Spears we were very pleased to see their numbers have grown to offence and defence plus players over but not GB defensive end Victoria Ware as she'd injured her ankle playing netball.  In contrast the Hyde Park Renegades (in white) had the just the minimal five and were devastating.

we 13 Nov

Sherlock Holmes & The Warlock of WhitechapelOur first Eastern Angles show was Sherlock Holmes & The Mummy's Tomb.  It was written by Julian Harries so hardly plagiarism that Common Ground's Christmas show this year is Sherlock Holmes & The Warlock of Whitechapel.

tu 12 Nov

It can't possibly be that even less has happened in Walberswick than Little Mutterings, it must be that we haven't noticed.

mo 11 Nov

Heartening that there were so many people in the St Michael's Framlingham churchyard yesterday for Remembrance Sunday.

Don't know if it's Brexit or the approach or perhaps arrival of winter but house sales around near the coast seem slow.

sa 9 Nov

Vinyl albums for sale in the Martlesham TescoWe sought of knew that supermarkets were selling vinyl again but still a bit surprised to see it in the Martlesham Tesco.  What next?  Perhaps the Pharmacy will rename itself the Chemists and offer one hour film processing?

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