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Artdog at Campsea Ashe Station House 31 Jan - 2 Feb
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we 8 Jan

Kate's Reading Club for ChildrenKate's Reading Club for Children runs 10:00am-12:00pm Saturdays in the Framlingham library, read your own, the school's or the library's books.

ASTONISHER No.48:  We've always thought the music over the Soprano's opening credits is Fun Loving Criminals, turns out it's British band the Alabama 3. ♫

tu 7 Jan

Some of the seven quad bikes stolen in LowestoftCrikey!  Seven quad bikes, fishing equipment, clothing and tools was stolen from a garage in Lyndhurst Road Lowestoft just before Christmas.

No Coffee Pod on Framlingham market today, Antony has hurt his back.

mo 6 Jan

I advertised with nearthecoast and it unblocked our downstairs looAnimate that dead spell in the New Year by taking the next available ad slot 2 February.  Tell near the coast about yourself for a mere £11.95 and two months ... explained here.

Why do some peeps put a space between the last word in a sentence and question or exclamation marks ?! You wouldn't do it with a full stop .

su 5 Jan

It's Twelfth Night so we've taken the fairy lights out of the front garden to be deployed later in the back garden and cleared the mantelpiece by binning those cards that aren't handmade.

Early next month it's the Stradbroke CC Music Quiz with £40 first prize, includes light refreshments and Musical Bingo?.

The Church of England is so concerned about Brexit that they've issued a prophet warning ... sorry, we do apologise.

sa 4 Jan

Rural Myth 81:  Habitué is what you get in the East African when you die.

fr 3 Jan

If Count Dracula's ship the Demeter had got lost in all that fog and landed at Orford instead of Whitby then after his first meal in Suffolk the Count would know a lot more about tractors.

we 1 Jan

1953 London All StarsHappy New Year.  The bit of Suffolk that is near the coast tends to go into hibernation during January but we'll forage for any stirrings.  In the meantime here's the pic we meant to use about bank track roller derby in that there London and the 50s.

Throwback Thursday:  Fifteen years ago today 150 people congaed around the Framlingham Market Hill.

tu 31 Dec

Where the Framlingham silver bikes go in the winter and tomorrow it'll be fifteen years of Framlingham Ladies.

Thankfully the fire brigade knows where Benhall is.

mo 30 Dec

PC TipsWe find in the morning the BBC red button text service a succinct way of checking that the world is still going to hell in a handcart.  Regrettably the text service is closing 30 January.  We've tried the Beeb's news app but it's a bit tabloid for our taste ... eg Nine things you didn't know about that there Ed Sheraton. ♫

Coming off stage at the 2013 Maverick Festival local resident (we think Farnham) Neil Innes had two little girls rush up, put their arms round him That was great granddad ... sleep well sweet idiot. ♫

sa 28 Dec

How to make a silent 999 callLife Skills 28:  It reflects how bureaucrats think that there are seven paragraphs to read on the IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) web page before it actually tells you how to make a silent 999 call ... here's how ... if prompted? ... you would hope that would be when prompted.  While we're in the area if you're deaf you can make a three nines call by text but you do need to register first.

fr 27 Dec

Felixstowe Christmas Day Dip 2019Hopefully you had a good one?  As previously we enjoyed the Felixstowe Christmas Day Dip despite our Crocs keep filling with pebbles.  This year an Australian presence and ... then, like a football match, suddenly it had all packed up and gone.  Great support for the St Elizabeth Hospice and a ways off but you can already register for the excellent Bubble Rush next year.

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