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we 10 May

The Ukranian national flagUkraine is still at war and people are still being killed, to donate humanitarian aid visit the Disasters Emergency Committee web site.

th 4 May
Star Wars Day

Alan Smethurst 'The Singing Postman' 1927-2000The fortnightly(ish) digest goes out today to the 1500+ nearthecoasters on the list.  To get your free copy click on Alan Smethurst The Singing Postman. ♫

we 3 May

Suffolk Myth No.100:  In Suffolk's mostly uncontested parish elections tomorrow it'll usually be the tractorati who control them.

mo 1 May

Haven't got one of these?Thursday it's the local elections and you will need photo ID ... surprisingly the Tories didn't also make it obligatory to be wearing a Barbour or green wellies.

sa 29 Apr

No Mow MayWe were toying with a preemptive lawn mowing this weekend but decided it wasn't really in the spirit of No Mow May.

th 27 Apr

How to promote yourself on nearthecoast.com.

we 26 Apr

Oven cleaner used as paint stripperLife Skills No. 52:  Oven cleaner makes a reasonable paint stripper.  Do use it in a well ventilated space, incautious breathing in of this ancient can of Mr Muscle caused violent coughing.

tu 25 Apr

Power bankThere are at least two gotchas that might catch you out withPC Tips a power bank a rechargeable battery that can be used to charge other devices.  You need a less common USB lead to charge the power bank and on this one the green light means it's around a third charged not fully charged.

su 23 Apr

Emergency alert TEST 3pm  3pm TODAY mobile phone emergency alert test even if it's on silent ... we napped through it:) ... well it is Sunday.

th 20 Apr

Jess the black and white catOur fortnightly(ish) digest emailed out today ... click Postman Pat's black and white cat to get your free copy.

th 13 Apr

Old father time ...Throwback Thursday11 years ago today we pointed out it was five years since Framlingham's last community copper Andrea Honeywood ... so a recursive throwback.

we 5 Apr

nearthecoast at Alamy  Our stock portfolio on Alamy is now over 7,000 images.

th 30 Mar

Astonisher No.56: Finland shares an 800+ miles border with Russia and sinceFinland's national flag achieving independence in 1917 their army has continuously included conscription.

tu 28 Mar

Generally on this web site if you click on a pic you'll get a bigger one, try it now -> Click to see a bigger pic

su 26 Mar

The clocks go backThe year moves on, the clocks have gone forward and if you have a digital camera you probably should update its clock.  Click click

Despite that there Facepack making it increasingly difficult to curate a photo collection we now have a flag football album.  Gridiron UK

th 23 Mar

Do remember this web site is not available in the shops.

mo 20 Mar

The year moves on, it's the spring equinox today.  Spring Equinox

mo 13 Mar

A witch ducking this year?Planning a witch ducking (we l♥ve Daisy May Cooper) this summer?  You're welcome to promote it on here.

su 12 Mar

Anorak Alert No.52:  Sarah Beeny's New Life In The Country might want to tell their sub-titles that it's signet as in her husband's signet ring and not cygnet which is a young swan.

Buy us a coffeeThe barista where you can buy us a coffee is sportingly offering a short Americano with biscotti and dash of milk for just two pounds ...

tu 28 Feb

Even if yours is a local event for local people you could still benefit from How to promote your event.

mo 27 Feb

SRN NearthecoastSRN Nearthecoast is in, fiddling with her tick list, pen and prescribing guidelines but still listening (apparently) at ntc@nearthecoast.com or text 07970 865730

tu 21 Feb

Today is Pancake Day!  L♥ve them!!

su 19 Feb

Buy us a coffeeIf you like what we do you can buy us a coffee, regrettably we can't accept a Costa Coffee points card ... a lovely latte?  How very kind.

Marcel the Shell better not come near our vegetables!

tu 14 Feb
Valentine's Day

Darren Smith fishmonger - 01502 519732Today as each week Darren Smith is selling fresh fish on Framlingham market as usual, we particularly like his Brancaster mussels just simply boiled for a few minutes.  He gets lots of link clicky clicky in our fortnightly(ish) digest

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