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fr 16 de 16

nearthecoast PC TipsIf you're Chrome browser has been playing up so has ours, it appears to be Google not getting on with Microsoft ... though at the moment they seem to be playing nicely.

mo 21 no 16

nearthecoast PC TipsDigital camera RAW files are powerful, but they are specific to each camera model and Photoshop and other software has to know about the individual.  If like us your begrudge paying monthly to ... more here

mo 21 no 16

nearthecoast PC TipsDigital camera RAW files are powerful, but they are specific to each camera model and Photoshop and other software has to know about the individual.  If like us your begrudge paying ... more here

sa 5 no 16Guy Fawkes 1570-1606

nearthecoast PC TipsHDMI connectorWe fitted a second graphics card to our previous desktop PC so we could run two monitors.  Unplugging this desktop recently we were embarrassed to see it already had two display sockets.  We'd failed to notice the second socket as it wasn't VGA.  The multiplicity of display connectors listed and explained on this useful (if cluttered) web page.

tu 25 oc 16

nearthecoast PC TipsThe thing about Windows is it's made mostly by Americans and they don't realise that in their foreign people do strange things like sometimes turn their computer off.  The Windows ... more here

we 5 oc 16

nearthecoast PC TipsThe Windows 10 Anniversary Update took forever here, forced multiple reboots with the last reboot leaving a desktop hanging and we had to force our own reboot.  If like us you've previously ... more here

we 28 se 16

TPS - Telephone Preference ServiceRegistering with the FREE Telephone Preference Service PC Tipswill significantly reduce the number of time wasting phone calls you get.  If someone phones you saying you have to re-register with the service and there's a charge hang up, it's a con.

mo 5 se 16

PC TipsClear browsing dataIncreasingly in the Chrome browser the ebay Enlarge picture wasn't.  At first we put this down to dodgy ebayers ... more here

th 11 au 16

PC TipsTo deal with an incoming telephone call on a Blackberry Q10 you slide the virtual button to either red or green ... missed two calls before we figured that one out.

we 27 jl 16

Windows 10 Toggle KeysWorth repeating: turn on Toggle Keys PC Tipsand you'll hear a confirming higher pitched tone when you turn on Caps; Num or Scroll Lock, turn them off and ... more here

tu 12 jl 16

PC Tips123 regWhen you turn off auto-renew on a domain registration at 123 Reg (123 call it Domain Cancellation) you're told you won't be contacted again about the domain ... not quite true, ICANN require you are given three warnings that a domain is about to lapse.

mo 27 jn 16

PC TipsTask View is accessed from the 'squares' icon by the WindowsTask View far right button and displays all open windows reduced size.  The keyboard short cut to Task View is Windows + Tab, click on a reduced window to select it or Windows + Tab again to toggle back to normal view.

fr 10 jn 16

PC TipsYou start up your pc/laptop (or perhaps it restarts itself) and you get something like Operating System not found, perhaps you've left a memory stick in a USB port and the pc is trying to boot from that?  Just remove it and maybe change the device order in which the pc's BIOS looks for the operating system, quite how you do this will depend on your particular pc, Google it.

sa 28 my 16

PC TipsWindows 10's picture viewer Photo Gallery defaults to slide shows in that annoying Pan and zoom Ken Burns way.  If you hover your mouse top left a Change theme pull down appears so you can change to slightly less irritating transitions but there doesn't seem to be a way to change the default, that's stuck at Pan and zoom.

fr 13 my 16Friday the 13th

PC TipsA techy one this time, if you have a server side script running on a Linux server and it's reporting errors which include ^M then a carriage return has crept in from the Windows world.  To fix it use the vi editor on the server to remove the ^M.  The trick is start the editor with the argument -b, this puts vi into binary mode and you can see the carriage return ^M.

fr 29 ap 16

PC TipsA slightly weird keyboard shortcut Shift + Windows key + arrow up, this maximises the height of the current window but does not change the width.  Shift + Windows key is not the easiest combination if you're a cack-handed typist.

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