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pc tips

sa 18 Dec

PC Tips iPhones at the 2018 Framlingham GalaA month or so back there was an operating system update for Apple iPhones of some 4Gbyte in size.  Here on a 16Gbyte of memory iPhone some apps had to be temporarily removed so the update could install.  LEARNT: Even if you don't pig out on photies and music a bit more memory on a smartphone can be useful.

fr 15 Oct

PC TipsFriend of nearthecoast Peter Brockett has a four year old Microsoft Surface and it's incompatible with Windows 11.  Gratifyingly he agrees with us and Tom's Guide, wait and see.

mo 11 Oct

PC TipsBrowser windows side by sideOn a second monitor we wanted to easily put two browser windows side by side.  We found the easiest way was to use the Windows key with the cursor control keys ← → ↑ ↓, try it, it's fun.

th 23 Sep
Windows 11

PC TipsThe free Windows 11 upgrade is due 5 October.  To check compatibility on a maybe five year old HP workstation we downloaded and installedWindows 11 due 5 October Microsoft's PC Health Check.  To download Health Check scroll to the bottom of the bloated Windows 11 page.  Our workstation failed on incompatible cpu and even after a BIOS upgrade Secure Boot and TPM 2.0.  Isn't necessarily game over though ... we'll wait and see.

we 1 Sep

PC TipsNews and interests ... allegedlyAfter a Windows update a while back a new icon appeared on the task bar to the left of the system tray.  We found it popped up an annoyingly large window whenever the mouse pointer strayed near the icon.  It was surprisingly easy to get rid of, right click on the task bar then News and interests and then Turn off, that'll do it.

fr 9 Jul

PC TipsWe find this keyboard shortcut useful to reduce distraction when doing something non-digital at a pc especially as our ... more here

mo 17 May
PC TipsJunk E-mail Options...Spamfighter has stopped working unless we buy.  We were happy to pay but not a yearly subscription so uninstalled it.  After a bit we realised we now had to restart our email client's spam filter, in our version of Outlook go Actions/Junk E-mail Options...
we 21 Apr

PC TipsThis hadn't occurred to us, use capitals in your hashtags #LikeThis so screen readers can pronounce the words, thanks Robin Paley York.

fr 26 Mar
PC Tips Scam emailToday we got both a scam text and a scam email pretending to be Royal Mail about the same fictional delivery.  DON'T click on the links but if you hover your mouse over the links in the email you'll see the web addresses are nothing to do with Royal Mail.
tu 23 Mar
PC TipsLife Skills 38 : The first law of electronics is It's always the lead; the second law is the same as the first.  The cable bending where ... more here
mo 15 Feb

PC TipsPic in Windows photos viewerDon't know why it's taken us years to trip over this.  In Windows 10 photo viewer double click on an image and it zooms up, hold and drag to move the image about, and double click again to zoom back ... l♥ve it.

su 24 Jan

PC TipsMost writers find it difficult to edit themselves so here are some useful tips from Gemma Arrowsmith on how to get the page count down.

th 10 Dec

PC TipsWindows 10  feature update 20H2 this morning had two cracks at installing and prompted a .NET update.  Unsurprisingly the feature update suggests using Microsoft's browser, search engine and a free try of 365 so you can pay for it later.

su 6 Dec

PC TipsInevitably we don't like Facebook 's new makeover.  Particularly frustrating is the option to change the order of an album's photos seems to have gone.

th 22 Oct

PC TipsWe're back on Twitter and it only took four days ... it's taken us months to get a dental appointment.

tu 20 Oct

PC TipsIf you inadvertently put the camera on the iPhone in your pocket into panorama mode it soon becomes a very acceptable hand warmer.

sa 26 Sep

PC TipsWith our Apple devices we often remove the sense when typing by not noticing autosuggest has changed something.  Despite this we've turned autosuggest+ on for Windows 10 ... we'll let you know how it goes ...

mo 19 Oct

PC TipsEmbarrassingly our Twitter account has been locked.  When we opened the account we were still at junior school and the software ... more here

fr 18 Sep

PC TipsNew to Freeview Sky Arts is on channel 11 which was Pick.  Pick is now on channel 34 and no, we don't know what was on channel 34 before.

tu 8Sep

PC TipsIf you receive an unexpected and perhaps unexplained parcel (it happens a lot at this end of Stately Terrace) it may be a brushing scam but it doesn't mean you've been hacked.

we 24 Jun

Online auctioneers eBayPC TipsIf you go through the online process to return an eBay item, get to the end and then want to go back to the beginning to change the reason for return DON'T click Cancel.  If you cancel a return you can't start another one for the same item.

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