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sa 2 Jun

PC TipsBT router with useful thingyOur previous BT router had a useful pull out thingy on the top with the logon details.  When we got our new and present router the useful thingy on the top had gone, What a pity we thought.  We moved the new router last week and discovered there's still a useful thingy but it's on the side.

fr 11 May

PC TipsWindows ME Quick Start GuideDo you recall Windows Millennium Edition?  Released in September 2000 (a year before Win XP) it was Windows 98 with some extra goodies like Movie Maker.  We always suspected that Lady KRJ thought everybody else's copy said Windows Kate ...

th 3 May

Thunderbird email appThunderbird is the free multiple Operating System email app that's particularly useful if you're running an older OS.  It's moved from thePC Tips Mozilla web site to its own domain ... hopefully we don't have to have a bad feeling about this.

th 5 Apr

PC TipsWe've pointed out/complained before that if you use RAW files and upgrade your camera be prepared to upgrade your edit software as well.  More recently we found our newer camera had a new to us USB Superspeed 3 connector so we had no lead to tether it to a laptop, older camera would tether but wouldn't work properly with the new to us flashes ... same old same old.

fr 23 Mar

PC TipsBT CloudFive years ago we didn't bother backing up to BT's Cloud as it didn't retain the source file structure.  Given time even mega organisations sort ... more here

fr 9 Mar

Eneloop v LADDA recycle testWe've banged on about rechargeable batteries before.  Recently we bought eight Eneloop AAsPC Tips for a sizeable £20 but boy they made our flashes fly, they recycle faster than we've ever seen before.  Then we found this YouTube vid proving that the half the price Ikea LADDAs were even faster, but do they hold a charge well when not in use?

fr 23 Feb

PC TipsWish we'd found this sooner, you can stop those bloody annoying nearthecoast on Twitteranimated gifs in Twitter auto-starting.  Click your Twitter profile pic top right, go Settings and privacy, halfway down unselect Video auto play and then Save changes.  BE WARNED you may have to enter your Twitter password to confirm the change(s).

we 7 Feb

Freview changes Wednesday 7 FebruaryTODAY around near the coast Freeview will need re-scanning if it doesn'tPC Tips do it for itself.  No advantage to near the coast, the great and the good are moving some frequencies because they think they can make some money out of it.

su 14 Jan

PC TipsIf you right click/Save Image as... on a small pic in a Twitter feed you nearthecoast on Twitterwill save the source usually bigger pic.  If you click on the small pic to see the source pic then Save Image as... comes up with the unhelpful file extension jpg_large and with multiple pix Save Image as... goes away completely.

fr 29 Dec

S-VHS and USB video captureWe recently transferred a twenty year old S-VHSPC Tips tape to DVD using a nine quid USB capture adaptor from eBay and then made three copies of the DVD.  At nine pounds we didn't really expect the hardware and software to work, it did but it took some three days of fiddling about.  This video very much helped with the copying.

fr 8 Dec

PC TipsWe upgraded one of the four hard discs in a Netgear NAS (Network Attached Storage) from 1Tbyte to 2.  The NAS did recreate the data on the new disc from the original three but it took nearly two days.

we 22 Nov
St Cecilia's Day patron saint of musicians

PC TipsIt seems that Microscoft have been pratting about with the photo viewer in the latest Win10 upgrade.  The slideshow icon has disappeared but user key f5 will do it; and there's now a different response to the magnifying glass zoom so useful to know that Ctrl + mouse wheel will zoom a pic.

sa 4 Nov

PC TipsWith our admittedly elderly iPhone 5s we've found that turning Bluetooth off reduces battery drain.  After a recent ios version 11 upgrade we found Bluetooth was on again, so we turned it off ... again.

su 22 Oct

PC TipsPaper pickup roller on HP laser printerOur HP laser printer stopped picking up paper from the horizontal paper tray.  We cleaned the pickup roller with a micro-fibre cloth, no difference.  Oh poo, gonna have to buy a new printer.  An online H-P maintenance page said to clean the roller with water ... that did it!

th 28 Sep

PC TipsIt's taken three attempts for BT to actually dispatch a router/hub, hopefully it will arrive today.  Worth tracking online and complaining sooner rather than later, we complain via the online chat.

th 14 Sep

PC TipsAcronis softwareWhen upgrading a hard or solid state disc Acronis is really useful for cloning the old disc to new and these days the software doesn't have to ... more here

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