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pc tips

we 2 Nov

PC TipsThe last time we can recall using a fax was for accreditation with Essex Police for Operation Utah and it seemed clunky then.  Seems the fax is joining Betamax, the tamagotchi (though you can still buy them) and 8 track cartridges.

th 8 Sep

PC TipsThis hadn't occurred to us, use capitals in your hashtags #LikeThis so screen readers can pronounce the words, thanks Robin Paley York.

we 31 Aug

PC TipsAdobe Lightroom started telling us the driver for the Intel display adaptor Intel Driver & Support Assistant on our HP workstation was out of date and could cause problems.  Windows Update and HP Support Assistant didn't know about the update but not surprisingly Intel Driver & Support Assistant did ... just saying.

sa 30 Jul

PC TipsSending large files by email can be a bit hit or miss.  We've found WeTransfer.com very useful, you don't have to open an account, you don't have to pay and your recipient gets an email with a link to download your files zipped into one ... pretty much instantaneous and much less risky than a DVD in the post.

mo 11 Jul

PC TipsWorth repeating; in Word highlight a word or phrase.  Whilstrecycled tip holding down the shift key press and release the user key F3 ... now do it again ... and do it again, good eh?  Works for other apps as well.

su 1 May

PC TipsAfter 25 years the other Alexa (an Amazon company) has retired, Semrush is probably the best substitute.

sa 23 Apr
St George's Day

PC TipsWe were pretty sniffy about new Freeview channel W but it is repeating sitcom My Family though seemingly the ones without Nick.  Don't expect any better from Talk TV going live Monday on channel 237, ironically just ... more here

fr 29 Apr

nearthecoast's FaceBook pageFacebook have been pratting about with the pix at the top of a page (the cover); it's too PC Tipsbig, low res and by default the top half is missing when landing.  We dislike it so much we deleted it and FB then replaced it with a grey wilderness.  We gave up, laid back and thought of England ... and another thing the associated slideshow editor is buggy, clearly Wayne the work experience kid hasn't been properly supervised.

su 3 Apr

PC TipsThe HP Support Assistant on our workstation is generallyHP Support Assistant annoying; it nags, is slow and usually unhelpful though it did recently point out the security on our User Account Control wasn't high enough.  Mind you it made a dog's breakfast of a recent BIOS upgrade.

tu 29 Mar

PC TipsFreeview tv channels seem to continually change.  Freeview channel W promo on YouTubeYesterday channel 25 which was once ITV4 (for Le Tour and now on channel 26) became W.  Despite the promo W seems to be mostly some progs off of ITV and the same mix of emergency service and property shows just like most of the other channels.

fr 18 Mar

PC TipsIn January the other Alexa said they were retiring in May but they already seemed to have shuffled off for pub lunches and Croc wearing.

su 6 Mar

PC TipsThe BBC's news mirror web site on the dark web has been running since October 2019.  It is a way to access the news in countries The Ukranian national flagwhere the Beeb is blocked.  News is available in Ukrainian and Russian.

tu 8 Feb

PC TipsWe'd forgotten that BBC 3 returned at the beginning of the month but stumbled across it last night.  Not surprisingly it's very ... more here

tu 1 Feb

PC TipsWithout actually trying it we were pretty sniffy about Wordle ... it's very addictive.

we 26 Jan
Australia Day

BBC 3 back on FreeviewA bit surprised that today's channel moves on Freeview havePC Tips included the return of BBC 3 though it won't be doing anything useful until Tuesday 1 February.

mo 24 Jan

PC TipsThat's very disappointing, the other Alexa (an Amazon company) is being retired in May.  Semrush is probably the best substitute.

tu 11 Jan

The ClipboardPC TipsReally wish we'd stumbled across this so much earlier.  Keyboard shortcut Windows key + V pops up the Clipboard with copies going back a good hatful.  Click on a list entry to paste it and there's a perhaps overly discrete scroll bar on the right.

sa 18 Dec

PC TipsiPhones at the 2018 Framlingham GalaA month or so back there was an operating system update for Apple iPhones of some 4Gbyte in size.  Here on a 16Gbyte of memory iPhone some apps had to be temporarily removed so the update could install.  LEARNT: Even if you don't pig out on photies and music a bit more memory on a smartphone can be useful.

fr 15 Oct

PC TipsFriend of nearthecoast Peter Brockett has a four year old Microsoft Surface and it's incompatible with Windows 11.  Gratifyingly he agrees with us and Tom's Guide, wait and see.

mo 11 Oct

PC TipsBrowser windows side by sideOn a second monitor we wanted to easily put two browser windows side by side.  We found the easiest way was to use the Windows key with the cursor control keys ← → ↑ ↓, try it, it's fun.

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