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su 29 May

The Hermit of Treig posting a letterRecently BBC 4 has broadcast documentaries that are minimalist, charming and don't have a celebrity(ish) presenter mouthing like they know about the subject plus by happenstance are Scottish, try Prince of Muck and/or The Hermit of Treig,.  The Hermit opens with Ken Smith (the hermit) walking 54 miles round trip to post a letter.  Surely we thought their must be a post box closer than twenty seven miles but perhaps pillar boxes are joining telephone kiosks and one day will be as redundant as the Tardis' police box.

mo 11 Apr

Gentleman Jack Series Two TrailerTo match Gentleman Jack striding about in a manly manner the drama matches with a straight ahead pace that we like.  As far as we can see the Beeb don't yet have a broadcast date for series two ... turns out it was last night.

sa 23 Apr
St George's Day

We were prePC Tipstty sniffy about new Freeview channel W but it is repeating sitcom My Family though seemingly Talk TV launching Mondaythe ones without Nick.  Don't expect any better from Talk TV going live Monday on channel 237, ironically just about where Russia Today was.  Judging by the promo they reckon we're all gagging to hear Piers Morgan's views about the royal family  ... sadly they might be right.

tu 29 Mar
Channel W

PC TipsFreeview tv channels seem to continually change.  Freeview channel W promo on YouTubeYesterday channel 25 which was once ITV4 (for Le Tour and now on channel 26) became W.  Despite the promo W seems to be mostly some progs off of ITV and the same mix of emergency service and property shows just like most of the other channels.

tu 8 Feb

The Instagram EffectWe'd forgottenPC Tips that BBC 3 returned at the beginning of the month but stumbled across it last night.  Not surprisingly it's very dayglo but not last night's prog The Instagram Effect.

fr 18 Sep

PC TipsNew to Freeview Sky Arts is on channel 11 which was Pick.  Pick is now on channel 34 and no, we don't know what was on channel 34 before.

th 30 Jan

PC TipsThe BBC red button text service didn't switch off today.  After a petition from the National Federation of the Blind the decision will be reviewed in the spring ... though the red button itself doesn't seem to know this yet.

mo 30 Dec

PC TipsThat there Ed Sheraton in 2006 and Earl SohamWe find in the morning the BBC red button text service a succinct way of checking that the world is still going to hell in a handcart.  Regrettably the text service is closing 30 January.  We've tried the Beeb's news app but it's a bit tabloid for our taste ... Nine things you didn't know about that there Ed Sheraton. ♫

th 19 Sep

PC TipsBBC red buttonThe BBC is considering phasing out info on the red button .  That's a very great pity because for a tv not connected to the Internet it's news, sport, and information on demand and in a concise format.  Should it happen we will regret the passing of a service that started 45 years ago as Ceefax.

we 29 Aug

PC TipsBBC RadioWhen listening to a BBC radio station on Freeview you can get the red button ... who would have thought?

we 7 Feb

Freview changes Wednesday 7 FebruaryTODAY around near the coast Freeview will need re-scanning if it doesn'tPC Tips do it for itself.  No advantage to near the coast, the great and the good are moving some frequencies because they think they can make some money out of it.

we 29 Aug

PC TipsBBC RadioWhen listening to a BBC radio station on Freeview you can get the red button ... who would have thought?

th 27 Jul

FreeviewAlthough there's no mention of it on their websitePC Tips Freeviews's channel on Freeview (100) says Wednesday the children's, news, text and streamed channels are moving.  If like us you have some older tellys you may have to manually retune and delete all those bloody shopping channels all over again.

fr 3 Feb

PC TipsDipping a toe in the world of Apple we bought a second hand iPhone 5S ... knew that battery life is an issue but didn't know it's that much of an issue.  Deciding if we're brave enough to change the battery ourselves.

th 9 Oct

New tv channel ITVBe on Freeview channel 26 launched yesterday and is the new home of TOWIE ... you don't really need to know anything else do you?

th 4 Sep

Our Freeview tuner didn't need us to tell it about the channel changes yesterday afternoon, perhaps the the most significant is BBC News has moved from 80 to 130.

su 27 Apr

Freeview tv station True Entertainment has found the version of M*A*S*H without the bloody awful laugh track and though a marked improvement we'd forgotten how mawkish, in that American way, the series could be ... maybe someone will think to bring back Hill Street Blues?

sa 21 Dec

New channel to us Freeview 61 True Entertainment is showing M*A*S*H ... but the US version with a laugh track.

sa 13 Jul

PC TipsIf your Freeview isn't clever enough to do it on its own a good idea would be aLeo McKern as Rumpole of the Bailey channel scan because new station Drama on 20 launched this week and it's showing Rumpole of the Bailey. (Remember Leo McKern as a Number Two in The Prisoner?)  We also found three BT Sport channels, two are scrambled and the third keeps telling you it's going to launch this summer ... they'd better get on with it then.

fr 30 Apr

Therese Coffey with panini and chipsCoastal Suffolk Conservative candidate Therese (it's French) Coffey lives in Westleton so she can't get Channel 5 or Freeview and no doubt rubbish broadband.  When she asked BT why near the coast broadband is so rubbish so close to BT's research centre they said Oh, our broadband is rubbish too.  We found out yesterday at the Martlesham Black Tiles that Therese has stood as an mp once before, her rescued dog Rizzo is very patient, when she ordered the panini she hadn't realised it came with chips, and is very aware this time round she's not a shoo in.  More pix on Facebook

we 30 Sep

We've just checked Freeview and as predicted by Fat Ginge Channel 5 had gone missing, it didn't reappear after a channel scan but reception's rubbish here in Stately Terrace, worse during the day and even worserer in this dry weather.  Hopefully night time and perhaps some rain will improve the situation.

mo 16 jl

PC TipsIf you're finding Freeview rubbish at the mo it's the hot sultry weather affecting reception and if, like us, you can't get Five US (we're suffering NASCAR deprivation) but can get BBC Asian Network try The Bhanghra Mixtape, even if it would be better with more bhangra and less mix.

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