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mo 9 Jan
Plough Monday

 JOBS  The Framlingham chippy is looking for part time staff, St Elizabeth Hospice needs furniture van drivers at the Martlesham Retail Centre and you have until tomorrow to apply as Homework Club Assistant for the Eastern Angles in Ipswich.

fr 9 Dec

Humped Pedestrian CrossingWe visited Martlesham Heath in September, previously we can only remember attending Music on the Green.  It's still charming though much of the green was being dug up and surprisingly there's a pedestrian crossing only available to those who've recently had sex.

sa 3 Dec

We've only just noticed that the giant electrical shop (Hughes?) by the A12 in Martlesham had become Boots the Chemist ...

tu 27 Sep

Nowadays spices in most supermarkets (even the big one at Martlesham) only come in those little glass tubes ... but Cupboard Love on Framlingham market has them loose including the ground coriander we wanted, just bring a jar.

fr 1 Oct

Suffolk ConstabularyThis morning around 5.35am a shed in Felixstowe Road Martlesham was broken into.  Cash and hand tools were stolen.  Any information please contact Suffolk Police quoting crime ref 37/54682/21, you can phone 101.

sa 13 Mar

Suffolk ConstabularyMore defibrillator abuse this time four teenagers in Martlesham at the end of last month.

fr 29 Jan
 JOBS  This year in Martlesham  BT will be recruiting over 70 apprentices and graduates for their research centre at Adastral Park ... once described by a visiting chum as looking exactly like the Dalek mother ship.
we 11 Nov

Comparatively peaceful in the Martlesham Tesco this afternoon.

sa 14 Mar

Enough empty spaces on the Martlesham Tescos' shelves yesterday includingBollards at the entrace to the Martlesham Tescos soap.  OTOH bollards have appeared between the large and mini roundabouts at the entrance.  Turning right at the mini roundabout for Wickes et al can be a bit unsettling and for reasons we can't quite quantify the bollards improve the situation.  On the way back between Martlesham and Wickham Market two separately vehicularly terminated badgers on the A12.

sa 9 Nov

Vinyl albums for sale in the Martlesham TescoWe sought of knew that supermarkets were selling vinyl again but still a bit surprised to see it in the Martlesham Tesco.  What next?  Perhaps the Pharmacy will rename itself the Chemists and offer one hour film processing?

mo 25 Mar

Suffolk ConstabularyThe Suffolk Constabulary start this year's monthly Safe Rider Workshops for motorcyclists at Martlesham Heath next month 5-6th April.  The two day courses includes an escorted ride and lunch.

th 16 Aug

The Martlesham Tesco really very busy today and a queue for the Wickham Market Coop car park ... is there something we don't know?

fr 5 Jan

Suffolk ConstabularyIn total a squall of six burglaries today and yesterday in Ipswich, Melton and Martlesham.  Officers are investigating if they are linked.

sa 30 Dec

Wickes ... it's got their name on itA Wickes has appeared seemingly overnight next to the Martlesham Tesco.  That'll be nice, always found the Focus DIY on the retail park opposite handy and liked their own brand water based paints but they went bust in 2011.

fr 23 Jun

An Ipswich man and a Martlesham man charged with the Framlingham pet shop burglary.

mo 13 Mar

Police appeal about a black Corsa being driven erratically on the A12 near Marlesford last Monday.

th 10 Nov

Police training at the Martlesham TescoAn older trolley pushing man at the Martlesham Tescos yesterday taking in the multiple police officers asked Are they real ones?  Yes.  Well they're the first I've seen in ten years. ... we think he was exaggerating a bit:)  It was a training exercise for soon to be constables who exhibited impressive self confidence dealing with the public.  Nice to know money is still available for training new blood.

tu 1 Mar
St David's Day

Spices in gherkin jarsLife Skills 9:  Supermarkets that have a world food section (the Norwich Hartford Bridge Tesco has Nigerian 6% Guinness!) may have those large cellophane bags of ground spices at a pro rata one fifth the price of Schwartz refills.  We decant them into large one time gherkin jars and even then the jars aren't big enough.  Couldn't see any large bags in the Martlesham Tesco today but not surprisingly the Hackney Tesco does stock them.

we 17 Feb

Scary looking two car crash - pic contributedA tragic irony in two road crashes around Ipswich last week.  Serious but not life threatening injuries from the scary looking crash in Foxhall Road Saturday night whilst a twenty month baby girl died in hospital after a Thursday lunchtime Martlesham crash that following drivers may have thought not serious.

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