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tu 12 Aug

Alamy phishing emailPC TipsWe got this email apparently from stock photo site Alamy (here's our Alamy portfolio) and it looked so pro for a sec we were fooled.  As always it said we're owed money we just had to claim it but the giveaway was hover the mouse over any link and the destination is not  The is a sub-domain of put there to encourage the mistaken belief you're visiting

mo 23 ap 12
St George's Day

PC TipsIf like us you're attempts to install SpamFighter with Outlook 2007 (and possibly other version) fails with a Error 1722 then version 7.5.132 SpamFighter has certainly fixed the problem for us.

fr 11 Apr

PC TipsBy default (that means if you don't change it) Outlook Express saves copies of the emails you've sent in the Sent Items folder (you can turn keeping copies on and off by going Tools/Options.../Send then click the Save copyTools/Options etc box and then OK).  Very useful to keep copies but in time the Sent folder gets pretty big slowing everything down, do you really need copies of emails you sent three years ago?  Delete some old emails and it should make things a little brisker.

+ Click on Sent Items to see the folder contents (if you can't see the Sent Items folder go View/Layout ... then check the Folder List box and click on OK).

+ You can now see the emails in the Sent Folder listed on the right, click on Sent at the top of the list and the emails will be sorted into date order. 

+ If the little triangle to the right of Sent is pointing up the emails are sorted in the order sent, if the little triangle is pointing down click on Sent again so the triangle points up.

Oldest email highlighted

+ Press Home (top[ish] right[ish] on the keyboard) and the selected email highlight moves to the top of the list which is the oldest email in the folder.

+ Press Delete (right[ish] on the keyboard) and the selected email moves to the Deleted Items folder.

+ You could keeping on pressing Delete but your pinkie would get sore so try this.  Whilst holding down the Shift key on the left pressOutlook Express Options/Maintenance the Arrow Down key on the right, now two emails are highlighted.  Still hold ing down the Shift key press the Page Down key and all but one of the visible emails are highlighted, keeping pressing the Page Down and soon months or even years of emails are selected.

None of this helps if the emails stay in your Deleted Items folder so go Tools/Options/Maintenance and make sure that the Empty messages from etc box is checked.

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