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Brundish 2011-02

sa 13 Aug

Tomorrow Brundish Summer Sunday with all the usual stuff including Pimms of course.

tu 17 May

Apache attack helicopter near BrundishThat Apache attack helicopter around Brundish early last night may have been training but our word it was flying low, wouldn't have fancied having our washing out on the line ... mind you with that downdraught it would dry quicker.

sa 30 Apr

Brundish chilled down last night with a Royal Quiz in the village hall.  TheBrundish royal quiz questions were all about the royal family, a picture name the royal baby competition for the half time break, several tiaras and question master David Mulrenan suitably dressed through out.  A couple of people told us how well organised it had been in Framlingham for the big telly and what lovely food the Brundish Crown's new landlord is serving.

tu 12 Apr

FREE is always popular and there was a FREE buffet at the Brundish Crown re-opening Saturday.  Closed Sunday nights at the mo' but the eating area re-opening tomorrow.

su 10 Apr

The King's SpeechWith all the understandable fuss there's been about the King's Speech it'll probably be a good idea to book a ticket for the Brundish Cinema (still has an intermission and is licensed!) this Thursday.

sa 4 Dec

Although Daddy Christmas was rather lonely at the Brundish Christmas fair this afternoon the aromatic mulled wine and general conviviality was making a warm welcoming atmosphere in the village hall and some recently discovered old photos displayed on the wall certainly intrigued this snapper.  More pix on Facebook, feel good Letters To Juliet for Brundish Christmas cinema Thursday.

fr 20 Aug

Brundish has been lively, earlier this week a car ended up in a garden and hit the oil tank and Wednesday night there was a house fire (thanks Sandra).

su 12 Apr

A 20 year old man has overdosed at an illegal rave on Downs Farm, Brundish.

sa 6 Sep

Carl Wilson and Laxfield First Responders coordinator Laura Griggs demonstrating their pulse oximeter at this year's Brundish Makemerry.  As their beat is very rural inevitably the ambulance tends to take longer to arrive so two responders go out on a call.  Laura echoed Framlingham coordinator Leighton Page's observation that people are very generous giving money but what is needed most are more responders.  If you want to help email Carl (remember you won't go out on your own:) or contact Leighton (Man in the Hat) on the board.

su 17 Aug

Harvesting was still going on well after midnight near Brundish (understandably with this morning's rain); a lorry the size of Berkshire was being loaded at the side of the road and the road had a golden patina of spilt grain on sharp corners, indeed one S bend had a couple of POLICE SLOW signs.

we 6 Aug

The Brundish Makemerry Saturday last month raised £1,590 ... Woo Hoo!

tu 22 Jul

The maypole crown

Brundish Makemerry last weekend was some eleven hours of non-stop sociability and jollies starting with the Makemerry in the garden of The Crown, on the way barbeque, concert, unveiling of the new village sign and ending up with fireworks.  The Robert Hitcham maypole dancers were charming as usual and as usual the East African photographer got everyone to stand in straight lines and though the showers were sometimes quite heavy they never went on for too long ... excellent, love it!

tu 1 Jan

Happy New Year!  We think sanguine might be the word to describe the Brundish Crown's attitude to New Year' Eve last night, except we're not sure what sanguine means, and we may have missed a joke as the Red Wine Girls were drinking something red from bottles but it wasn't wine ...

sa 1 Dec

The tombola stallIf we'd checked our own What's On (or even the road signs) we wouldn't have arrived at the Brundish Christmas Fair ninety minute before it was due to start.  Either way the tombola stall looked very impressive, Santa's grotto was back again and a pleasant social occasion seemed assured.

fr 24 Aug

Lots to say, matt is looking for a motorbike, top GCSE players at Framlingham College yesterday were Brundish boy James Mee and Thomas Osmanski who got seventeen A stars between them, June's Stugig (in memory of Stuart Dines) has raised £4,700 for the Kariandusi School Trust and this is magnificent madness, Sunday week Elisa Garvie and Jenny Stockman will be running the Fram Flyers' (presumably the 2k) three leggedly!

su 10 jn

Red Poll cattle hoping that it's feeding timeWe visited the Dennington Hall Farm open day last year and it was good fun, particularly the trailer ride.  This year we ventured a little further down the road to Brundish Lodge Farm where the open day was part of Linking Environment And Farming.

Brundish Lodge is in a beautiful location apart from the occasional Sunday biker clattering down the B1116.  There is a considerable amount of arable but this is contracted out to neighbours Dennington Hall Farm and farmer James Wells concentrates on his herd of Red Poll cattle.  Red Poll are both a dairy and meat breed traditionally associated with East Anglia and come from a mid-nineteenth century cross of the Norfolk Red and the Suffolk Dun.  James' young bull was the Christopher and two of the half dozen ferrets star of the herd but the calves had an endearing charm.

As we processed round the farm we discovered five or six magnificent horses, guinea fowl (who had taken to building their nests on the grass verge of the B1116!), the information exchange became two way when long  term neighbours shared their knowledge of the farm and at the end of the walk young Christopher Wells dived into a shed and emerged with literally armfuls of ferrets that charmed everybody and weren't in the least nippy.

James was so pleased with the open day he's planning an even bigger and better one for next year.

su 16 Jun

Robert Hitcham Maypole Dancers' away fixture went well at the Brundish Makemerry which is a pleasantly intimate affair and the pub stays open all afternoon.

A summer hat ... ... hammer dulcimers ... ... and another summer hat.

we 8 May

Brundish Crown  des' dinners 26

A sunny day brought out Hugh, Las (under protest), Spadge on a motorbike, Malcolm, David (who was kind enough to forewarn the landlord), NaTCH, and John B too late to lunch but early enough to sink a few.  The landlord was all on his own due to a new grandchild but still supplied extremely enjoyable (Malcolm "enjoyed every pea" - but he might have been misheard) and substantial meals, well kept Adnams, and Adnams' new specialty beer to mark the Queen's Jubilee which is called ... Jubilee.  There was much guffawing, particularly about Hugh's strange misapprehension as to how Earl Soham is going to celebrate the aforementioned Jubilee.  AfARs from Pippin and Gib (still working).  (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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