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th 13 Apr
Rubbish Thursday ... the day before Good Friday

Flicks in the Sticks presents A United KingdomThe Brundish Flicks in the Sticks TONIGHT is period drama A United Kingdom ... as Lord Brundish pointed out it has Rosamund Pike starring, enough said.

sa 8 Apr

An Apache helicopter and The Kings Speech in Brundish and 2002 to 2011.

mo 3 Apr

 JOB(S)  The Brundish Crown has a staff wanted sign 01728 628282.

th 5 Jan

The monthly coffee morning today at Brundish village hall.

th 15 Dec

Bloody Christmas ... eh?TONIGHT there's a free charity concert in the Framlingham St Michael's and from 8pm a seasonal sing-along in the Brundish Crown.

we 30 Nov

Brundish Christmas fair in the village halBloody Christmas ... eh?It was welcomingly warm and difficult to move around in the Brundish village hall Saturday but we got to see Daddy Christmas, had a cup of tea with mince pie and for the first time poked a fresh strawberry into a chocolate fountain ... it tasted like a deluxe Jaffa cake gone mad.  10am to noon tomorrow it's the Christmas Coffee Shop in the Brundish village hall.

sa 16 Jul

The pleasantly intimate Brundish Fete on the Green tomorrow.

sa 14 May

Oh dear, looks like the Brundish Crown is going to change hands.

we 3 Feb

February's Brundish film tomorrow week is Everest.

sa 5 Dec

CHANGE OF VENUE  the candlelit advent carol service Sunday week has moved to St Ethelbert's Tannington because restoration in St Lawrence the Brundish church means the organ won't be available.

we 25 Nov

Brundish Christmas Fair2pm Saturday afternoon it's the Brundish Christmas Fair in the village and there's an important  CHANGE OF VENUE  the candlelit advent carol service Sunday week has moved to St Ethelbert's Tannington because restoration in St Lawrence the Brundish church means the organ won't be available.

sa 21 Nov

Enough water around on the roads today, this was between Dennington and Brundish.

mo 31 Aug

Brundish barn saleNext weekend there's a two day barn sale in Brundish.  There'll be antique and modern furniture, furnishings, appliances, DIY and garden tools, clothes, books, toys, stuff and refreshments.

we 5 Aug

George Frideric Handel 1685-1759When Lord Brundish sent us this we thought festal? surely that's a typo and the Queen's long reign? a bit random.  But festal is a word meaning having festival properties (and a medication brand name) and the Wednesday after next month's Festal Evensong the Queen will become the longest reigning British monarch ever ... we'll turn out for a bit of Zadok the Priest.

th 7 May
Black Spot Day

10:17am  The Framlingham poll officer is already having to poke ballots in with a ruler, it does matter just bloody VOTE!

Brundish polling station03:23pm  We're hoping to see proxies (when a person nominates someone else to vote for them) of the emergency kind in use in Stradbroke.

06:50pm  Earlier we spoke to prospective parish councillor Richard Pierce-Saunderson outside the Stradbroke poll.  He was about to vote as an emergency proxy on some one else's behalf, we found it exciting.  There was a steady stream in out of the Stradbroke poll, very quiet in Wilby, quiet in Brundish and steady in Dennington.

08:21pm  Queue back to the door in Framlingham polling station.  You have to be in the queue by 10pm to get a ballot paper ... not long to go.

10:19pm  Too late now, Riverside Framlingham.

th 9 Apr

The very excellent Mike Leigh film Mr Turner tonight in Brundish.

we 25 Feb

Charlie HaylockTonight in Brundish (the Las Vegas of High Suffolk) village hall Suffolk raconteur Charlie Haylock will amuse with entertainments perhaps including the Hurricane over Basildon.

th 11 Dec

Tonight's Brundish film is Belle ... Pride and prejudice in a better class of costume drama  The Independent

th 4 Dec

Brundish festive coffee shopNo Christmas fair this year in Brundish but this morning the monthly coffee shop extended its repertoire to mulled wine and festive stalls.  It was so well patronised (including by baby Sam) that we could barely squeeze in the car park.

we 19 Nov

Tomorrow's Brundish film is the period (1960s) thriller The Two Faces of January (cert 12A).

su 9 Nov

War memorial dedication BrundishFlooded roads and insistent rain for the dedication at 9:30 this morning of three panels on the Brundish village sign.  The panels commemorate the twenty Brundish men who gave their lives in two world wars, nineteen died in the first war including three surnamed Rumsey.

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