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Framlingham in 2021

tu 28 Dec

Do you know how many street names there are in East Suffolk?  Do you know how many down swipes it takes to find Victoria Mill Road in an alphabetical list?  No, neither do we as we soon gave up trying to find out this week's bin collection day.

tu 21 Dec
Winter Solstice - the shortest day

Road not really closed in FramlinghamFor a while now around near the coast ROAD CLOSED doesn't mean road closed, this newish one is in Fairfield Road Framlingham.

th 9 Dec

Suffolk County Council have allocated £10m to pavement repairs with completion by 2025.  Next month it'll be the first birthday of the temporary lights in Fairfield Road Framlingham, they could be ready for primary school before the pavement gets fixed.

sa 4 Dec

Framlingham Christmas Tree Lighting 2021A very decent turn out last night on the Framlingham Market Hill and an art gallery in the back of The Crown (it's there again today).  We're told there will be an open studio at the end of Fairfield Road ... when it's built.

th 2 Dec

Art at the Framlingham CrownTomorrow and Saturday five artists are showing at the Framlingham Crown with meet and greets on both days.

Yesterday Wednesday 1 December around 1:15am security systems were Suffolk Constabulary activated at Framlingham Castle's office.  A rock was thrown through a window, an untidy search of the office made and the till and safe opened.  Any info contact Suffolk Police quoting ref 37/67844/21, you can call 101.

we 1 Dec
Advent Windows

The Advent Windows return to Double Street Framlingham starting today andDouble Street - Framlingham running until Saturday 1 January.  This year the charities EACH East Anglia Children’s Hospice and the Salvation Army will benefit.  Meanwhile Fram's Christmas lights went on a few days back ... perhaps they'll go off again for the tree lighting this Friday.

fr 26 Nov
John Bridges

Bridge Street FramlinghamJohn Bridges' new book FRAMLINGHAM A Tour Through Time has over 150 images from between the 1880s and 1920s.  The book launch is tomorrow at the Unitarian Meeting House, Bridge Street Framlingham with a special launch only price of £10.

su 14 Nov

Remembrance DayAs ever the Framlingham Remembrance Sunday Parade was more than well attended.  The reading of names followed by the last post impressively completed just in time for the clock to chime eleven.

we 10 Nov

Suffolk ConstabularyA white Ford van in College Road Framlingham was broken into between 5:30pm yesterday and 6:50am this morning.  A rear window was cut out and a chop saw stolen.  Any info contact police quoting 37/63357/21, you can call 101.

mo 1 Nov

Suffolk ConstabularySaturday around 12.20pm a bag of groceries was taken from a mobility scooter outside a shop in Church Street Framlingham.  Any info please contact Suffolk Police quoting reference 37/60980/21, you can phone 101.

What was Framlingham 2016-13 is now Framlingham 2016-12.

tu 21 Sep

BT hole in the ground 2012-2016The temporary traffic lights have now been in Fairfield Road Framlingham for eight months.  Mind you they've got a ways to go to catch up with the nearby BT hole in the ground that was there for at least four years before finally evaporating.

mo 27 Sep

What happened in Framlingham last year.

fr 17 Sep

Having raised £3,500 for the air ambulance the fruit and veg stall at the end of Vyces Road Framlingham was temporarily closed but last time we looked had re-opened.

th 16 Sep

Saturday the Framlingham Horticultural Society have their autumn show in the United Free Bridge Street.  Perhaps surprisingly but definitely impressively non-members are welcome to exhibit.

Old father time ...Throwback Thursday: 14 years ago today Mark 'The Perk' Perkins dejayed Carwash a one off fundraiser for FAYAP at the Framlingham Sports Club.

tu 7 Sep

Stolen Kawasaki motorbikesLast week between 8.45pm Tuesday 31 August and 6.30am the next day at Lampard Brook Framlingham seven bikes were stolen in a burglary.  Taken were three Kawasaki 110cc motorbikes, three Honda 50cc bikes and an electric pedal cycle.  The motorbikes were built by the victim and a friend, they are unique and easily recognisable.  If you have any info please contact Halesworth police quoting crime number 37/48241/37, you can phone 101.

th 2 Sep

JOB:  Leo's Deli slightly hidden away in a corner of the Market Hill Framlingham is looking for someone with 'hurry up' and charm in equal measures.

fr 27 Aug

Framlingham Churches Together has organised for Sunday week a Covid thank you on the Pageant Field.

we 25 Aug

Low cost jewellery in Victoria Mill RoadOpen garden in Badingham this Sunday and attractive very low cost jewellery in Victoria Mill Road Framlingham.

fr 30 Jul

The Station Hotel - 01728 723455Twice this week we've sat at the bar of the Framlingham Station and made dated musical allusions with The Brewer.  Things very much getting back to normal except card only payment but then that's increasingly the global default.

th 29 Jul

Yesterday a white refrigerated Transit van was stolen from business premises on the B1116 Framlingham.

Ambulances air and land plus a fire appliance at Framlingham Castle this afternoon.

tu 27 Jul

A large gazebo stolen in Pembroke Road Framlingham.

mo 26 Jul

BT hole in the ground 2012-2016The temporary traffic lights have now been in Fairfield Road Framlingham for six months.  Mind you they've got a ways to go to catch up with the nearby BT hole in the ground that was there for at least four years before finally evaporating.

mo 28 Jun

♫ Surprised we have a pic of that there Ed Sheraton in the Tommy Mill's 2005 production of Grease ... he's second on the right ... time's winged chariot eh?

sa 12 Jun

Today no Karl's fruit and veg (on a week's holiday) on Framlingham market but a concert in the garden of the Unitarian Church and two police gently patrolling.

tu 8 Jun

Early evening near Framlingham and hares misled by the late summer are mad Marching.

mo 31 May

A sad reflection that today would have been perfect for the Framlingham Gala.

th 27 May

Moto-X at the Blaxhall Circuit in 2007Smashing!  Parham Airfield Museum is reopening next month, free entry but you do need to book.  Moto-X returns Sunday on the Blaxhall circuit but regrettably the Framlingham Gala Monday has been cancelled for the second year running.

we 26 May

Ivan says the projectionist at the Framlingham Regal was also a postman which might explain why the kid's Saturday morning pix was in the afternoon.

su 23 May

Can't remember a church wedding in the town last year so gratifying there were two at St Michael's yesterday.  We only managed the earlier wedding which had a harp in the church.

th 20 May

 JOB  IT Technician/Trainee listed as Fram but seems to be Stowmarket.

we 19 May

The cemetery entrance is looking smart after the removal of the gloomy laurels and resurfacing.  The district council feeding the bees approved of on Twitter.

tu 18 May

Darren Smith fishmonger - 01502 519732Very pleased to welcome back supporter Darren Smith who sells fish exotic and otherwise Tuesdays and Saturdays on the market.  He gets lots of clicky clicky on his link in our fortnightly(ish) digest.  Supporting us explained here.

su 16 May
Expect the Crown to re-open tomorrow ... it's been a while eh?
sa 15 May

The field between Fram DIY and the Fen Meadow which has recently(ish) been cleared has as a planning application for four bungalows.

fr 14 May
Fram Regal

Framlingham Regal programme May 196253 years ago today the Regal Cinema in New Road showed A Taste of Honey in glorious black and white.  Jane Bloom thought it marvellous.  The cinema showed two features a week each with a B film or shorts and usually something a bit tacky on Sundays.  In that Suffolk way the children's Saturday morning pictures was in the afternoon.

th 13 May
Neil Pascoe in The Framlingham Station kitchen and 2009Throwback Thursday: Eighteen years ago today des' dinners visited the Bradfield St George Fox and Hounds hosted by two time Framlingham pub landlords Neil and Sally Pascoe.
mo 10 May

Beth Keys Holloway Green Beth Keys-Holloway made a very decent fist standing as a district councillor for Framlingham ... next time 2023 eh?

mo 3 May

 JOB  Clarke & Simpson are looking for a groundsman.

fr 30 Apr

Here's a good sign, the  Brownies are meeting again and the Robert Hitcham Almshouses have a vacancy.

mo 26 Apr

Fairfield Road FramlinghamYesterday in Fairfield Road.  Surprisingly it was 2010 when the fencing by the Fen Meadow footbridge got flattened ... time's winged chariot eh?

mo 19 Apr
What a car left behind after taking out a power pole and then colliding with a tree in New Road.
mo 12 Apr

Last week in Victoria Mill Road Framlingham.

we 7 Apr
The Crown Hotel Framlingham with a carriage entranceSurprising how little the Market Hill has changed last and this century, inevitably the temporarily closed Crown Hotel features and when it still had a carriage entrance from the hill.
sa 3 Apr

A little bit of Easter fun in Fore Street Framlingham.

mo 29 Mar
We often enjoy taking a quiet turn around the Cemetery.  Next week the main entrance will be closed for a fortnight! to allow resurfacing.
fr 26 Mar

 JOB  Wanted in Fram a live out nanny for four days a week.

th 25 Mar

Rapid Covid TestingLarger signs than previously pointing at the  Fire/Police Station for now rapid Covid testing but still nothing showing where to go next.  The East Suffolk (not including Ipswich) infections curve is looking really really good but it's still not back to last summer's so keep following the rules.  Eighty second reason to be cheerful is Mary Poppins doing accents.

mo 22 Mar
 JOBS  A prestigious estate agency is recruiting a full time Sales Coordinator, Sue Ryder are looking for a Retail Volunteer and wanted near Fram a flexible hours Assistant Bookkeeper.
fr 19 Mar
Smell of fresh paint coming from the Crown and Anchor Alley toilets.
mo 15 Mar

Upcoming road closure in Badingham Road FramlinghamMore road closures this one for water, starting tomorrow the 16th for three days in the Badingham Road.

su 14 Mar

We noticed a Covid Testing direction arrow in Fore Street and this one pointing at the fire/police station but no indication what you do next.

su 7 Mar

Over The Moon back on Framlingham MarketEncouraging little signs of approaching normality this weekend are the welcome return of Over The Moon Coffee on the market yesterday and the race to the sun Paris-Nice starts today with highlights on ITV4 tonight at 6pm.

sa 20 Feb
Nice enough day, queues on the Market and for barista Dusted With Cocoa.
sa 6 Feb

Suffolk ConstabularyFramlingham - iPhone 11s stolen in two different distraction thefts

Police are issuing a CCTV image of a woman they would like to speak to in connection with two incidents in Framlingham.Woman in in Well Close Square Framlingham

The first incident occurred at around 4pm on Wednesday 16 December 2020 at The Retreat Beauty Salon in Well Close Square.  A woman entered the salon and asked for a nail appointment before distracting a member of staff and then stealing their iPhone 11 mobile phone.

A further incident occurred a short time later on the same day at No10 Lash and Beauty Lounge in Market Hill.  A woman entered the salon and stole an iPhone 11 Pro Max mobile phone after distracting a member of staff.

The woman is described as white and had long black curly hair. She was wearing jeans and a white fluffy coat.  She spoke in a different language, possibly Italian and gave her name as Maria.

we 3 Feb
Suffolk ConstabularyThe Suffolk Constabulary have tweeted that what looks like a RSPCA van has been stopping dog walkers.  Seems unlikely but then a couple of years back waiting to cross Station Road an estate car stopped and the driver tried to sell us carpet ...
mo 1 Feb
The temporary traffic lights have been in Fairfield Road for a fortnight and so far for no reason.
th 28 Jan
John Grose moving out January 2020Over a year since John Grose moved out of their Station Road car show room ... no sign of any activity since except the East of England Co-op has taken over the petrol station next door.
fr 22 Jan

We're making changes ...Potters must have been a business in Fram for well over a 100 years so poignant to see the Co-op will now be running the petrol station in Station Road.  While we're in Fram two posh JOBS going, bursar at the college and a locum at the vets.

mo 18 Jan
temporary lights

Temporary traffic lights in Fairfield Road FramlinghamBattery powered temporary traffic lights back in Fairfield Road, this time by the Brick Lane junction and looking likely for pavement repair ... might be an idea to fix the tree that causes the flooding that damages the pavement.

fr 15 Jan

Advent window in Double Street FramlinghamAn outstanding £1,536.24 was raised by the the Double Street Advent Windows including £139.50 from face masks made by a resident.  The benefitting charities are St Elizabeth Hospice and the Lebanon Appeal.

tu 12 Jan

Saturday the first proper market of 2021 had sun, virtually all the traders and socially distanced a bit of queuing.  They're back again today.

sa 9 Jan

 JOB  Wanted in Fram a parts advisor ... very possibly Earnest Doe eh?  Got a feeling we've seen this vacancy before?

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