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Framlingham Railway

tu 29 Jan

The Framlingham Railway in 2009Despite mutterings for perhaps years we didn't think it could happen, the Framlingham Railway (not the Station) is FOR SALE which means there won't be an Adnams pub in the town ... Suffolk eh?

fr 4 Sep

Last Wednesday evening was sodden but in the Framlingham Railway Ed Sheraton, Friendly Misunderstood Rabbits and Ruby and her Whorses raised £258.20 for the roof on St Mike's.  They may not have booked their places in heaven but they've certainly put a towel on a celestial sun lounger.

fr 15 May

For some time now there's been a new (made to order) bar billiards table in the middle bar of the Framlingham Railway; the only one in Fram and a pretty rare item near the coast generally, the only other one we can think of is in the Bedfield Crown.

we 4 Mar

Ed Sheeran winning The Next Big Thing ~ pic contributedThe Outlaws aren't the only Framlingham musos doing something for Red Nose Day (up to 133 quid on ebaY so far); appropriately that there Ed Sheraton will be playing in The Railway on the day.

tu 20 Jan

Framlingham Railway  des' dinners 71

Neil's new kitchenVery agreeable slightly posh  ... well certainly posh plates ... pub food from Neil's new kitchen and at an even more agreeable promotional £2 a pint Adnams Yuletide/Fireside, a dark seasonal beer with perhaps a slightly stout like character.  Lunchers Yuletide at £2/pint were the Fram WI having a buffet lunch next door, new chum Tony M, the Gentleman Plumber, NaTCH, Nick and John B.  Much discussion of near the coast concerns including the top of Fram's Market Hill and how the Fressingfield Fox and Goose always seemed to be fully booked, but the recently late John Mortimer's anecdote about the American Felix test for pornography raised the near guaranteed laugh.  AfAR from The Brewer (delivering to the Cambridge Beer Festival) and The Goddess (guests at home).  (first proper visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch ↓)

tu 18 Nov
White Horse

Framlingham not at the Railway but at the White Horse  des' dinners 70

Landlord Neil Pascoe at the bar

Busy in the cellarNaTCH knew something was up when he found the Gentleman Plumber walking away from the Framlingham Railway.  It was closed for lunch because three honest tradesmen from Adnams were moving the real ales from behind the bar to the cellar which is not in the cellar but at ground level and out the back, meanwhile two other honest tradesmen were starting to put the kitchen back.  So we resorted to the original plan and had copious ham, egg, chips and more brown bread and butter than we needed at just £3.95 in the White Horse and slightly murky beer at just £2 a pint!  Conversation included accountants, how wood fired Rayburns are carbon neutral and what's happening at Carley and Webb.  AfAR from The Brewer (trading standards inspection).  PS: The Railway open as usual this evening.  (first visit subsequent lunch ↑  previous lunch)

Putting the kitchen back

fr 24 Oct

... the new landlords of the Framlingham Railway are Sally and Neil Pascoe.  You may remember them running The Station for a couple of years before having a six year

Neil Pascoe, his daughter and her friend

sabbatical from Fram at the Bradfield St George Fox and Hounds.  Though Neil is an excellent chef the sports bar won't be transforming into a restaurant though it will be getting windows and possibly losing an internal wall ... but in the new financial year, that's April 2009.

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