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Framlingham in 2009

th 24 Dec

A man has been charged with the murder of the Latvian national found near Framlingham.

we 23 Dec

A 36 year old Ipswich man has been arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with the body found near Framlingham.

04:30pm  The body has been identified as a 43 year old Latvian from Ipswich.

11:00pm  Police have been given a six hour custody extension to continue questioning the arrested man.

tu 22 Dec

Police are treating as suspicious circumstances the body found in New Road, Framlingham early this afternoon.

mo 21 Dec
Winter Solstice - the shortest day

General Sir Patrick Howard DobsonOne time Framlingham College head boy and a captain of cricket who scored a 1,000 runs in a season General Sir Patrick Howard-Dobson died last month.

fr 18 Dec

Farctum confirms it has snowed in Framlingham; other snowings are available.

fr 11 Dec

The first half closerClassic songs by Cole Porter (In olden days a glimpse of stocking ...), jokes by PG Wodehouse (though My brother's keeper died on its feet the sword/swanee whistle brought the house down), live band, live dog, highly skilful recovery from dropped radio mike pack, looks wonderful AND tap dancing!  Last night tonight of Anything Goes at Framlingham College.

th 19 Nov

If you can't find the pints of milk in Solar it's because they're wearing cardboard cartons this season.

Our pic of Special Constable Graham Durrant on duty at a Framlingham Gala.

th 12 Nov

Gosh!  It was Expanding the workforce: maximising opportunity and lowering risk this morning at Framlingham Tech Centre ...

we 4 Nov

Sometimes all that rain is worth it for the rainbow.

su 25 Oct

The Britten-Pears Chamber Choir (including the page turner) under the direction of Ralph Woodward are just brilliant!  They make a sound you can float on ... but at last night's concert in Framlingham (so packed that Robert Hitcham's Singing Club extra chairs had to be put out) they were never going to win against the Robert Hitcham's Singing Club who, despite many not really being able to see over the pews, easily took on long distance conducting from two conductors simultaneously, never needed a bag to carry the tune and, perhaps ultimately impressively, were on pitch when singing with the grownups.

su 18 Oct

Allowing that Off The Square is a special case it still surprises us that abandoned places of work often look like the staff just walked out, Bibby's Mill in Framlingham is no exception ... whilst we're in Fram flu jabs at the docs' 2-6pm tomorrow afternoon, snuck ours in early on Friday and with the new syringes hardly felt a thing.

sa 17 Oct

Down the Badingham Road this morning it was like a mini Hackney Marshes with five football matches in progress.  Framlingham Town Under 9s continued an 18 month unbeaten streak when the As won 5-1 and the Bs 3-2 against Felixstowe & Walton, would have been more than 5 if Harry the visiting As goalie hadn't so resolutely defended his goal.  Not surprisingly predominantly dads on the touchline.

sa 10 Oct

Saw an "urban" bicycle being ridden in Framlingham this morning, straight handlebars and single fixed but mudguards and a bottle cage, eventually those large town fashions do reach near the coast ... and Gosia's mobile coffee shop wasn't on the hill.

mo 14 Sep

Yikes! - pic by Mrs Man in the Hat

su 30 Aug

Time to panic buy water in Framlingham.

th 6 Aug

Framlingham market

fr 31 Jul

Framlingham First Responder Tony Stockman (you can just see the hi-viz  jacket) responding despite flooding, impressive; and Fram much concerned with tables and chairs.

th 30 Jul

It really did rain in Framlingham the Friday before last ...

we 22 Jul

Carley and Webb's in Framlingham has got a dividing wall down the middle and what looks like new toilets, and what was Pelham Pink in Wickham Market has got the builders in too.

th 9 Jul

The Taming of the ShrewOver the past three years we've noticed two things about Mouth to Mouth theatre; they're always dressed imaginatively so they look good and they're brilliant at hacking solutions to disasters.  Last night's garden production in Framlingham of an all female Taming of the Shrew was no exception; looked great and Jo Kindred as Petruchio had lost her voice so she mimed it!  Great stuff leading to unintended jokes in the text Why so quiet Petrucchio?  Half time entertainment from a fire eater and a poignant moment when sneaking round the back we found a dead shrew in the grass.

we 8 Jul

Sandman declares of new Framlingham chip shop it was fine.

su 21 Jun

Celebrating your 18th birthday last night in the Framlingham Railway (other celebration venues are available) with your first tequila slammer can be a bit startling.

sa 20 Jun

Man in the Hat's new friendsMaybe it's us but Man in the Hat's voice seems to have moved from baritone to tenor since we first heard it at Hachfest four? years ago ... either way it's essentially enjoyable tunefullness was making him new friends at the Framlingham Crown last night.

tu 16 Jun

Tush tush; Duncan has been rude to Framlingham tc's ents committee.

mo 15 Jun
Our second birthday

Cricket at Framlingham College Yesterday in Framlingham and swirling mists of white cotton wool pollen the Suffolk Gentlemen met a team from Dorset for a spirited but gentlemanly contest on the college cricket pitch.

we 27 May

Planning permission to develop what was the youth club in New Road, Framlingham has been refused a third time but unlike show jumping the developer's not out yet.

tu 26 May

Oh dear, a Fiesta stolen from Fore Street in Framlingham Friday night was found burnt out in Ipswich.

mo 4 May

Theatrical Clive Merrison was dining in the Framlingham Station last night; bar manager Vix is leaving to work at the Stowmarket King's Head for the very sensible reason that it's much nearer where she lives.

su 26 Apr

It's been a quiet fortnight in Framlingham ... Vanessa seems to be getting her voice back ...

mo 20 Apr

Man in the HatMan in the Hat's music quiz is back at the White Horse this Thursday ... bet one of the answers will be Susan Boyle.

we 15 Apr

Despite bell ringing practice up the road, a barking dog and foot pipes that went on their holidays and then came back again Suzanne Williams (soprano), Margaret Westlake (recorder) and Malcolm Russell (organ) gave a very fitting concert last night to the memory of the late Mr Handel in a filled and appreciative Framlingham Unitarian Meeting House.

th 9 Apr
Rubbish Thursday ... the day before Good Friday

Bus shelter in Station Rd, Framlingham

we 1 Apr
April Fool

A light aircraft has crashed just outside Framlingham, fortunately nobody has been injured.

su 1 Mar
St David's Day

Promising source of ill feeling in the agenda for this Thursday's Framlingham town council, under correspondence the vice-chair of the Mills Charity (they who sit on 6.5 million quid and reportedly like to keep their agms secret) has asked the tc to reconsider the tc's appointment of newly co-opted councillor Nick Corke to the charity.  Nick would replace ex-town councillor Martin Kellaway who seems to be the charity chairman ...

we 11 Feb

Big lumps and all sawn logsCretingham wasn't the only place with a flooding problem yesterday, the Elms car park in Framlingham flooded too.

3pm:  The Elms car park is no longer flooded but the flooding has left behind rubbish.  In Riverside the river Ore has some big lumps floating past.  A spectator observed that it's all sawn logs and they had been stuck under the footbridge in the Tanyard.

tu 10 Feb

Clipboard man snoopingAnyone know who this clipboard man is?  He was having a nice poke round in Framlingham's Stately Terrace this afternoon.

fr 30 Jan

We saw Ange Hide, the previous landlord of The Railway, waiting for a bus yesterday in Framlingham.  She's now landlord of The Drum in Hythe on the south coast but came back to Fram for the funeral of a long time Railway regular.

sa 24 Jan

Reportedly the chip van had a fire at its preceding stop in Laxfield which is why it didn't make it to Framlingham Thursday.

mo 12 Jan

A man was detained by armed police in the Framlingham Crown and Anchor Saturday afternoon, he appears to have been unknown to the staff and customers.

we 7 Jan

Good God!  It was minus 6 early yesterday morning.

mo 5 Jan

Gareth ClellandAfter four years doing work of national importance dispensing liquid therapy at the Framlingham Station yesterday was bar manager Gareth Clelland's last day, but he's only moving up the hill to become manager of the Crown Hotel.

th 1 Jan

Suppose the Framlingham Solar was to close?  Eventually those without transport would have to regress to Hunter-Gatherers.  Without the close physical association of supermarket shopping H-Gs would soon loose their resistance to disease and would be wiped out when 600 new blow ins move on to the estate Hopkins Homes plan to build on the old Bibbys site.  An impossible nightmare scenario?  Perhaps, but Suffolk Coastal will no doubt being giving Hopkins Homes permission to do just that next Wednesday.

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