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sa 17 Dec

Suffolk's largest Community Choir The Rabble Chorus are giving a free concert at St Michael's Framlingham 7:30pm Wednesday. ♫

th 15 Dec

♫ Midday tomorrow the Framlingham Ladies Choir perform a short concert in St Clare's, donations rather than tickets and refreshments afterwards.

we 7 Dec

Something certainly seems to be happening at John Grose née Potters Framlingham, one bit of the fascia and then an adjacent piece have disappeared.

mo 21 Nov

Doreen Carwithen at home♫ Radio 3's Composer of the Week is Doreen Carwithen, this could be of interest to near the coast because her 1964 Suffolk Suite has movements Orford Ness and March: Framlingham Castle.

we 16 Nov

Hidden away at the back of what was Framlingham's railway station is Andy Tiernan's magic cave of classic motorcycles, he now has a YouTube channel.

tu 15 Nov
John Grose née Potters

John Grose Framlingham 2020Activity today at what was John Grose née Potters Framlingham (it's been empty approaching three years).  Three men at the front in discussion, one with a clip board and one in hiviz who'd been up a ladder earlier.

mo 10 Oct

Queue at the Framlingham Sausage FestivalAs always there was a lot of queueing at yesterday's Sausage Festival in Framlingham.  We were impressed by a wide one going from well into Crown and Anchor Alley and out into Fore Street.

tu 4 Oct

A Roughcast reading last year7:30pm tomorrow at the very pleasant Brockdish Kings Head RoughCast Theatre will be reading the the Moliere comedy School for Wives.  Remembering how well a French farce went in a Framlingham garden Moliere instead of Shakespeare for the company's summer tour seems a plan.

th 29 Sep

The Cross Quays when it was an off licenceDriving from Framlingham to Woodbridge this afternoon there were four sets of temporary traffic lights.  In Woodbridge there are two new to us traffic islands on Melton Road, in the Co-op some staff are wearing body cameras, the Cross Quays pub reopened in the late 90s after decades closed and is closed again plus for sale, surprisingly estate agencies seem to be the growth industry.

we 28 Sep

Popular 1921 DancesWe have created a Facebook album of Framlingham postcards from the last century.  Our most recent update is paper ephemera including White Lodge on the Saxtead Road for sale by auction in 1957 and in 1937 dancing in Church Street until two in the morning.

tu 27 Sep

Nowadays spices in most supermarkets (even the big one at Martlesham) only come in those little glass tubes ... but Cupboard Love on Framlingham market has them loose including the ground coriander we wanted, just bring a jar.

sa 10 Sep

house sales around near the coastPeople will always be interested in house prices.  Our latest update includes Framlingham, Laxfield, Melton, Peasenhall and Saxmundham.

we 7 Sep

The Framlingham Castle Inn has renamed itself The Two Brewers and there are parking restrictions in Church Street ... Detectorists eh?

mo 5 Sep

Last night a party including actors Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones were dining in the Framlingham Station's back room ... there's a one off 75mins Detectorists special coming.

tu 30 Aug

The Framlingham Pryke TrustLife's difficult times like illness especially a stay in hospital have hidden costs.  Charity the Framlingham Pryke Trust can make a grant to those needing a little help, applications are strictly confidential.

we 24 Aug

Fred's Memorial Motorcycle RunWe reckon if the pandemic hadn't intervened Sunday fortnight would have been the seventh Fred's Memorial Motorcycle Run.  As in 2015 assemble in the Elms Car Park Framlingham.

mo 8 Aug

Suffolk ConstabularyOver the weekend between 11pm Saturday and 8am Sunday a grey Range Rover Vogue FM15 CCX was stolen from Apsey Green near Framlingham.  If have any info please contact Suffolk police quoting ref 37/50539/22, you can call 101.

su 7 Aug

Incident 8093 near Crown Corner BrundishThe multiple sirens passing through Framlingham last night were part of sixteen appliances attending a field fire by Tannington Long Road near Crown Corner Brundish which, see 8093 on the incident map.

sa 30 Jul

Artist Graham Giles' show A Unique Sense of Place at the Old Theatre Framlingham starts today and runs until next Saturday 6 August.

we 27 Jul

Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig in Church Street FramlinghamDanish racing cyclist Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig does take a nice photo, here she is in Church Street Framlingham.  Pleasing that yesterday she won the third stage of Le Tour Femmes seemingly coming from nowhere.

mo 18 Jul

 JOB  Hatcher Components on the Woodbridge Road as you enter Framlingham are recruiting an apprentice Computer Aided Design techy.

th 14 Jul

Framlingham Ladies Choir in 2017♫ We enjoy the Framlingham Ladies Choir concerts, a specific sound quality with just female voices, intimate, free (a donation helps) and sociable afterwards with tea and tuck.  First concert since the pandemic next tomorrow the 15th at St Clare's Fram.

tu 12 Jul

In George Bernard Shaw's play Major Barbara a character asks Who is this Lord Saxmundham?  Perhaps he's related to Lord Framlingham?

we 15 Jun

Piazza San Marco by John BawtreePeasenhall resident artist John Bawtree has previously stimulated much interest (and sales) at the Framlingham Carousel .  He's showing again at Carousel from today for two weeks.

we 8 Jun

In the end not enough people committed to Sign with Ali at Framlingham Library ... for it to happen but starting yesterday a six week British Sign Language course.

sa 4 Jun

Yesterday in Victoria Mill Road Framlingham.

fr 3 Jun

Things to do in Framlingham today include maypole dancing and Paul Anderson's photographic show Snaps in the Unitarian.

tu 24 May

Bit of retail excitement in Framlingham yesterday, and Sunday we thought Are those temporary lights still in Fairfield Road? ... they are, we make that 16 months.

mo 23 May

Suffolk ConstabularyA garage on Ashwell Avenue Framlingham was broken into between 10:30pm Thursday 19 May and 5:15am Friday 20 May and tools and a laptop were stolen. Any info please contact Suffolk police quoting crime ref 37/30989/22, you can call 101.

Ashwell Avenue is part of the Castle Keep estate on Fairfield Road.

th 19 May

Suffolk ConstabularyBetween 5pm last Tuesday 17 and 9am Wednesday 18 someone smashed the concrete base of a memorial bench on the Fen Meadow Framlingham.  The bench was undamaged.  Any info about this criminal damage, contact Suffolk Police quoting ref 37/30491/22, you can call 101.

Smashed the concrete base?  Perhaps equally surprising is it's already been fixed.

th 12 May

Project LinusWe encountered Project Linus back in 2009 and we think them very laudable indeed.  They supply blankets and patchwork quilts to children and teens in difficult circumstances.  Next Wednesday 19 May at Framlingham library Project Linus will be showing how to make a hug.

mo 2 May
Bank Holiday

Joe Edwards-Gill at St Mary's HomersfieldLast weekend we saw a bloke being snapped outside Lance's flat in Framlingham.  In similar Detectorists vein Joe Edward-Gill is chatting in St Mary's Homersfield (it's the other side of Harleston) this Friday.

tu 26 Apr

Suffolk ConstabularyBetween midday Monday 18 April and 4pm Monday 25 April an unlocked shed in Victoria Mill Road Framlingham was entered and two chainsaws stolen.  Any info about this theft please contact police quoting ref 37/24666/22, you can call 101.

su 17 Apr

Nice to see the vintage clothing stall back on Framlingham Market yesterday.  We've added the impressively straw boatered assistant to Framlingham Ladies.

fr 8 Apr

Suffolk ConstabularyOvernight Monday to Tuesday this week a woman's silver Raleigh bicycle with black panniers and lime green spots plus a man's dark green touring bicycle were stolen for a garden shed in Woodbridge Road Framlingham.  Any info please contact Suffolk Police quoting crime reference 37/20313/22, you can call 101.

we 30 Mar

Aged checked in a charity shop to buy a Dirty Dancing DVD ... Framlingham eh?

we 23 Mar

The Ukranian national flagSaturday Ellen Ross in Framlingham will be serving as a fundraiser for the Ukraine teas and coffees with blue and yellow cup cakes.

mo 21 Mar

Bloom in the Spring The flowers that bloom in the Spring ... tra la.

we 16 Mar

Strictly gossip in Framlingham but Dust With Cocoa on the Market Hill will remain a coffee takeaway but with a new owner and Akermans estate agency is going to be a children's bookshop?!

su 13 Mar

Alice's Wonderland at Fram LibraryYesterday for Suffolk Libraries Day Framlingham Library transformed the Court Room upstairs into Wonderland as Alice.  Absolutely fabulous, so pleased we got to see it.

su 6 Mar

The tables and chairs returned on Framlingham market yesterday but in such overly moist conditions to preclude their use ... or Darren's step.

sa 26 Feb

Coffee and a newspaperLet's hope this summer Covid allows the cafe tables on Framlingham market to return cheering the already pleasant atmosphere and making snapping from Darren's step more rewarding.

su 30 Jan

The hand gel dispensers have gone from both entrances to the Framlingham Co-op, let's hope they don't return.

we 26 Jan
Australia Day

A little landscaping left to do on Castle KeepBirthdays in Framlingham this month include the temporary traffic lights in Fairfield Road who are one year old and Station Road premises empty since Ford dealer John Grose left two years ago.  Meanwhile building on the Castle Keep development has finished though some houses are still empty and there's a little landscaping left to do.  We think building started in 2017.

mo 17 Jan

Moving pix about has made the album Framlingham 2022-20 on that there Facepack.

su 16 Jan

Framlingham Advent WindowImpressively the Christmas advent windows in Double Street Framlingham raised a total of £1,7883 (including a £230 from masks made by a resident) for EACH East Anglia Children’s Hospice and the Salvation Army.

we 12 Jan

Suffolk ConstabularyA patio window was smashed to enter Little Leaders Childcare in Station Road Framlingham between 1:30pm Saturday 8 Jan and 7:30am Monday 10.  Any info please contact Suffolk Police quoting ref 37/1757/22, you can call 101.

sa 8 Jan
Lego thief

Suffolk ConstabularyAround 11:45am Thursday 6 Jan at Bullstrodes toy shop Bridge Street Framlingham a man walked out of the shop with two Lego sets he had reportedly not paid for.  The shop owner followed shouting and a member of public gave chase as the man ran down the street towards the castle.  He was caught and the Lego sets recovered however the suspect fled the area.  The suspect is described as male, aged in his 40s, bald, of stocky build and was wearing dark clothing.  Any info contact Suffolk Police quoting ref 37/1060/22, you can call 101.

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