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th 26 Oct

Ange subsequently at the Yoxford GriiffinWhen Ange was landlady of the Framlingham Railway she would opine that the town would lose two of its pubs.  Since then the White Horse has gone, so has the British Legion which had a bar and the Crown and Anchor has been in a vegetative state for ever but perhaps she wouldn't have imagined the Railway might fold then an Adnams pub.

we 25 Oct

Didn't it rain, eh?The Elms car park Framlingham features in the report that the Met Office will conduct a full review of our forecasts and warnings.

tu 24 Oct

We can't give warnings for this addressWeeks back Prompted by a text we tried to sign up for flood warnings but apparently we weren't entitled.  Despite this on Friday we got a telephone message warning of floods but of course after the flooding had started.

sa 21 Oct
Trafalgar Day

Station Road FramlinghamThat was exciting yesterday in Framlingham though no fun for the people with flooded houses.  On the way to Parham the grass verge had slid down blocking half the road and we think the Framlingham Station opened early for those drivers who'd given up and parked out front.

fr 20 Oct

12:30pm: Just gave up trying to get from Framlingham to Wickham Market, lots of flooding some quite deep and a landslip blocking half the road before Parham.

we 18 Oct

Ed Sheeran in 2005 and the Framlingham Crown♫ Blimey, was that there Ed Sheraton ever this young?  Here he his in the Framlingham Crown as part of the 2005 Talent Off The Hill which followed on from that's right Talent On The Hill which predictably was outside and yes right again on the hill.

th 12 Oct

Red Tent by C ValoruTomorrow evening in the Framlingham Unitarian Red Tent A monthly gathering for women.

su 1 Oct

Ernie came back to his Framlingham home and then went missing again. Ernie has gone missing again

we 27 Sep

 JOB  Closing date 28th tomorrow for a 30 hours/week teaching assistant at Tommy Mills Framlingham.

we 20 Sep

Framlingham's last community copper was PC Andrea Honeywood.  Andrea retiredPC Andrea Honeywood in 2007 and in November 2020 we started the page Andrea's Beat relaying police reports in tribute to her.  Police reports have become much briefer for this short attention world and we now report them where they happened ... so reluctantly we've retired Andrea's Beat.

fr 8 Sep

Tour of Britain in FramlinghamIn Framlingham yesterday the Tour of Britain flashed past as usual but nice to see the Tommy Mills kids out in the sunshine for a shout and a wave.

we 6 Sep

The now closed Framlingham BarclaysAfter 126 years the Framlingham Barclays bank closed the Friday before last.  The cash dispenser and signs have gone, they'll need a carpenter to close the lobby doors which have no keyhole on the outside.  30 years ago Felixstowe was the nearest LINK cash dispenser to near the coast and Aldeburgh complained it had no ATM for visitors wanting to spend money ... what goes round comes round.

mo 4 Sep

Refreshment at the Fram Flyer's 10kAs always an impressive turn out for yesterday's Framlingham Flyers 10k on a muggy morning that made the Market Hill water station even more essential.  New to us were minimalist sports waistcoats favoured by some.

tu 29 Aug

If the Community Rooms in Framlingham are open it can be handy to know that the toilets are in the foyer.

mo 28 Aug

♫ Yesterday Polly Gibbons and family on the telly, BBC1 right at the end.

sa 26 Aug

Despite blue passports the Framlingham Barclays closed yesterday, in November it's the Southwold Barclays, next year the world?

we 23 Aug

Dennington Summer Art ExhibitionAn impressive standard at the recent Framlingham Art Society show so we would expect similar at the upcoming Dennington Summer Art Exhibition.  Preview this Friday evening and the show runs for all three days of the bank holiday weekend.

Welcome to Barclays FramlinghamThe HSBC bank in Church Street closed in December 2013 and the cash dispenser removed with later knock on effects.  After 126 years (thank you brandeston.net) the Barclays on the Market Hill is closing FRIDAY.  A safe(ish) assumption the ATM will go leaving just the one in the Co-op car park which is a rather hidden to visitors.

th 10 Aug

Ernie is slender and nervous and has been missing from Castle Brooks Framlingham for quite a while.

we 9 Aug

Trooping the Colour to RiotsNext Tuesday at Framlingham's new Community Rooms Mid Suffolk Driving for the Disabled present Trooping the Colour to Riots from Alan Hiscox 26 years a mounted cop in the Met.

su 6 Aug

Relentless Framlingham rain yesterday didn't spoil the wedding in St Michael's or the fundraiser to create an inclusive children's space in the library.

we 2 Aug

FOOTPATH AHEAD CLOSEDThe Suffolk guessing game around road closures now has a variant, guessing which footpaths will be closed.  This one is off Fairfield Crescent Framlingham.

fr 28 Jul

The Suffolk Swords hydrating in MayWe first encountered Suffolk Swords when they visited Framlingham in May.  They return Saturday 5 August for Knight's Tales in the library.  A free all day entertainment for children no doubt welcome now the summer hols have started.

th 20 Jul

The Framlingham Ladies Choir lunchtime concerts are a joyFree and normally with hot beverages and a finger buffet afterwards prompting social mingling ... there's one tomorrow in St Clare's. ♫

sa 8 Jul

Fram Crown 2005-04 has become Fram Crown 2006-04.

th 6 Jul

1947-1948 Brandeston ration bookSome Framlingham shops shut for lunch.  Perhaps the town council could reintroduce sweet and sugar rationing to enhance that post war austerity atmosphere as a tourist attraction, imagine the fun in the Co-op when a blow in tries to buy a bar of Dairy Milk:)

mo 3 Jul

2023 Tour of Britain stage 5Friday when the very large towed screen in front of the Framlingham Crown fired up advertising the Tour of Britain Bridget asked what is was all about and we completely misinformed her.  We now know Thursday 7 September it's coming to Fram via Debenham (so her dad can enjoy complaining about the disruption) and then on toTour of Britain Saxmundham.

th 29 Jun

Pageant Field facilities in 2019Around the turn of the century we saw an East Anglian Film Archive show in what was the St Michael's Rooms.  One short was about the four day 1931 pageant at Framlingham Castle that paid for the Pageant Field which nowadays is packed with facilities.  The film is listed in the archive's catalogue but not available on line.

we 28 Jun

What happened in Framlingham last year.

sa 24 Jun

Open studios in and around FramLike we said before June is Suffolk Open Studios.  There's a good handful artists opening their studios in and around Framlingham shown on this plan by Spadge Hopkins who's studio on the Saxtead Road is open this last June weekend.

tu 20 Jun

Hedgehog in Stately Terrace FramlinghamAround 00:40 in this BBC vid kitten biscuits meat flavoured, not fish flavoured are recommended for hedgehogs.  Here in Stately Terrace Framlingham the piggies happily tuck into herring and tuna with vegetables GoCat ... perhaps they're an Aldeburgh fishing community displaced by the high property prices.

fr 16 Jun

There's a Craft Fair running in the Corner Room Framlingham until Sunday.

sa 10 Jun

The Friday 5 in the Badingham RoadLast night we were standing outside the second to last house on the Badingham Road waiting for the Friday 5 to pass.  The owners arrived in a car and falling into conversation with the gentleman of the house he offered us a drink and/or a chair ... Framlingham eh?

fr 9 Jun

At last week's Gala parade we met some of Framlingham Friends, Musicians and Singers.  They get together in the Castle Inn twice a month to socialise and sing. ♫

sa 3 Jun

We've added a player from Samboomba and Monday's Gala Fest to Fram Ladies.

th 1 Jun

22 Bridge Street FramlinghamIn recent decades 22 Bridge Street Framlingham has been a watchmakers, the Munchbox, the Bridge Street Cafe and finally the Common Room.  Now it's had a paint job and looks like it's going to be a corner shop not on a corner.

tu 30 May

Street Dance Troopers in the Gala ParadeStrangely comforting to have the Framlingham Gala Parade back yesterday.  The Market Hill and the Bridge and Church Streets were packed with a resulting sea of humanity following the parade on to the Castle Meadow.

su 28 May

Newly married Rachel and AdamIt's been a while since we've encountered a Framlingham wedding and Rachel and Adam's this afternoon was our first at the Unitarian Meeting House.  The purple of guests Pretty Grim Border Morris was echoed in the bride's dress and the medieval knights remained non-combative.  The couple left in a steam car that dripped a little and had a very LOUD horn ...

su 21 May

Victoria in the Framlingham BookshopAfter over 30 years yesterday was Victoria Bell's last day in a Framlingham Bookshop busy with well wishers saying farewell and leaving goodbye cards and pressies.  The bookshop will continue under the new management of Dr Chris ...

we 10 May

Young munt jac in Framlingham CemeterySome weekends back we disturbed a full grown muntjac in the dark and a Stately Terrace garden.  Yesterday there were young ones in the Framlingham Cemetery ... they are the new urban foxes.

sa 5 May

The Coronation on iPlayerNothing except bunting on the Market Hill Framlingham to mark the Coronation but behind a closed door in St Michael's a good if quiet house is watching on a large screen.

fr 4 May

Tomorrow week in the spiffing new Framlingham Community Rooms a Fram Library Quiz with table snacks, cash bar and the inevitable raffle.

Some of the roofs in two of the new estates viewed from Victoria Mill Road Framlingham.  The proposed 35 house development will block this view.

tu 2 May

YOU ARE IN A DESIGNATED PUBLIC PLACEIn 2019 Designated Public Place Orders (DPPO) were replaced by Public Space Protection Orders and the district council set a budget to remove the DPPO signs but then pandemic disruption occurred.  Around near the coast the signs seem to have gone except for this one by College Road Framlingham which has used skillful camouflage to go feral.

th 20 Apr

Man in the Hat at the Framlingham Castle Inn Saturday night, it's been established he won't be including this in his set list. ♫

we 12 Apr

Tonight Film @ Fram debuts its new venue the Castle Rooms with The Lost King, excitingly the film comes with an inclusive drink and nibbles!

mo 3 Apr

Yes, it's pretty chaotic in Framlingham this morning and for a while, when we passed it would have helped if the temporary traffic lights were actually working.

fr 31 Mar

♫ Tomorrow the Phoenix Singers along with the Kingfisher Sinfonietta perform Bach's St John Passion in the Framlingham College Chapel.

 JOB  Part timer wanted by The Fram Wine Shop in ... that's right Framlingham.

th 30 Mar

The Framlingham Gala Parade is returning this year Monday 29th May.

we 29 Mar

The Little Mermaid on skatesRolling 2017-2013 has become rolling 2018-2013 and now includes The Little Mermaid on off ice skates and in Framlingham and the demise ofKeep on Rolling! the Red White and Bruise Rollers and.

tu 28 Mar

Preparing a print show in No 10 FramlinghamYesterday artists Anne Townshend and Julie Orpen were preparing in No 10 Church Street Framlingham (what was the Con Club) a selling show of their very accessible prints.  The show runs from today until Sunday.

mo 27 Mar

 JOBS   Staff wanted in Framlingham for Watson and Walpole, the Ice Cream Shop and opening tomorrow week in Crown and Anchor Alley bar Beviamo (it's Italian (well it would be wouldn't it) for Let's drink apparently).

we 8 Mar
traffic lights

After two years the temporary traffic lights in Fairfield Road Framlingham have gone leaving a shiny new fence and tarmac pavement but doing nothing about the giant tree in the ditch that is the River Ore and no doubt causes the flooding.

we 1 mar
St David's Day

Film @ Fram - See How They RunTonight's Film @ Fram is See How they Run (cert12) and though we increasingly distrust trailers it does look fun with an interesting cast mix.  Excitingly in April showings are moving to the new Castle Rooms with a drink and nibbles!

sa 18 Feb

Table top sale in CloptonNear the coast you're supposed to know by osmosis when the Framlingham Gala happens and when the Stratford St Andrew Riverside Centre is open but this table top sale Saturday week has relented to let you know it's in Clopton today.

fr 17 Feb

The Framlingham Crown re-opens today presumably with a shiny new kitchen.

we 15 Feb

Janet Weston's funeral is 2:00pm Saturday at St Michael's Framlingham with extra parking on the Castle Meadow.

th 9 Feb

Piazza San Marco by John BawtreeOur thanks to painter in oils and watercolours John Bawtree who has renewed his top ad.  John's fortnight in the Framlingham Carousel last year was so successful he's booked a return this year.

 JOBS  Part time (up to 16 hours) medicine counter assistant at the Framlingham Pharmacy and a new artistic director at the Eastern Angles.

tu 31 Jan

John Grose in Station Road Framlingham shut three years ago today and despite some recent activity still no sign of it becoming a supermarket ... perhaps it won't.

Each week day in Framlingham there's a different warm space offering a hot beverage and no doubt a bit of company.

fr 27 Jan
Holocaust Remembrance Day

Around 12:15am today Friday 27 January a tipper van YT 12 VBP was stolen from business premises off Saxtead Road Framlingham  Entry was forced to the site and the white Transit driven away.  Any info please contact Suffolk police quoting reference 37/5138/23, you can call 101.

th 26 Jan
Australia Day

Similar to Framlingham's allotment expansion Woodbridge town council are looking for land to become allotments.  Friend of ntc Peter Brockett has suggested the proposed Stackton Tressel allotment expansion should be careful Woodbridge tc don't snipe the land behind the Trouser Museum.

fr 10 Feb

Framlingham Infirmary OS map 1947At the top of Fore Street Framlingham on the right there's an unmade road marked on maps as Infirmary Lane, after winding for a bit it ends at what might be has been a farmhouse and continues as a footpath.  This 1947 OS map sort of marks the building as Infirmary (Infectious Diseases).  Search Infirmary in the Convalescent Home by CF DowsingFramlingham Archive and you get a 1930 pic of the East Anglians camped near the Infirmary.  CF Dowsing was Framlingham's other photographer with a studio in Double Street but we find it unlikely this Hospital Convalescence Home was at the end of Infirmary Lane.

we 25 Jan

house sales around near the coastFOR SALE by online auction next Tuesday end of terrace 30 Victoria Mill Road Framlingham.  It's one of those on the crescent, thanks Edith.

tu 24 Jan

house sales around near the coastThere are house sales for the last two years sorted by road and street for Framlingham, Saxmundham, Wickham Market, Woodbridge and now Melton.

mo 16 Jan

Happy birthday traffic lightsAbout now in Framlingham it must be the Fairfield Road temporary traffic lights' second birthday.

we 11 Jan

Mills Charity Office next to Ellen RossEach week day in Framlingham there's a different warm space offering a hot beverage and no doubt a bit of company.  We were uncertain of the Mills Charity Office's location but thanks to Colin now know it's next to hairdresser Ellen Ross at the mini-roundabout end of College Road.

mo 9 Jan
Plough Monday

 JOBS  The Framlingham chippy is looking for part time staff, St Elizabeth Hospice needs furniture van drivers at the Martlesham Retail Centre and you have until tomorrow to apply as Homework Club Assistant for the Eastern Angles in Ipswich.

tu 3 Jan

Double Street Xmas WindowsThe Framlingham Double Street Advent Windows are best seen around dusk when the lights come on and it's last chance toThe Ukranian national flag see today.  So far they've raised £1,463.93 for the Salvation Army Food Banks and Disasters Emergency Committee.

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