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Fram at Christmas

th 24 Dec

bloody Christmas ... eh?Advent window in Double Street FramlinghamSo Suffolk in Tier 4 from Boxing Day so even less of a Christmas than was anticipated but festive Framlingham is looking rather glamorous and lovely especially in Double Street where the advent windows are raising money for St Elisabeth Hospice and the Lebanon Appeal ... see you on the other side.

we 23 Dec

Santa's Rudolph Run in FramlinghamFreshbloody Christmas ... eh? from visiting Wickham Market, Easton and Kettleburgh the night before Daddy Christmas cruised Framlingham last night.  Lots of peeps waiting for Santa and lots of elves collecting for Fram's Hour Community... the traffic was encouragingly understanding too.

fr 14 Dec

TONIGHT Framlingham Ladiesbloody Christmas ... eh? Choir present a Christmas Concert in St Clare's Church.  During a Ladies' concert last year the electronic keyboard briefly set off on its own as a latin-american rhythm section ... such fun:)

we 1 Dec

Queue for burgers at late night shoppingWe arrived too late last night on the Market Hill Framlingham for a nativity and local MP Dan Poulter turning on the light but did see the substantial queue for Hall Farm's burgers.  Down the hill at the town council office we declined white wine (can't hold a camera and glass at the same time) but ate a chocolate and was impressed by Christmas card designs by Tommy MiIls pupils.  Very much further down the hill Station Road was closed.

sa 2 Dec

Nativity Market Hill FramlinghamDespite the cold a very decent turnout for Framlingham Late Night bloody Christmas ... eh?Shopping last night.  Daddy Christmas was meeting and greeting in Huntingfield Estates, never too soon to get on the property ladder, and the living nativity was charming as expected.

su 7 Dec

Framlingham fire stationFramlingham was looking positively glam in last night's sunset particularly the fire station and a real detectorist with one of those trowels on a stick,  WANTED  waiting staff for a single night gig Thursday 11th at a Framlingham 'educationalbloody Christmas ... eh? facility' and next Friday is Fabulous Framlingham Christmas ... wear something sharp we'll be snapping.

su 29 Dec

The risk when you use an air gun in public like this twat in Framlingham is it could prompt an armed response from the police ... and this is Chrismasy, a Halesworth scout hut burnt to the ground on Christmas morning.

tu 27 Dec

Christmas spirit did not stop burglary in Well Close Square Framlingham at the end of last week.

tu 31 Mar
world backup day

The Thirteenth ChairFADS (Framlingham AmDram Soc) were formed in 1903 and have been at it consistently since 1922.  In 1929 the Christmas production was The Thirteenth Chair and the tupenny prog reveals a lot of honoraryness, surnames you'll still recognise and music by a seven piece orchestra.  They are still at it with the comedy Nobody's Perfect running this week at Fram College's Headmaster Porter Theatre until Friday.

sa 15 Dec

Skinnier than last year but still busyLast night's Street Fayre in Framlingham may have been a bit skinnier than the 6 edition but as always the children were having a lovely time.  Punch and Judy worked its usual magic and Father Christmas (who for some reason had pinched his scarf off Rupert Bear) with attendant pixie was welcoming all at no charge (we heard a female Police Community Support Officer sat on his knee) and the kids got to choose a chocolate bar; though one tiny understandably found a big scary man in red and an even bigger scarier man with flashing lights a bit much.  (We liked the lad who told Daddy C he wanted cake for Christmas.)  Passers by of Crown and  Anchor Lane kept saying "Where have the bollards gone?" and those cars that did use it used it with extreme care and deference to pedestrians.  Somewhat grownup children were enjoying the teacup ride and the evening ended with late night dancing in reubens.

su 31 Dec

As rather late we walked up to the Market Hill the Pizza Grill was still open and ready to serve.  Fram's biggest media sluts

Prove us wrong

(prove us wrong) were hanging out in The Crown and in due course a measurably bigger conga line than last year kicked

The conga sets off For some reason the conga got particularly rowdy about here

off.  Community copper Andrea Honeywood counted all the dancers out and then counted them back in.  On our way

Jake and Andrea

home a group of very relaxed and somewhat loud younger people in Victoria Mill Road were having a heated debate about who was going to be a granddad.  Have we missed something?

PS Happy New Year!

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