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earlier Christmases

sa 24 Dec

Rock & flippin' Roll!  The 150 tickets sold out weeks before the gig, two tickets went on eBay for charity at four times their face value and then Saturday The Outlaws Christmas Party kicked off in a packed Framlingham White Horse, a raffle and the Herald Angel was there too.

The staff singing along .. and a pretty lady singing along Amazing seasonal earings

Christmas at the White Horse  as we remember an Albert drinker

Just a magic night

fr 8 Dec

Framlingham cherubs

New this year for the Street Fayre fairground rides giving the Market Hill a bustling, fun atmosphere.  Permanent queues for Daddy C and next door the hit of the nativity

Waiting for Daddy C

was Muffin the donkey (surely named after Muffin the Mule) who caused much suppressed hilarity amongst the shepherds by being agricultural during the adoration.  First time we've seen the swag stall triple handed, the Ladies of Barclays opted for the same cossies as last year, the Teddy Bear game was attracting patrons of the younger and feminine persuasion, and White Water were trying out for their Christmas Bash by growing to a quartet.  Lots of people, particularly children, were having a lovely time.

Just having a good time  Clowns ARE funny

su 10 Dec

Yesterday's Flower Club Christmas do had a good crowd and PC Jeff Burt tells us the alleged attempted abduction in Fore Street Framlingham appears to have been a misunderstanding.

su 3 Dec

A soggy start to to the Framlingham Annual Charity and Voluntary Organisations

The Community Centre stall Hat Bloke from somewhere Town Clerk and daughter Three Daddy C hats

Matt Bayfield's daughters turning the lights onChristmas Market and Christmas Tree Lighting but it turned out bright, clear, crisp and on the edge of bloody cold for the Christmas Markets ... so definitely a hat day ... and Matt Bayfields's girlies made a cracking job of turning the lights on.

mo 23 Oct

Very enjoyable free concert in Framlingham's St Michael's yesterday and if you can't get a ticket for The Outlaws' Christmas party then White Water's upcoming festive charity bash has four bands playing including that there Ed Sheraton.

sa 31 Dec

La Macarena at The Crown and Anchor

We concede the conga line was not quite as long as last year but it was certainly more committed, lots of partying with hefty commitment (our word for the month) to fancy dress and La Macarena from the Crown and Anchor's patrons, full house at the Castle and yooves posing with community copper Andrea Honeywood.

The not so Conservative club Goth and friend at the C&A

Patrick and friend at The Railway CPO Andrea Honeywood and yooves

fr 9 Dec

Startled deer and market stall

Bang!  There goes another camera

Startled Deer The crowd joining in Carley and Webb

The were TWO Morris sidesDaddy Christmas (who's been on a diet) had queues to meet him whilst next door the ladies of Barclays were making Alice in Wonderland at The Crowncameras explode.  On the Hill pony rides, carriages rides, people joining in the Morris dancing and children hyper active on a lifetime of E numbers deploying crazy string and stink bombs.  We didn't get anything to eat because there was always a queue and you couldn't move in The Crown.  A good crowd and a good night.

Crazy String

su 5 Dec

Darkness falling The tree and the moon

Annual Charity and Voluntary Organisations Christmas Market, still trips off the tongueThe queue for Gosia's coffee doesn't it?  No rain, lots of stalls with the RNLI in lifejackets, a queue for Gosia's coffees, the Ipswich Hospital Band made jolly tootle, darkness started to fall and five year old George Smith made a perfect job of turning on the lights.

Carols were sung and the Guides distributed their carrot and coriander soup and the councillors distributed the mince pies they'd brought and then ... everyone went home.

An empty Market Hill

fr 17 Dec

A juggler jugglingA Tinkerbell in tights ... to quote Lou ReedThe brilliant Carley & Webb window

Brilliant! ... a juggler juggled, Tinker Bell waited tables in The Crown, not surprisingly Carley & Webb won the bestL to R Mary, the donkey, and Joseph dressed window, equally not surprisingly the donkey got a bit nervous, FAYAP sold out of soup ... twice, the queue for the burger stall  just kept getting longer, a house fire was unintentional added excitement, the morris sided ... erhm ... sided,... and Catwoman did get a prize Church Street (where most of the stalls were) heaved, the Dame worked his socks off, SGR Black Thunder parked on the hill ... and that was that ... it parked on the hill .. maybe they think we don't have cars in Framlingham, Barclays failed to give away much mulled wine as people struggled to understand the concept of a bank giving something away ... Brilliant!!

we 1 Dec

Hamlet tonight, tomorrow night, and the night after that at Framlingham College, and the Community Centre Trust raised £50 at the Christmas Lights Sunday bringing the total so far to £56,750.

su 28 Nov

Carol Singing on The Market HillA little girl was amazed and intrigued by Felix, the volunteer firemen looked ill at ease being photographed, Chairperson Steph managed to ignite the Framlingham Christmas Tree lights by pressing twoLittle girl intrigued by Felix buttons at once whilst not thinking of the word rhinoceros ... allegedly.  The Ipswich Hospital Band played, a large crowd sang carols, and free soup was distributed ... and what's more the soup was carrot and coriander not tomato!

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