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su 12 oc 14

Brundish harvest supperWe arrived at the Brundish harvest supper last night far too late for the beef casserole but got a glass of good wine, a taste of the excellent cheese board and to go with the coffee home made sweets.  Though the peppermint creams were the superstar models the chocolate squares contained Brundish foraged hazelnuts ... well you can work it off with some zumba.

th 9 oc 14

Lord Brundish and friendLord Brundish reminds nearthecoasters that Flicks in the Sticks is showing The Book Thief tonight in Brundish village hall followed by a harvest supper Saturday night, two courses with cheese and biscuits, coffee and wine for £7.50

th 24 jl 14

Football in the rain at Brundish village feteWhen we set off lunchtime for the Brundish village fete Sunday there was a torrential with hail thunderstorm that flooded (untypically these days) the bottom of Fore Street Framlingham.  In Brundish the adults were either sheltering in pergolas or The Crown but the youngsters ignored the wetness and continued footballing.  Funds raised will pay for war memorial plaques on the village sign.

fr 18 jl 14

Brundish village fete Sunday 20 JuneTomorrow we will be mostly snapping the Saxmundham FREE Music Fest and Sunday the Brundish The Las Vegas of High Suffolk village fete.

fr 27 jn 14

Sculpture for sale in BrundishTo raise funds for the church's repair 10am-6pm today and over the weekend there is a selling show of art in the Brundish parish church St Lawrence with it's truly lovely clear glass main window.  The church is a bit hidden away in the straggle that is Brundish but there are signs and for free you get to look round the exquisite Chantry gardens next door where the sculpture from the show is set.

fr 29 no 13

... Christmas eh?The HumdingersTomorrow it's a Christmas market in the afternoon and Brundish village hall whilst the circus at Stonham Barns has four shows throughout the day.  Sunday evening the free Slice of Life show at FAYAP in Framlingham is fully booked so good thing The Humdingers will be engaging in some of that rockabilly stuff at the Spread Eagle Ipswich. ♫

we 13 no 13

Tomorrow's Brundish Flicks in the Sticks is Flight which has to be seen if only for John Goodman's pony tail.

mo 28 oc 13

This week the Saxtead Forge (we had to look up the postcode ... it's on the other Brundish road) is open all week 9am-4pm for Christmas shopping and mulled wine and cider.

we 2 oc 13

Brundish cinema starts it's new season tomorrow week with Arbitrage starring Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and yet another Brit playing an American Tim Roth, and the police are taking no further action over the fire at the Wickham Market George earlier this year.

su 15 se 13

Lord Brundish says we're cool.  It's true!  It is!!

su 28 jl 13

Loudhailer  Penny rolling game  Penny rolling game  Pimms

Last weekend's Brundish garden fete.

th 25 jl 13

Brundish Flicks in the Sticks starts up again in October with Arbitrage and for Christmas The Great Gatsby directed by Baz Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen Lurhmann ... read The Great Gatsby aeons ago ... perhaps we were too young ...The Great Gatsby looks as visually stunning as Lurhmann's Moulin Rouge.

su 21 jl 13

Dunwich Dynamo 2013Wisdom of the peloton this morning around Framlingham was this year's Dunwich Dynamo had some 2,000 cyclists.  Pix soonish but it's a massive edit and it's the Brundish garden fete this afternoon ... first Dynamo pix up.

th 18 jl 13

Vix of Vix and the KixOpen Gardens and Fete with chicken racing this Sunday in Brundish and not surprisingly they must like Vix and her Kix in Worlingworth because she's back at the Swan tomorrow night.

tu 25 jn 13

Summer jazz and a barbeque all for nine pounds this Saturday in Brundish.

mo 13 my 13

We were surprised when Argo won Bafta best film back in February and we didn't get to see it in Aldeburgh (love sitting there doing nothing waiting for the film to start).  Brundish are showing it this Thursday as the last film of their winter season ... looks a bit American.  Is it us or are trailers getting longer?

th 13 de 12

Jewellery, watches, cash and an iPod were stolen during a Brundish daytime burglary on Tuesday.

su 4 mr 12

Saw Lord Brundish in the Framlingham co-op this morning and he told us the Brundish Crown now has folk music 2-4pm every last Sunday of the month.♫

sa 13 au 11

Tomorrow Brundish Summer Sunday with all the usual stuff including Pimms of course.

fr 10 jn 11

Reasonably certain it's Brundish open gardens THIS weekend.

tu 17 my 11

Apache attack helicopter near BrundishThat Apache attack helicopter around Brundish early last night may have been training but our word it was flying low, wouldn't have fancied having our washing out on the line ... mind you with that downdraught it would dry quicker.

sa 30 ap 11

Brundish chilled down last night with a Royal Quiz in the village hall.  TheBrundish royal quiz questions were all about the royal family, a picture name the royal baby competition for the half time break, several tiaras and question master David Mulrenan suitably dressed though out.  A couple of people told us how well organised it had been in Framlingham for the big telly and what lovely food the Brundish Crown's new landlord is serving.

tu 12 ap 11

FREE is always popular and there was a FREE buffet at the Brundish Crown re-opening Saturday.  Closed Sunday nights at the mo' but the eating area re-opening tomorrow.

su 10 ap 11

The King's SpeechWith all the understandable fuss there's been about the King's Speech it'll probably be a good idea to book a ticket for the Brundish Cinema (still has an intermission and is licensed!) this Thursday.

th 13 ja 11

Tomorrow the Great Glemham village hall film is A Man For All Seasons.

Brundish cinema next month is The Kids Are Alright with the gorgeous Julianne Moore (we love her nose) and excitingly in April it's The King's Speech, can't wait!  (Karen from Outnumbered plays Princess Margaret or have we already said that?)

sa 4 de 10

Although Daddy Christmas was rather lonely at the Brundish Christmas fair this

Brundish Christmas Fair

 afternoon the aromatic mulled wine and general conviviality was making a warm welcoming atmosphere in the village hall and some recently discovered old photos displayed on the wall certainly intrigued this snapper.  More pix on Facebook, feel good Letters To Juliet for Brundish Christmas cinema Thursday.

mo 8 no 10

Poppy AppealThe British Legion needs a poppy organiser to cover Brundish, Brandeston and Dennington next year, more info on the board.

th 14 oc 10

Sandra had to explain (thank you Sandra) that Wine Call My Bluff in Brundish this Saturday isn't a quiz but a wine tasting where you decide which of the descriptions is genuine.

fr 20 au 10

Brundish has been lively, earlier this week a car ended up in a garden and hit the oil tank and Wednesday night there was a house fire (thanks Sandra).

th 16 ap 09

Oh ... You're AmericanTonight Mathew it's comedy Easy Virtue starring Jessica Biel, Colin Firth and the delicious Kristin Scott Thomas.  7pm Brundish Village Hall, tickets £5 and should be reserved by calling Priscilla Williamson on 01379 388034.

su 12 ap 09

A 20 year old man has overdosed at an illegal rave on Downs Farm, Brundish.

sa 6 se 08

Carl Wilson and Laura GriggsThis is Carl Wilson and Laxfield First Responders coordinator Laura Griggs demonstrating their pulse oximeter at this year's Brundish Makemerry.  As their beat is very rural inevitably the ambulance tends to take longer to arrive so two responders go out on a call.  Laura echoed Framlingham coordinator Leighton Page's observation that people are very generous giving money but what is needed most are more responders.  If you want to help email Carl (remember you won't go out on your own:) or contact Leighton (Man in the Hat) on the board.

su 17 au 08

Harvesting was still going on well after midnight near Brundish (understandably with this morning's rain); a lorry the size of Berkshire was being loaded at the side of the road and the road had a golden patina of spilt grain on sharp corners, indeed one S bend had a couple of POLICE SLOW signs.

we 6 au 08

The Brundish Makemerry Saturday last month raised £1,590 ... Woo Hoo!

tu 22 jl 08

The maypole crown

Brundish Makemerry last weekend was some eleven hours of non-stop sociability and jollies starting with the Makemerry in the garden of The Crown, on the way barbeque, concert, unveiling of the new village sign and ending up with fireworks.  The Robert Hitcham maypole dancersRobert Hitcham maypole dancers were charming as usual and as usual the East African photographer got everyone to stand in straight lines and though the showers were sometimes quite heavy they never went on for too long ... excellent, love it!

we 20 fe 08

In Brundish The Las Vegas of High Suffolk their plans for the year include an organ build with inaugural concert, restoration of the Gypsy Pond, a new village sign (made

Maypole dancing at Brundish Makemerry 2005

by Mary Moore of Brandeston), completion of the village green, cinema nights, quiz night, Brundish Makemerry, grand barbecue and fireworks, a patronal picnic, flower festival with lunches, Songs of Praise, harvest supper, Folk Music afternoon and a Christmas Fair.  No wonder they look tired.

tu 1 ja 08

Happy New Year!  We think sanguine might be the word to describe the Brundish Crown's attitude to New Year' Eve last night, except we're not sure what sanguine means, and we may have missed a joke as the Red Wine Girls were drinking something red from bottles but it wasn't wine ...

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