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anorak alerts

mo 25 Mar

Jimmy 'Schnozzle' DuranteAnorak Alert No.60: In the very excellent drama Eric and Ernie repeated last week on BBC 4 when Eric is clearly doing a Jimmy Schnozzle Durante impression complete with a paper cup the subtitles say it's Groucho Marx ...

tu 20 Feb

Anorak Alert No.59: During taxi driver Daniel's brilliant dash to the airport he overtakes a green Mini twice ... alright picky picky eh.

tu 23 Jan

Professor Hannah FryAnorak Alert No.58: If the second signal is inverted it's not really exactly the same Professor Fry ... alright picky picky eh:)

sa 13 Jan

Anorak Alert No.57: On Desert Island Discs Lauren Laverne maintains the urban myth that The Hollies were part of 1960s Merseybeat despite being from Manchester.

tu 14 Nov

Anorak Alert No.56: Someone at the Beeb seems to think Hollesley Bay prison is in Woodbridge.  They're only out by seven miles.

sa 7 Oct

Lola Campbell as Georgie in ScrapperAnorak Alert No.55: Really enjoyed seeing whimsical Scrapper A frame of filmat the cinema but when 12 year old Georgie's estranged dad tells her to scrape the frame numbers off the stolen bikes ...  Frame numbers are usually stamped into a lug and need filing off.

sa 22 Jul

Anorak Alert No.54:  A trope or maybe urban myth that white blues type guitarists like Jeff Beck got that rough sound by slitting their speaker cones but Dear BBC the Kinks' Dave Davies cut up his amplifier and stuck it back together with drawing pins? ♫

tu 23 May

Anorak Alert No.53: ♫ On Radio 3's In Tune last night both presenter Sean Rafferty and The Kings Singers thought Walpole just outside Aldeburgh ... from the moon it is.

su 12 Mar

Anorak Alert No.52:  Sarah Beeny's New Life In The Country might want to tell their sub-titles that it's signet as in her husband's signet ring and not cygnet which is a young swan.

mo 23 Jan

Eric Ravilious  1903-1942Anorak Alert No.51:  We like Eric Ravilious' careful and faintly other worldly watercolours.  Last week we enjoyed the feature documentary film Eric Ravilious Drawn to War but were slightly irritated by a hand shown using an open bottle of Quink and a fountain pen as a dip pen.

mo 12 Dec

TV presenter Henry ColeAnorak Alert No.50:  In series two episode nineteen of Shed and Buried presenter Henry Cole says to BFF Sam Lovegrove as they are driving to Suffolk If I went to a posh school ... Henry went to Eton for christ's sake.

fr 21 Oct
Trafalgar Day - 21 October 1805

Anorak Alert No.49:  Someone on the radio described LS Lowry's Going To The Match as nostalgic with flat caps ... he had obviously not seen the painting which has sold for £7.8 million.

sa 10 Sep
World Suicide Prevention Day

Around the World in 80 DaysAnorak Alert No.48:  On Radio 4Ex today cuddly Michael Palin recalling his return from Around the World in 80 Days after some hesitancy concluded that the container lorry that met him at Felixstowe docks took him to Ipswich railway station ... it didn't.

tu 16 Aug

2.5ltr French motorbike at Andy Tiernan'sAnorak Alert No.47:  In the first episode of Bangers & Cash: Restoring Classics when the "expert" finally identifies the French moped as a Derny stock film is shown not of Dernys but big motors pacing cycle track racing .  Once upon a time Andy Tiernan came back from a German auction with such a 2500c moto ... the Brooks saddle is British.

we 13 Jul

Portable wind up gramophoneAnorak Alert No.46:  Dodgy David Dickinson's Real Deal dealer Alison Chapman when offered a portable wind up gramophone said that 78 records were made of wax and the stereo comes out here.

tu 21 Jun

Laura Kampf - KolnAnorak Alert No.45:  Perhaps this is being overly picky as the entertaining Laura Kampf is speaking German but the sub-titles call a slug a snail.

mo 23 May

Anorak Alert No.44:  Some people don't know the difference between meter which measures something and metre the metric unit of length ... we didn't use to know either:)

fr 15 Apr

Anorak Alert No.43:  Flog It visiting seaside town Morecambe has presenter Paul Martin saying comedians Morecambe and Wise saw military service during WWII.  Well not really, Ernie was in the merchant navy and Eric was a Bevin Boy.

we 16 Mar

Anorak Alert No.42:  The graphic in this GCN YouTube on cycle speedway has the riders going round the wrong way, like roller derby, NASCAR and most grass track it's turn left.

th 27 Jan
Holocaust Remembrance Day

Oluseyi Junior Smith graduating at Leicseter UniAnorak Alert No.41:  Journalists are often vague about where Suffolk is.  They get it confused with Sussex and Norfolk.  Today BBC Suffolk news includes a dancing Leicester University graduate and on the red button a Manningtree boy who knows a lot about Harry Potter.

tu 18 Jan

Anorak Alert No.40:  On ITV3 the episode Maigret on Home Ground with Michael Gambon as the French policeman has him bribing a small boy with green grenadine and fizzy water... we don't think so.

tu 9 Nov

A concertinaAnorak Alert No.39:  On Dodgy David Dickinson's Real Deal throughout a transaction both the punter and dealer referred to a concertina as an accordion. ♫

we 3 Nov

Michael Gambon as Chief Inspector MaigretAnorak Alert No.38:  The blurb write on the back of this Maigret DVD seems to think the iconic French detective was Belgian, perhaps they're confusing him with Poirot or that author George Simenon was a Belgian.

su 19 Sep

Anorak Alert No.37:  Sir Clive Sinclair invented the pocket calculator ... we don't think so.

fr 6 Aug

Anorak Alert No.36:  We've always thought that the self satisfied, smugFozzie as a dancing bear entitlement of failed Tory MP Gyles Brandreth justifies the return of the death penalty.  So unsurprisingly we noted when on Inheritance Tracks like others he thought Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear was 'by' Alan Price, it was written by Randy Newman. ♫

su 13 Jun

John Finnemore's Souvenir ProgrammeAnorak Alert No.35:  In 1951 eminent author and antiquarian Patrick Nightingale couldn't have requested Stranger on the Shore as it wasn't released until 1961.  Perhaps the stunningly creative and original John Finnemore understandably wasn't going to let a fact get in the way of a joke. ♫

tu 25 May

Millie Small singing My Boy LollipopAnorak Alert No.34:  It's an urban myth that Rod Stewart played harmonica on My Boy Lollipop, it was probably Pete Hogman or possibly Jimmy Powell.  Pauline Black of The Selecter credits Stevie Wonder, he would have been 14 ... but then he was a child prodigy. ♫

sa 27 Mar
Currys PC World tech expertAnorak Alert No.33:  That tech expert in the Currys PC World advert advising to put speakers as far apart as you can is presumably unaware of 'hole in the middle' ... but like all things hifi tweaks can't agree where's best to put the speakers.
mo 15 Mar

1935 film The 39 StepsAnorak Alert No.32:  In the Alfred Hitchcock/Robert Donat The 39 Steps when the man with some of his little finger missing threatens Richard Hannay with a pistol he calls it a revolver when it's clearly an automatic.  Re-watching the film we were surprised how impressively nasty John Laurie (Private Frazer Dad's Army) was.

th 11 Feb

Anorak Alert No.31:  Dodie Smith's novel I Capture The Castle is set in Suffolk but the film adaptation has a beach scene that doesn't look like Suffolk to us.

mo 9 Nov

Anorak Alert No.30:  Today's Radio 4Extra Sherlock Holmes His Last Bow has two Germans overlooking Harwich harbour from the great chalk cliff??

we 4 Nov

Like They've Never Been GoneAnorak Alert No.29:  Lovely and late June Whitfield and Roy Hudd (he reportedly celebrated his 80th at the Crowfield Rose) and perhaps overly picky but unlikely Hetty could fix the MG with a sharp rap on the big end.

su 28 Jul

Beefeater Bend on this year's Tour de TourAnorak Alert No.28:  A bit picky considering the hours of filler Ned Boulting has to generate commentating on the Tour de France but Geraint Thomas was 32 when he won last year not 36 ... and here's why the Le Tour is unlikely to visit Framlingham, it would exceed local authority imposed fun limits.

fr 3 May

Anorak Alert No.27:  Salvage Hunters: The Restorers voice over man Ralph Ineson that's pva glue not epoxy resin that Alex Webster is using on the dowels in the 300 year old chest.

sa 26 Jan

Anorak Alert No.26:  Lovely Olivia Coleman voice overing Secret Life of the Zoo says the newly born vampire crabs (Geosesarma) are 5cm in size.  The babies are absolutely tiny, they may not even be 5mm.

su 4 Nov

Anorak Alert No.25:  In ITV's adaptation of Vanity Fair Amelia (Claudia Jessie) Sedley's piano is in fact a clavichord.

th 4 Jan

Jessica Biel as Countess Sophie von TeschenAnorak Alert No.24:  In the Edward Norton/Jessica Biel film The Illusionist surely Jessica Biel's character Duchess Sophie von Teschen would have been posh enough that she could rise to the trot?

th 21 Sep
Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

Corey Harrison from Pawn StarsAnorak Alert No.23:  OMG is an abbreviation Corey Harrison from Pawn Stars, it's not an acronym because you can't pronounce it.  PIN is an abbreviation and an acronym because you can pronounce it.

su 5 Feb

Anorak Alert No.22:  On Would I lie To You Gabby Logan and Danny Wallace if it's a bloke then he's a masseur not a masseuse.

tu 22 Nov

Lucy Porter - pic contributedAnorak Alert No.21:  We like short arse Lucy Porter but on Radio 4's The Unbelievable Truth she described Diss as a village .. it's got three supermarkets Lucy.

sa 23 Jul

Anorak Alert No.20:  It would be more informative and informed BBC tv news to report Cavendish is in the green jersey not Cavendish is dressed in green, it's a bike race not a fashion show.

we 18 May

Anorak Alert 19:  On Radio 4 in Ed Reardon's Week Ed corrects a bossy woman for using disinterested when she should have used uninterested but shortly afterwards he lets her get away with ironical.

su 31 Jan

Anorak Alert 18:  Think you'll find Sam West that the very hot summer you had your very first canal holiday with your parents Timothy West and Prunella Scales was 1976 not 77.

th 31 Oct

HalloweenParis-ToursAnorak Alert No.17:  Tours (pronounced Tour) is a place in France ITV4 continuity man so it's Paree-Tour not the Paree tours.

tu 15 Sep

Elvis and Bill BlackAnorak Alert No.16:  On Radio 4 Mitch Benn reckoned original Elvis' bass player Bill Black was part of the 1968 comeback tv special, would have been quite a trick as Bill Black had died three years earlier.

tu 4 Aug

Camp coffee in bottlesAnorak Alert No.15:  If you're going to make a Camp coffee joke on Radio 4 Russell Grant you should know that it comes in bottles not jars.

fr 26 Jun

Anorak Alert No.14:  A Purdey is a gun but not a rifle OAPs Behaving Badly voice over man.

tu 16 Jun

Anorak Alert No.13:  It's pronounced Criterium du Dophinay ITV4 continuity announcer not Criterium du Dopheen.

mo 15 Jun

Bob Dylan's Freewheelin'Anorak Alert No.12:  The cover of Bob Dylan's Freewheelin' was in colour not black and white self declared clever person Professor Lisa Jardine on Desert Island Discs. ♫

mo 8 Jun

light emitting diode Anorak Alert No.11:  LED stands for Light EMITTING DIODE How It's Made voice over man not Light Electronic Device.

mo 4 May

Anorak Alert No.10:  In an episode of the Father Brown tv adaptation with Mark Williams this oily rag was never going inflate a bicycle tyre with a car pump.

su 1 Feb

BBC Radio 4ExtraAnorak Alert No.9: The Eagle was a comic not a magazine Radio 4extra continuity announcer.

tu 2 Dec

Anorak Alert No.8:  It's RAF Bentwaters Katherine Nash not Brentwaters ... #BBC eh?

fr 26 Sep

Susan Calman is ConvictedAnorak Alert No.7: We rather like the unlikely l♥ve child of Wee Jimmy Krankie and a hobbit that is Susan Calman ... but she was way out when in her radio series Susan Calman is Convicted she claimed that as a Glaswegian student in 1992 there was no Internet ... the net's stumbling birth was during the cold war ... mind you she might be right about Glasgow.

we 6 Aug

Julia Mackenzie as Miss MarpleAnorak Alert No.6: In a Julia Mackenzie Miss Marple party workers stuff envelopes ... we don't think anybody in the 1950s would have stuffed anything except a turkey ... far too common.

we 18 Jun

Professor Simon SchamaAnorak Alert No.5: Next time you're on the telly talking about the Hoxne hoard Professor Simon Schama pronounce it Hoxen not Hoxnay.

we 12 Mar

Kerry GodlimanAnorak Alert No.4: In Kerry Godliman's very excellent Radio 4 comedy Kerry's List (she's even better as a stand up) her husband Ben lusts after a sunburst Fender Precision with humbuckers ... humbuckers?! ♫

su 19 Jan

Anorak Alert No.3: Lovejoy (the later series without Eric and Lady Jane on Freeview channel Drama) may be set in "East Anglia" but they seem to spend a lot of time in and around pubs with parasols branded Ridley's an Essex brewery and we certainly recognise the Moreton Massey near Harlow masquerading as Suffolk.

sa 17 Aug

Anorak Alert No.1:  Telstar: The Joe Meek Story on BBC2 last night didn't use the actual 304 Holloway Road. ♫

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