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we 8 Dec

Last night in Norfolk (if only just) Brockdish Village Hall had a good house for the Castleton Brass Band.  In the Old King's Head it was running a mask and wait to be seated.  In a side room with candle light and drinks RoughCast Theatre were reading and laughing at the Tom Stoppard comedy On The Razzle.

th 16 Sep

The Monday after next at 7:30pm and the Old King's Head Brockdish (it's in Norfolk but only just) Roughcast Theatre have an open to all reading of the Scottish play ...

fr 10 Sep
World Suicide Prevention Day

Man in the HatMan in the Hat (not this one) is bravely crossing into Norfolk tomorrow to play The Cellar House Eaton and returns to his home town next month.  In the meantime he his accepting bookings for 2022 so you can experience his impressive chest voice and has even found time to continue his support for us. ♫

fr 3 Sep

Disappointing that Sunday's Burston Strike School Rally has been postponed for the second year running.

fr 18 Jun

The Man in the HatTomorrow Man in the Hat ventures (again!) over the border to the Red Lion Needham Norfolk. ♫

th 11 Feb

 WARNING  High winds have stranded poisonous shellfish on Suffolk and Norfolk  beaches.  Dog walkers are advised to keep their pet on a lead ... dogs will eat anything.

fr 11Sep

Bravely tonight Man in the Hat ventures over the county border to the Needham Red Lion near Harleston. ♫

su 6Sep

The public toilets by the Long Stratton Co-op closed for building work.

sa 5 Sep

The Burston Rally organisers are asking people to NOT attend this Sunday.

su 9 Aug

Stan on the Ipswich Cardinals chain crewSaddening but not surprisingly the Red Rooster Festival near Thetford has been postponed until next year.  Robert Stan Stamper (seen here on the Ipswich Cardinals chain crew entertaining the visiting Bury Saints sideline) at last year's Maverick Festival before dashing off to dance with his daughter told us the 2018 Roosterfest had been brilliant. ♫

th 28 May

Red Rooster festival 4-6 September♫ We're easily confused but what we've worked out is the Red Rooster festival near Thetford was postponed back in March to September but as it would have been this weekend it's gone virtual on its Facebook page.

sa 9 May

Norfolk confirmed Covid-19 cases as a pecentageThere have been 1,235 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Suffolk and Norfolk has the worst percentage in East Anglia.  Forty fourth reason to be cheerful ... do we recognise this ... I've looked all over this keyboard and there isn't a button with OK on it.

A Norfolk Constabulary police car parked in Victoria Mill Road Framlingham.

fr 24 Apr

100 free Red Rooster festival tickets for NHS and key frontline workers.

we 18 Mar

Campsea Ashe Spring Fayre cancelledAldeburgh Cinema has closed for the duration so we won't get to see Emma this afternoon but the Woodbridge Riverside seems to be partially functioning.  The Red Rooster festival near Thetford has been postponed to September and Life Arts have postponed April's Woodbridge festival to next year.  All Snape Maltings music events cancelled until the end of April (we were lucky), the Phoenix Singers concert in Framlingham next month cancelled as is the Campsea Ashe Spring Fayre this Saturday and still only three virus cases in Suffolk.

fr 24 Jan

Boogie Back to Texas♫ At this year's Red Rooster Festival near(ish) Thetford Asleep at the Wheel celebrate 50 years on the road.  Perhaps best described as western swing AatW with maybe slightly fewer players than we recall but still the fine chest voice of Ray Benson.

th 19 Dec

Man in the Hat♫ We're very please to welcome back Garth Brooks' separated at birth twin brother Man in the Hat who can be seen Christmasing in the Framlingham post office.  MitH will be welcoming the New Year in Norfolk ... well somebody has to.

fr 11 Oct

What was the wedding dress shop Lavender and Jude in Stradbroke is now the Poppies & Daisies tea rooms.  What was Co-op chemist by the Co-op supermarket car park in Long Stratton is now a Well Pharmacy ... seems significant but we're not sure of what.

we 2 Oct

New A140 roundabout near TasburghOn the A140 just south of Tasburgh there's a new roundabout for B1527 and the B1135 though on Sunday the exit to the east bound B1527 wasn't open.  This is the second new roundabout on the A140 north of Diss since Lady KRJ graduated from UEA but justified from our one experience of joining the A140 from the B1135.

th 12 Sep

Art in the Barn at Easton Farm ParkOne of the contradictions of the art world is that private views rarely are private.  Art Dog with some honesty have called theirs a launch party tomorrow evening at Easton Farm Park.  Work from Suffolk artists and further afield ... even Norfolk.

we 28 Aug

Even more stuff this Sunday when it's the Burston Strike School Rally celebrating the longest strike in history with entertainment including the very witty John Hegley.

th 11 Jul

Driving from much of near the coast to Norwich there was no petrol station until Long Stratton and that one on the wrong side.  Since May there's been a BP petrol station on the Scole A140/A143 roundabout near Diss.

su 12 May

TODAY Classic Bike Meet and Auto Jumble at the Lophams (it's the other side of Diss) Village Hall.

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