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we 28 Dec

... and then give him a bro pat  Gridiron UK

sa 10 Dec

Gridiron UKThis morning's Norwich Devils Women american football Rookies unsurprisingly cancelled because of a frozen pitch.

fr 4 Nov

Gridiron UKLike the week before last Sunday's UEA Pirates 19-12 Cardiff Cobras started off damp but after bit the rain relented.  As often in Britball the kicking ... more here

mo 24 Oct

Gridiron UKAlthough there wasn't the promised thunder storm yesterday in ... more here

tu 23 Jul

Gridiron UKDespite that there Facepack making it increasingly difficult to curate a photo collection we now have a flag football album.

su 17 Jul

Gridiron UKThe tragedy of yesterday's four team women's american football in Norwich was that the beer van broke down on the way and never made it.

tu 5 Jul

Gridiron UKA very welcome Cards win Sunday but it was stressful for the spectators.  Well within the final two minute warning the visitors touched down but ... more here

mo 20 Jun

Gridiron UKThe rain Saturday in Peterborough didn't ruin the second round of the Women's Central Division but it did dampen it a bit.  Fortunately the ... more here

sa 21 May

Ipswich Cardinals 13-32 Norwich DevilsPoignant last Sunday as the Ipswich Cardinals v Norwich Devils home game was the first without the management of Ralph and Jan ... more here

tu 17 May


In Cambridge Saturday's Varsity game for the first three quarters looked like anCambridge Pythons suporters Oxford Lancers win if not a repeat of last year's 36-00 Pythons whitewash.  In Q4 two Python break away running touchdowns and converted points after led to a 14-12 copiously supported win.  In the third quarter if the Lancers on fourth and goal had attempted and completed a field goal they would have won but they didn't know that at the time.

Our journey to the game was hindered by a 30 minute tail back at the Cambridge end of the M11.  It was still there the next day and now the A14 was closed by an accident east bound between junctions 31-35, four junctions?  Confusingly eastbound at Cambridge junction numbers jump from 26 to 31.

tu 26 Apr

Ipswich Cardinals 00-10 Colchester GladiatorsSunday at a new and military looking sports facility on the Mersea side of Colchester the Ipswich Cardinals played the Colchester Gladiators. ... more here

tu 12 Apr

Gridiron UKFor one day only Sunday the Ipswich Cardinals moved round the corner to train amongst the dog walkers on the Dumbarton Road Rec.  Two ... more here

fr 8 Apr

Norwich Devils Women's Rookie DayThe Norwich Devils Women start their season next month at the Sandwell Steelers (that's Birmingham).

sa 5 Mar

Norwich Devils WomenCrikey!  The Norwich Devils Women have bought us a whole handful of coffeesBuy us a coffee, how very kind.  Their season starts in May and they host a four team tournament in Norwich and July.

mo 21 Feb

Norwich Devils Women's Rookie DaySaturday an impressive number of new faces at the Norwich Devils Women second rookies day plus enough coaches to make a Top ... more here

su 6 Feb

Very windy for UEA Pirates 08-28 Birmingham Lions today the Pirates' last home game of the season.  More than enough injuries and as noted by the ... more here

tu 14 Dec

In Norwich Sunday the first quarter of Pirates v Cardiff Cobra's whizzed past with no injuries and very possibly no officials timeouts.  After three years since ... more here

mo 22 Nov
St Cecilia's Day patron saint of music

Our first return to the Pirates for over a year.  On our short way through suburban Norwich at least two new housing estates and more in progress but that's how it is all over East Anglia.  The Pirates now have a water boy (water man) and ... more here

mo 20 Sep

Yesterday somewhere between Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge both ways there was very heavy rain but none to speak of at Cardinals 08-57 Cambridge ... more here

mo 13 Sep

Sometimes the ball rolls downhill ... sometimes when things go wrong they just keep getting worse.  Yesterday Cardinals 00 @ 63 Norwich Devils.  To the ... more here

sa 16 Oct

In a probably futile attempt to control our continuingly sprawling Facebook albums we've merged Bury Saints 2017-2016.

mo 30 Aug

Norwich Devil with an injured ankleThe second three teamer of the Women's Central East Conference Saturday was held at the Peterborough Lions Rugby Club.  Despite helpful directions from the Royals' #27 finding the ground confused both us and the satnav.  Committed play from all three teams but perhaps most impressive was the Leicester Falcons finishing the day with just nine players for seven a side contact and still grinding it out.  New to us an offensive penalty in your own end zone is a safety, make sense, how can you give a yardage penalty.

mo 23 Aug

For their last home game this year the Ipswich Cardinals hosted the ... more here

su 1 Aug

This afternoon at the Ipswich Cardinals for the first time we just spectated an american football game .... it was pleasant.

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