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UEA Pirates

su 22 Jan
Chinese New Year of the Rabbit

Gridiron UKThis afternoon's UWE Bullets at the UEA Pirates In Norwich POSTPONED because of pitch conditions.  Last home game of the Pirates' season and UWE is University of the West of England in Bristol.

fr 4 Nov

Gridiron UKLike the week before last Sunday's UEA Pirates 19-12 Cardiff Cobras started off damp but after bit the rain relented.  As often in Britball the kicking was rather wayward with a punt that manifested as an up and under but the takeaway is the Cobras have much improved for their second season in the Premiership.  Pirates next home game is the 27th against new to us Filton Pride.

mo 24 Oct

Gridiron UKAlthough there wasn't the promised thunder storm yesterday in Norwich it was wet enough to disintegrate paper notes and lists.  The Pirates 26-00 loss to Birmingham Lions to start the season wasn't helped by rooky inexperience.  It's a steep learning for newbie players but the good news is it's also a quick learning curve and the Pirates will get better.  Pix on that there Facepack.

su 6 Feb

The Birmingham Lions taking a knee for an injured playerVery windy for UEA Pirates 08-28 Birmingham Lions today the Pirates' last home game of the season.  More than enough injuries and as noted by the head coach afterwards the Pirates' game was not helped by indiscipline which we think included rookies not fully understanding the rules.  Pix on that there Facepack.

tu 14 Dec
Cardiff Cobras

In Norwich Sunday the first quarter of Pirates v Cardiff Cobra's whizzed past withUEA Pirates 30-06 Cardiff Cobras no injuries and very possibly no officials timeouts.  After three years since a chain stick got significantly bent at Colney Lane we were very pleased to see new sticks.  Rookie running back John Koomson impressed with not only forceful bulling but also notable straight line speed, regrettably he retired in Q4 with an injured ankle.  Finally Pirates 30-06 Cobras with the new to the Premiership Cobras' touch down run in from inches.

mo 6 Dec

UEA Pirates 10-00 Swansea Titans11:00am kickoff yesterday for Pirates v Swansea Titans with the Pirates wining 10-00 and not with a field goal indeed there was no goal kicking at all.  Impressively the woman medic followed play from the sideline but ironically was looking at her phone when needed for the only game pausing injury of the first half.

mo 22 Nov

UEA Pirates before playing UWE BulletsOur first return to the Pirates for over a year.  On our short way through suburban Norwich at least two new housing estates and more in progress but that's how it is all over East Anglia.  The Pirates now have a water boy (water man) and he can delegate.  Visitors UWE Bullets don't seem to have a specials team but that didn't stop them converting all but one of their eight touch downs for two points winning 62-00.  Two ejections for the same incident with both players clearly upset by the ejection but accepting it without dramatics.

mo 28 Sep

Pirates newbie hand sanatisingYesterday's UEA Pirates distanced rookies had some 15 newbs in the drizzle and a hatful of them could complete a pass.  Chatting with the team's president Oliver Howes we learnt that seven Pirates have qualified for a sports scholarship, the Uni championships has already been cancelled but there will be friendlies and the opponents don't have to be uni teams.  A natural choice would be the Norwich Devils ... we'd like to see that.

su 16 Aug

American football scholarships avaiable at UEASeems unlikely but UEA in Norwich are offering american football scholarships, you need to apply before the end of the month.

mo 9 Dec

Early start in Colney Lane Norwich yesterday for visitors Swansea Titans.  AUEA Pirates 26-12 Swansea Titans perishing side wind so unsurprisingly no place kicking from either team, lots of daft penalties and both teams recovered onside kicks.  Swansea's quarterback #7 was effectively mobile and receiver #18 regularly completed (if the BUCS website had players' numbers we could tell you their names) but despite this a 26-12 Pirates win.  It was UEA's last home game of the regular season so we'll be looking out for the Essex Blades and ARU Rhinos who have home games next year.

mo 2 Dec

There were so many Birmingham Lions on UEA's visitor sideline yesterday that weUEA Pirates 00-15 Birmingham Lions feared the Earth's rotational axis might be disturbed.  A poor start for the Pirates giving up a safety on the second play of the game.  UEA were holding Birmingham at 15-00 in the third quarter when the game was abandoned for injured Pirate Cody Harris on the pitch.  An ambulance arrived surprisingly promptly compared to our previous experience and thankfully Cody's injuries were limited to concussion though no fun for him.

mo 25 Nov

On a miserable yesterday the UEA Pirates had their first premiership win beatingUEA Pirates-24-00 Hertfordshire Hurricanes Hertfordshire Hurricanes 24-00.  It could have been at least 30-00 but a pick six deep in the Pirates own half was called back for two penalties, one apparently after the play, though the Pirates did retain possession.  No place kicking by either team on a pitch slippery enough to prompt much boot stamping by the visitors on the tarmac footpath behind them.  The Pirates are at home again next Sunday meeting the Birmingham Lions.

su 17 Nov

UWE Bullets

The UEA Pirates knew that promotion to the premiership was going to be a leap andUEA Pirates 00-36 UWE Bullets last Sunday for their first home game of this season they were shut out by University of West of England Bullets 36-00.  UWE had running backs who broke multiple tackles and were as fleet as a wide out.  Intriguing moment when a Pirate recovered the ball in his own end zone with a foot out of bounds echoing (possibly unintentionally) Ty Morgan.  Pirates at home again next weekend versus the Hertfordshire Hurricanes.

mo 30 Sep

UEA Prospects Day 2019UEA Prospects Saturday in Norwich had an impressive turnout of some 60 rookies including a woman player.  (Last season several visitors had one or more women players.)  Everybody was trying hard and it was encouraging afterwards to see kicking being practiced, Britball kicking often makes Vinatieri on a slump look good.  The Pirates first game is away at Swansea next month ... as so often a price of promotion is more travel.

tu 11 Mar

Sunday in Norwich the first quarter of UEA Pirates v Exeter Demons whizzed past and no score in the half but a dramatic hailstorm with the wind blowing into theHailstorm during UEA Pirates v Exeter Demons faces of the visitors' sideline.  In the third quarter WR Ben Borthwick grabbed a long one and fighting the defender all the way got in for six.  A second touchdown run in by Cornelius Walters and nice to see both kicked tries complete though an attempted field goal wasn't blocked it just never got up.  Exeter had some excellent trick plays with a fake punt working beautifully and a hook and ladder/flea flicker that didn't work a second time.  Finally Pirates 14-08 Demons with a very tense ending as the Demons had possession and seconds to go.  The Pirates are now promoted to the Premiership and play in Loughborough for the championship final the Sunday after next.

su 10 Mar

UEA Pirates 14-00 Bath Killer BeesDespite initially an impressively completing pass game from visitors the Bath Killer Bees there was no first quarter score in Norwich today.  With touchdowns in both the second and fourth quarters the UEA Pirates won 14-00 assisted by running back #90 Cornelius Walters' impression of a double decker bus.  The Pirates now progress to the semi-finals playing at home to we think the Exeter Demons.

su 3 Mar

Today in Norwich and the playoffs the UEA Pirates beat the Queen Mary Vipers 14-06 and so progress to the quarter finals.

mo 18 Feb

Yesterday's UEA Pirates v Kent Falcons american football in Norwich looked like it was going to be a native American game ... four quarters and no squaw ... sorry.  InUEA Pirates 6-0 Kent Falcons the fourth quarter with very little time left the Pirate's punter was hassled into not kicking but responded with a splendid 20/30 yard run (one for the brand) followed by two decent running back bulls and eventually in for six.  That left Kent with maybe 47 seconds and despite a couple of very decent Hail Marys failed to return score.  Joy was definitely unconfined on the Pirates' sideline.  If UEA beat Queen Mary Uni away in London next Sunday unlike last year they will have home field advantage when they meet the Falcons again in the playoffs.

mo 28 Jan

UEA Pirates v Imperial Immortals game abandonedYesterday in Norwich we noted that the UEA Pirates impressively had (rather like Country and Western) both kinds of running backs, big and bulling plus small and slippery.  In the second quarter with the score 12-06 to UEA very regrettably #27 Jonas Eschenfelder for the visitors Imperial Immortals received a sufficient injury he couldn't be moved.  After what must have been around an hour and no ambulance the game was abandoned.  We've been told Jonas' injuries are soft tissue and he should be fine in a couple of days.

we 12 Dec

CORRECTION: We originally reported that the CCU Chargers' honoury captain last Sunday was Ken Matcham.  The honoury captain was in fact Joe Waller who is being treated for cancer, our apologies to both gentlemen.

tu 11 Dec

UEA Pirates v CCU ChargersSunday we arrived in Norwich too late for the shaking of hands at UEA Pirates v CCU Chargers but not too late for a Charger to be ejected for illegal use of the helmet.  Erin Jones 51 (one the Chargers' two women players) left injured in the first half and we think we saw she'd taken her pads off but she returned later to play offensive guard and was getting close up and personal ... impressive.  A Pirates 37-00 Chargers whitewash but the Chargers stuck at it cheerfully in support of their player and honourary captain for the day Joe Waller who is being treated for cancer.

mo 5 Nov
Guy Fawkes 1570-1606

UEA Pirates 39-15 Queen Mary VipersIn Norwich yesterday the uni american football season started with the UEA Pirates having a comfortable(ish) 39-15 win over the newly promoted Queen Mary Vipers ... despite the Pirates struggling to convert touchdowns.  If anything the Vipers had the better passing game and both teams suffered from interceptions.  Lots happening on the sidelines with some cheer leader UEA Angels gently stunting, Iceni Spears player Louise moonlighting as a Pirates coach and some Norwich Devils part of the reasonable lump of spectators.

sa 29 Sep

UEA Pirates Rookies DayAs with last year's UAE Pirates rookies day in Norwich the gridiron newbs were rather outnumbered by women's lacrosse but there was still some 40 rookies.  Even our eye could see significant differences in co-ordination and a widespread problem following direction/coaching but virtually all rookies could catch the ball and bags of commitment.  Looking forward to the new season.

UEA Derby Day will happen again next year and a sort of similar Alumni Day is planned when past students return to play the present undergraduates.

th15 Mar

Heartbreaking for UEA Pirates last Sunday in the quarter final playoffs awayKent University cheerleaders stunting against the season undefeated Kent Falcons in Canterbury.  No score in the first half and as we've noted in uni football before no field goal attempts.  Third quarter UEA got in for a touchdown but the kick after was blocked.  Fourth quarter UEA returned an interception for a touchdown but heartbreakingly had it called back reportedly for taunting.  With not long to go Kent scored and converted to make it 7-6 ... we set off back for Suffolk in continual downpours and having learnt that road surfaces are knackered just about everywhere.

we 6 Feb

Sunday in Norwich the very bent chain stick from the last home game was still very bent but that didn't stop UEA Pirates beating visitors the Cambridge Pythons 45-00 and so progress to the playoffs.  It may have been a shut out for the Pythons but they impressively stayed plugging away including wide receiver 19.

fr 2 Feb

Iceni Spears flag trainingSunday's going to be busy: take stuff back to B&Q in Norwich, american football Iceni Spears Open Day followed by UEA Pirates v Cambridge Pythons, and then the roller derby world cup final streamed at the Beeb.

mo 22 Jan

Postponed from last year yesterday's UEA Pirates v Imperial Immortals in Norwich was full of minor incident.  TheUEA Pirates 36-00 Imperial Immortals already bent chain stick got seriously more bent when play spilled over a sideline, the pitch needed attention, a UEA Angel was optimistically wearing shorts (though she changed for the second half), very fine snow, and when the chain became detached from a stick the chain gang ref Alisha Darkins produced a cable tie to fix it!  In the third quarter a Pirates field goal made the score 36-00 triggering a rolling clock (the clock runs continuously shortening the game) and prompting the Imperial coach who had only five players left on the sideline to call it off ... full credit to everyone eh?

su 10 Dec

 POSTPONED  Today's UEA Pirates v Imperial Immortals game in Norwich postponed because of a frozen pitch.  The match will now take place some time after Christmas.

fr 8 Dec

Sunday morning an offside tyre was flat, the car wouldn't go into reverse and nearbyUEA Pirates 12-20 Kent Falcons the Dennington Queen's Head there were ducks in the road so we missed the UEA Pirates going six nil up against the visiting Kent Falcons.  Despite a second Pirates' touchdown in the end they lost 20-12 but encouragingly the Pirates' game ending hurry up offence seemed to slightly bemuse the Falcons, we especially liked the hook and ladder which may have been the first lateral we've seen in British american football ... like our first apex jump in roller derby ... you never forget your first time.

su 1 Oct

UEA Pirates Rookie DayLike the Ipswich Cardinals and unlike the Bury Saints most of the newbs at yesterday's UEA Pirates rookies day in Norwich were first timers.  On adjacent pitches impressive turn outs for men and women's lacrosse made the apparent handful for american football look depressing but it soon swelled to 30-40 players and they could all catch the ball.  Looking forward to seeing a fixture list for this winter.

mo 6 Nov

A comfortable american football 31-00 win in Norwich yesterday forUEA Pirates 31-00 Canterbury Christ Church Chargers UEA Pirates against Canterbury Christ Church Chargers.  Though distinctly cold when the sun went in more spectators than we recall last season.  Neither team showed much interest in punting early on to both their disadvantages and we can't recall a field goal attempt for the entire game.  Impressively Canterbury's woman number three (probably not her real number as the Chargers were in borrowed Mavericks shirts) played on special teams and took a turn at quarterbacking.  Pirates next home game is December against Kent Falcons.

th 9 Feb

UEA Pirates 6-9 Cambridge PythonsThe UEA Pirates lost 6-9 to the Cambridge Pythons in Norwich Sunday as their last home game in the BUCS South East.  A not entirely satisfactory game but the Pirates single touchdown was a high bomb to a wide receiver dramatically at a flying full stretch ... and we didn't snap it ...

we 14 Dec

UEA Pirates v Imperial ImmortalsOver the past couple of weekends we've seen in Norwich our first university American football.  Weekend before last the UEA Pirates hosted the Kent Falcons and we were surprised how much the pass featured, were impressed by the commitment of the Falcons' two woman cheer team and noted wayward long snapping.  Sunday we again noted wayward long snapping in the close UEA Pirates 07-12 Imperial Immortals match and learnt two new penalties we didn't know existed.  We'll be back in February for the Pirates next home game.

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