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UEA Pirates

su 22 Jan
Chinese New Year of the Rabbit

Gridiron UKThis afternoon's UWE Bullets at the UEA Pirates In Norwich POSTPONED because of pitch conditions.  Last home game of the Pirates' season and UWE is University of the West of England in Bristol.

fr 4 Nov

Gridiron UKLike the week before last Sunday's UEA Pirates 19-12 Cardiff Cobras started off damp but after bit the rain relented.  As often in Britball the kicking was rather wayward with a punt that manifested as an up and under but the takeaway is the Cobras have much improved for their second season in the Premiership.  Pirates next home game is the 27th against new to us Filton Pride.

mo 24 Oct

Gridiron UKAlthough there wasn't the promised thunder storm yesterday in Norwich it was wet enough to disintegrate paper notes and lists.  The Pirates 26-00 loss to Birmingham Lions to start the season wasn't helped by rooky inexperience.  It's a steep learning for newbie players but the good news is it's also a quick learning curve and the Pirates will get better.  Pix on that there Facepack.

su 6 Feb

The Birmingham Lions taking a knee for an injured playerVery windy for UEA Pirates 08-28 Birmingham Lions today the Pirates' last home game of the season.  More than enough injuries and as noted by the head coach afterwards the Pirates' game was not helped by indiscipline which we think included rookies not fully understanding the rules.  Pix on that there Facepack.

tu 14 Dec
Cardiff Cobras

In Norwich Sunday the first quarter of Pirates v Cardiff Cobra's whizzed past withUEA Pirates 30-06 Cardiff Cobras no injuries and very possibly no officials timeouts.  After three years since a chain stick got significantly bent at Colney Lane we were very pleased to see new sticks.  Rookie running back John Koomson impressed with not only forceful bulling but also notable straight line speed, regrettably he retired in Q4 with an injured ankle.  Finally Pirates 30-06 Cobras with the new to the Premiership Cobras' touch down run in from inches.

mo 6 Dec

UEA Pirates 10-00 Swansea Titans11:00am kickoff yesterday for Pirates v Swansea Titans with the Pirates wining 10-00 and not with a field goal indeed there was no goal kicking at all.  Impressively the woman medic followed play from the sideline but ironically was looking at her phone when needed for the only game pausing injury of the first half.

mo 22 Nov

UEA Pirates before playing UWE BulletsOur first return to the Pirates for over a year.  On our short way through suburban Norwich at least two new housing estates and more in progress but that's how it is all over East Anglia.  The Pirates now have a water boy (water man) and he can delegate.  Visitors UWE Bullets don't seem to have a specials team but that didn't stop them converting all but one of their eight touch downs for two points winning 62-00.  Two ejections for the same incident with both players clearly upset by the ejection but accepting it without dramatics.

mo 28 Sep

Pirates newbie hand sanatisingYesterday's UEA Pirates distanced rookies had some 15 newbs in the drizzle and a hatful of them could complete a pass.  Chatting with the team's president Oliver Howes we learnt that seven Pirates have qualified for a sports scholarship, the Uni championships has already been cancelled but there will be friendlies and the opponents don't have to be uni teams.  A natural choice would be the Norwich Devils ... we'd like to see that.

su 16 Aug

American football scholarships avaiable at UEASeems unlikely but UEA in Norwich are offering american football scholarships, you need to apply before the end of the month.

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