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su 10 Sep
World Suicide Prevention Day

London Haydn Quartet♫ This afternoon the last of six chamber music concerts in Cratfield this summer.  It's SOLD OUT so you probably will be missing <sigh> the London Haydn Quartet playing a programme of Beethoven, Mendelssohn and not surprisingly Haydn.

th 7 Sep

Suffolk Overheard: Listen, it's quite simple, the bar is open Fridays, Saturdays and Wednesdays ... except when the pool team is playing away.

we 6 Sep

The now closed Framlingham BarclaysAfter 126 years the Framlingham Barclays bank closed the Friday before last.  The cash dispenser and signs have gone, they'll need a carpenter to close the lobby doors which have no keyhole on the outside.  30 years ago Felixstowe was the nearest LINK cash dispenser to near the coast and Aldeburgh complained it had no ATM for visitors wanting to spend money ... what goes round comes round.

tu 5 Sep

Comedy and tragedyThe Breath of Life by David HareThe Breath of Life by David Hare is a two hander played by Suzanna Pickering and Nina Trebilcock in this Old School Theatre production.  There are three dates this month around near the coast starting Friday at The Two Sisters Felixstowe which we have yet to visit.

mo 4 Sep

Tour of Britain Thursday this year's Tour of Britain will be visiting much of near the coast.

su 27 Aug

Martin & Howe's ultimate pop up today offering antiques+ in Peasenhall

fr 25 Aug

Tribute to Allan Smethurst♫ You may have noticed that from beyond the grave Allan Smethurst The Singing Postman delivers one in three of our fortnightly(ish) email digests.  Tonight at the Friston Chequers there's a tribute to him in aid of the air ambulance on a donation basis.

th 17 Aug

Mona LisaSara Harrinton using the small Columbian pressSudbourne Park Printmakers are a group of some 30 artists and has a well equipped studio in a parkland setting near Orford.  Two members moving from Suffolk has created vacancies, more info and email Chrissy Norman before tomorrow the 18th.

th 3 Aug

Suffolk ConstabularySometime in the previous month a Yamaha YZ426F motocross bike, a chain saw, two hedge trimmers and a strimmer were stolen from a Tannington shed on The Green.  Any info contact police crime ref 37/44517/23, you can call 101.

we 26 Jul

Comedy and tragedyThe Hellgate ClubCommon Ground's autumn tour gothic murder mystery The Hellgate Club is set in 1905 Paris.  Dates set near the coast include Halesworth, Woodbridge and Wingfield.

Suffolk Myth No.101:  Not everyone in Suffolk is related.

sa 1 Jul

Dunwich DynamoAs previously the Dunwich Dynamo will pass through near the coast in the early hours of tonight.

fr 23 Jun

House sales around near the coastYes it's been a while but a new review of house sales around near the coast and Peasenhall now has its own house sales page.

sa 17 Jun

Fressingfield Open GardensToday and tomorrow a weekend of open gardens in Fressingfield.  Attractions include as you'd expect refreshments alcoholic Buy us a coffeeand otherwise, cake of course, two markets plus sculpture and scarecrows.

sa 27 May

To The Bridge by Sara Harrington (detail)As a slightly preemptive strike the Sudbourne Printmaker's summer open studios starts today and runs until tomorrow week.  Refreshments of course (almost certainly with cake) and next week printmaking demos.

su 14 May

♫ Next Sunday at the Stonham Barns the very yellow looking Jive Aces.♫

th 11 May

Aldeburgh High Street Dolpin Inn Thorpeness Framlingham Market Green Debenham

Looking at old postcards of near the coast you might think the only thing that's changed is the cars.

th 4 May

Suffolk sophisticates have both Co-op cardsDisappointingly not even near the coast will a Co-op card be acceptable ID for today's local elections.

we 19 Apr

Suffolk ConstabularyOvernight Sunday to Monday a vehicle parked in Peasenhall Road Walpole was entered and Stihl power tools including a strimmer, leaf blower and chainsaw stolen.  It's not known how entry was gained.  Any info contact Suffolk police quoting crime reference 37/22521/23, you can call 101.

fr 14 Apr
photo ID

Thursday 4 May is the local elections and you will need photo ID ... surprisingly theHaven't got one of these? Tories didn't also make it obligatory to be wearing a Barbour or green wellies.  The back of your polling card (now an A4 paper) lists acceptable IDs apart from the obvious passport and driving license.  If you have none of these (and we know people who don't) you can apply on line for a Voter Authority Certificate but you have to do it by Tuesday week the 25th.

su 2 Apr

Women's Tour PostponedThe Women's Tour has frequently and rewardingly visited near the coast but regrettably it's postponed this year, it would seem mostly because of money.

Saturday after next there's a boot sale in Dallinghoo with plants and cakes, prior pitch booking essential.

sa 1 Apr

Suffolk ConstabularyA shed at St Marys Church Cratfield had the lock forced last week and a lawn mower stolen.  Contact police quoting 37/17827/23, you can call 101.

th 16 Mar

We all know that governments both local and otherwise just love anything new and vibrating but not so good about keeping something desirable going.  A bit surprising then that the Katch service could return in April despite being a mini-coach functioning as a taxi with a very limited number of possible destinations.

sa 11 Mar

Wedding venue Woodhall Manor (it's sort of between Melton and Bawdsey) has an open day tomorrow and we're impressed it has a page for Asian weddings.

th 9 Mar

The Ukranian national flagThe Ukrainian family of three hosted near the coast have had at least one suitable accommodation offer but have decided to return home to Ukraine.

Peter Brockett has pointed out another upcoming A12 road works between Bredfield and Pettistree, pretty much around here we think.

we 8 Mar
road closures

Road works eh?The A12 between Ipswich and the M25 has three sets of road works with at least two likely to run into next year and signs on the A12 between Martlesham and the A14 announce road works due this month ... not easy to find details online.

tu 21 Feb

Donkey near death experience in Kelsale Sunday.

sa 18 Feb

Table top sale in CloptonNear the coast you're supposed to know by osmosis when the Framlingham Gala happens and when the Stratford St Andrew Riverside Centre is open but this table top sale Saturday week has relented to let you know it's in Clopton today.

we  8 Feb

A lot of merging has made the page nearthec in the teens when there were Designated Public Place Orders, petrol stations closed for makeovers and the Forward Green Shepherd and Dog was TO LET ... so no change there then.

th 2 Feb

Suffolk ConstabularyOvernight Tuesday a shed in Main Road Kelsale was broken into and a blue Suzuki GSXR 1000 motorbike reg YN04 KMF stolen.  Any info contact Suffolk police quoting crime reference 37/6336/23, you can call 101

we 25 Jan
Burns Night

Suffolk ConstabularyBetween 9:00am Friday 20 January and 10:24am Monday 23 January three trees on the grounds of Kelsale Primary School were damaged.  Any info contact Suffolk Police quoting crime ref: 37/4298/23, you can call 101.

we 18 Jan
Winnie the Pooh Day - AA Milne's birthday

Comedy and tragedyA Murder at St Muttley'sCommon Ground Theatre's Christmas tour of Bah, humbug!comedy A Murder at St Mutley's continues this week in the Gallery Studio Theatre Ipswich and ends Sunday over the county border in Chipping Ongar.  For certain they'll be back touring near the coast soon.

sa 14 Jan

House sales around near the coast. house sales around near the coast

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