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we 2 Dec

Ryanair, the replacement bus service of air carriers.

we 25 Feb

A cormorant having a bit of a preen

We thought this cormorant on the Solent was at least a bit interesting but our hosts said they saw them all the time.

sa 31 Jan

We made our first visit to a Tesco Express last Sunday in Manningtree.  There were three different kinds of croissant but no peas or light bulbs in any form.

mo 26 Jan
Australia Day

Riders line up for the start

We've heard that there were fields of 90 riders early in the season but yesterday's sodden and last of the season EADT League cyclo-cross at Mistley near Manningtree had somewhat fewer starters.  Well organised despite the pervasive rain with Tea - the cup that cheers but does not inebriate and cake in the race HQ, hi tech PDA result correlation and a general air of camaraderie ... but as the riders struggled up the steep, slippery and muddy climbs for 'n'th time the rewards did seem tenuous even to ex-bikies like ourselves.

A wet overcast day

we 8 Oct

Los FiesterosWe woke Thursday morning in Spain wanting something cold; our still sleeping hosts' fridge had what looked like Spanish Dandelion and Burdock, the front label said no added sugar and indeed it was pleasantly dry and sharp.  Half way down the second large glass we discovered that Tinto de Verano is 4%.  Other things we learnt in Salobreña were the local authority collects your rubbish EVERY DAY, something the Suffolk Coastal Collection Delivery Team might want to think about as they work towards one collection a year ... just before Christmas so the dustmen can get their bung; and if Stansted's security have confiscated your jar of Pataks Lime Pickle you can get another one in Super Sol ... which is more than you can do in Solar.

Big saddles and prancing horses

we 30 Apr

AkenfieldThe historic Harwich Electric Palace Cinema is a bit of a trek but worth the effort and at the end of next month it's showing Peter Hall's Akenfield.  Made in 1974 the film was shot on location in villages west of Wickham Market and using local people as the cast.

tu 4 Mar

The promenade in Lee on Solent Sunday was noticeably quieter presumably because of Mother's Day.  Though a mild day the wind on the front was cutting through, and up, everything you were wearing; wisely dogs were staying out of the water, but then dogs do know how to enjoy themselves.

mo 5 Nov

The Calshot steep trackThe Solent Saturday afternoonThe Solent (remember there was a brand of menthol cigarettes called Solent when smoking was still legal?) was looking particularly good in Lee on Solent Saturday and on Sunday across the bay in the Calshot Activities Centre the steep track and just one of the many climbing walls were being well used.

we 31 Oct

HalloweenGeorgie Fame is playing the Harwich Electric Palace tomorrow week ... it's already sold out but there could be returns.

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