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we 10 Jan

Last week we enjoyed revisiting the art deco shelters in Mewsbrook Park Rustington, Sussex.  A little scruffy inside but still a credit to the district council.

th 17 Jun

Wish you were here - /BuddugFriend of nearthecoast Peter Brockett has pointed out that yesterday we left out Boadicea's Welsh name Buddug.  We've found evidence the warrior queen was named whilst on hols in Rhyl taking a mini-break from annoying the Romans.

su 6 Jun

Roller skating on Bournemouth Pier last centuryAs a very young teenager we had a week's holiday in Bournemouth.  Much of it was spent roller skating on nearby Boscombe Pier.  We manned up for a Gentlemen Only session and got pushed so hard from behind we went over the barrier.  We visited maybe ten years later and the roller rink was now an amusement arcade but the beautiful wooden floor was still there.

we 23 May

Eastern Angles at the Halesworth Cut this Friday (not last Saturday as shown in the Cut's newsletter) with a play set in a Clacton B&B.

we 20 Sep

Great Yarmouth Winter GardensIt continues to surprise us how popular roller skating was as an entertainment at the beginning of last century, including the magnificent looking Great Yarmouth Winter Gardens.  In today's long running Radio 4 drama Home Front set during the first world war a couple go roller skating on Folkestone pierMrs Adeline Lumley: I'm afraid I'll fall over.  Staff Sergeant Silas Morrow: That's the idea.

tu 5 Sep

Tour of Britain 2012 in AldeburghThe Tour of Britain will be passing through near the coast Friday round about lunch time.  You will know it's approaching when you hear the helicopter, expect it to flash past and best not to get in the way.  Wednesday the day before there's an individual time trial around Clacton, if you download the start sheet you'll know who's likely to be coming along next and there will be several hours of spectating to do.

tu 11 Jul

Dunfermline roller skating brass bandLast century roller skating on Bournemouth Pier was certainly al fresco and possibly ad hoc, impressive how many ladies involved and muffs (possibly echoing ice skating) were clearly a fashion accessory ... more here

tu 18 Apr

East Essex Sabres warming upThe toilet cubicle we patronised at the Deanes Sports Centre near Rayleigh had a door that passed so close to the toilet bowl that careful planning was needed to get in and out.  There was something distasteful looking smeared on a wall and the hand drier didn't work but at reception there was a cheerful young woman ... more here

fr 10 Mar

near another coast 2009-2008.

sa 11 Feb

The Hill SnapeSnape exile now Sidmouth resident Roger Horton emailed with some kind words and help with the recent Snape postcards on our Facebook page.  Thank you Roger.

fr 19 Aug

In recent years La Vuelta has been much more interesting than Le Tour and hopefully it will be so again this year ... though the Sky machine will be there.  Coverage starts 10pm tomorrow night on ITV4 with highlights of the team time trial ... the race promo's a bit Eurovision.

mo 8 Aug

Wrabfest - Wrabness Summer FeteIt's certainly the village fete season, Saturday we went to the Wrabness fete which is pretty much a mini festival.  We enjoyed fish curry, a very theatrical human fruit machine, a bird of prey that decided to go off for a 15 minute fly round and a woman singer who might be Jackie Hole of The Super Things ... more near the coast it's Blaxhall's turn to fete this coming Saturday.

mo 25 Jul

Grayson Perry's A House for Essex Wrabness on the south bank of the river Stour is Essex if only just.  From there you can see Grayson Perry's A House for Essex against the cranes of Felixstowe port.  From what we can make out Perry doesn't actually own the house ... can't say we're smitten.

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