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su 26 au 12

It looked like last year's Goodwood Roller Marathon would be the last one for a bit but it's transmogrified into the South Coast Roll and is rolling today.

we 4 jl 12
American Independence Day

Seaside Siren Holly GofightlyThe Peasenhall Assembly Hall is one of three green token good causes this month at the Saxmundham Waitrose (roller derby league the Seaside Sirens was one of last month's three in the Southend Waitrose).

th 26 ap 12

Killer Bite and Jenna Tail'yaAt Pier Pressure in Southend Saturday we missed the first bout skate out but surely the Sirens' A team's dough boy must have won despite mixed team Masters of the Derbyverse coaches YT and Philthy winning appreciative laughter from the crowd for their super-heroine capes ... wouldn't it be nice if programmes gave the home leagues of mixed team skaters?  The Masters of etc went evens  ... more roller derby

fr 30 mr 12

wasps in Pettistree~ pic by Simon BlackburnA warning from the Gamekeeper about wasps and hornets even though he's in Cornwall.

mo 28 no 11

Saturday we went to Southend to see the Seaside Sirens bifurcate into Guns and Roses for their first intra-league bout, and first time for us man derbyReferee Cherry Fury at half time from Southern Discomfort and Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder.  Blimey!  Man derby is 100 mile an hour stuff with very BIG hits and a 'loose' skating style that includes lots of skating backwards and some running backwards on your toes ... but still that roller derby quirkyness.

mo 12 se 11

Yours Truly skating out at Pier and LoathingScouser Alexie Sayle may have said of Milton Keynes it's like the Somme with houses but the MK Concrete Cows don't seem to have been disadvantaged beating roller derby hosts the Seaside Sirens 143 to 88 in Southend Saturday.  In the support bout the debuting Kent Roller Girls also won and looked particularly good in black and gold, lots of pix on Facebook.

su 4 se 11

Polish dance company Orleta Visiting Southend's seafront for the first time in a long time we rather liked the Victorian gothic west of the pier and the continually changing fountains by the Kursaal east of the pier.  We were at the seaside for the Polish Arts Festival and we enjoyed the food, the dancing, the graffiti wall, the horizon broadening involvement of children, Essex Uni hall of residence's fast Internet upload and Body Snatchers Theatre who even by Suffolk standards are actually mad.

mo 22 au 11

Floral Rustington bus shelterFloral Rustington bus shelterThese looking just like a garden shed bus shelters are in Rustington on the south coast, nice to know that in some towns life isn't all security cameras and designated areas.

su 19 jn 11Father's Day - pic contributed by R Magritte

Beach Bash BoshPix of the Beach Bash Bosh roller derby in Southend on Facebook.

th 9 jn 11

Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush 8pm tonight at the Harwich Electric Palace.

su 24 ap 11

Norfolk Brawd GRIMbolinaYesterday's outstanding Brawl at Sea in Southend was the first ever roller derby bout for both the Seaside Sirens and Norfolk Brawds ... we were slightly taken aback by the smallest blocker and largest jammer we've ever seen on a flat track.

su 27 fe 11

7:30 tonight Suffolk's Got More Talent at the Leiston Cinema ... no, we've never been there but it sounds a bit like the Harwich Electric Palace.

th 27 ja 11

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (she did the same but backwards and wearing heels) in Top Hat tonight at the Harwich Electric Palace.

tu 21 de 10Winter Solstice - the shortest day

Christmas like a nooseOld Glory ~ pic by P JermyCarols on the Quay tonight in Mistley, Christmas Eve carols in Brundish church 6:30pm whilst the Old Glory Molly Dancers will be in both Southwold and Walberswick.

sa 18 de 10

7pm:  The Harwich Electric Palace have cancelled tonight's film show because the projectionist can't get in and we've just experienced quite heavy snow between Woodbridge and the A14.

fr 8 oc 10

Gothic attitude - pic by Gwyn BilbyRunning this month at the Beyond The Image gallery near Eye is a show of images by Gwyn Bilby from the Whitby Goth Weekend earlier this year.

sa 25 se 10

♫ It's the last day of the Fressingfield Music Festival with a concert tonight from counter-tenor David Shepherd and baroque ensemble Badinage, also tonight Spikedrivers (in the vid) at the Manningtree Red Lion with jamming tomorrow afternoon in the bar.

th 26 au 10

Longest benchNear another coast Littlehampton has not only the somewhere or another's longest bench but probably the biggest marital aid too ... it must be the name ... Littlehampton.

mo 12 jl 10

Spanish octopus ~ pic by Sue Davies 

The baker's octopus in La Herradura got it right!  (Thanks Sue)

su 6 jn 10

Pretty much non-stop Isle of Man TT on ITV4 at the mo' ... there's a history doc starting soon ... should be sidecars at 9pm.

we 3 fe 10

Plenty of training time for the three dudes who will be cycling from Framlingham to Brighton in May.

tu 19 ja 10

Mistley Quay near Manningtree is a thoughtful place, a quietly working wharf which

View you should see from Mistley Quay

should have a view like this, but there's now a two metre high wire fence all along the quay, so absolutely Free the Quay!

sa 30 ja 10

Donate nowSaw on tv last night that the only significant temporary housing in Haiti are ShelterBoxes supplied by UK Rotarians ... and an older lady who'd had a leg amputated, had no medical supplies and hadn't eaten for four days.

mo 25 ja 10

Music at the Manningtree Red Lion this Saturday for Free The Quay.

we 2 de 09

Ryanair, the replacement bus service of air carriers.

we 25 fe 09

A cormorant having a bit of a preen

We thought this cormorant on the Solent was at least a bit interesting but our hosts said they saw them all the time.

sa 31 ja 09

We made our first visit to a Tesco Express last Sunday in Manningtree.  There were three different kinds of croissant but no peas or light bulbs in any form.

mo 26 ja 09Australia Day

Riders line up for the start

Hard up hill slogWe've heard that there were fields of 90 riders early in the season but yesterday's sodden and last of the season EADT League cyclo-cross at Mistley near Manningtree had somewhat fewer starters.  Well organised despite the pervasive rain with tea and cake in the race HQ, hi tech PDA result correlation and a general air of camaraderie ... but as the riders struggled up the steep, slippery and muddy climbs for 'n'th time the rewards did seem tenuous even to ex-bikies like ourselves.

A wet overcast day

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