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mo 27 Feb

Keep on Rolling!A belated RIP for the Kansas City Bomber (doubled by Judy Arnold) who died the Wednesday before last.

mo 20 Feb

Who's Afraid?Postcards old and new do tend to grab the comedic effect of people falling over especially as early roller skates had no toe stops.  Though this charming Edwardian set is no different it also observes that children are frequently much better skaters than adults ... Keep on Rolling!

sa 4 Feb

The sunlit uplands of roller derby when it was newly born in the UK. Keep on Rolling!

th 12 Jan

Keep on Rolling!A while back we were told there are four roller derby banked tracks in the USA.  Once upon a time you could get specific training for banked track.

th 15 Dec

Bah, humbug!Keep on Rolling!Christmas looms, the John Lewis ad recalls our attempt to relearn roller skating and the Brandeston panto Alice in Winterland. is Sunday afternoon.

th 28 Apr

Hogg Hill principal Alex Ireton is now a world record holder ... mind you he might have been one before.

fr 3 Dec

Roller Rinking RevelriesAs a kid we went over the handlebars on the cobbles then in Stratford Broadway, other rolling on cards updates includes Hispanic bad taste and both British and US endurance roller skating.

sa 18 Sep

Roller skating for thye first time last night  Shall be among you shortly!  The boys around here all fall hard for me!

Perhaps inevitably most comic postcards about rolling involve falling over.

su 6 Jun

Roller skating on Bournemouth Pier last centuryAs a very young teenager we had a week's holiday in Bournemouth.  Much of it was spent roller skating on nearby Boscombe Pier.  We manned up for a Gentlemen Only session and got pushed so hard from behind we went over the barrier.  We visited maybe ten years later and the roller rink was now an amusement arcade but the beautiful wooden floor was still there.

tu 20 Apr
Roller derby beer?  Hell yes!
mo 29 Mar
Nice to see rolling in Clissold Park Stoke Newington, we used to jog there with a three legged dog call Spock ... we could usually keep up with her.
we 24 Mar

The Mayor of Loughborough opening the Premier Skating RinkA handful of vintage pix that could be filed as groups; the Mayor of Loughborough opening the Premier Skating Rink and the latest craze in Dundee is American Roller Skating ... perhaps it's the name of the rink.

tu 9 Mar

Interest in a 2012 Alamy pic by us of a roller derby bout highlighting how the sport has since developed.

tu 12 Jan

Stand up comedian Lou Sanders being a lot braver than us on eight wheels.

we 30 Dec

Best roller skating woman stand up, Suzi Ruffell or Lou Sanders?

tu 10 Nov

There's something subversive about fancy dress perhaps because the wearer is not themselves for a bit.  It certainly appealed to Edwardian roller skaters.

th 29 Oct

Relaxed eleganceSara Pascoe is definitely a better roller skater (20:39) than Rachel Parris (not difficult) but she doesn't have the relaxed elegance we've often envied in roller derby skaters out of play.

tu 22 Sep

It's not just roller derbyists who have attitude.

mo 14 Sep

Our calculation may be imaginative but at the beginning of last century a one hour lesson in fancy skating would have been around £36 in today's money ... sounds about right.

mo 7Sep

Tiger Bay Brawlers in Grantham and 2012A chum who has been motor homing near Wales pointed us at BBC Wales' three part doc about roller derby league Tiger Bay Brawlers.  On tv tomorrow night in Wales only but available everywhere on iPlayer.

sa 5 Sep

Roller skater having a restThe day after we'd bought a helmet for roller skating we came off backwards big time banging our head hard.  Sixteen year old Sid Hudson skateboarding in Bury St Edmunds wasn't so lucky.

th 13 Aug

Kandice by Jenny Sampson (detail)A tintype was a mid 1800s photo process which makes just one positive and usually mirror image.  Popular as it could be processed quickly, a sort of Victorian Polaroid.  The subject's participation is needed for the long exposures suiting snapper Jenny Sampson who used the process to make pix of female and non-binary skateboarders in US skateparks.

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