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tu 1 Sep

One of the many things that bemuse us (we're easily bemused) about roller derby is how the usually three or so Non-Skating Officials managing the penalty box keep track of six stop watches especially now a penalty has been reduced from 60 to 30 seconds.  So stunning Sunday at the Norfolk Brawds' minimalist scrimmage just one NSO was doing it ... and then we saw he had six timers on his tablet.

mo 27 Jul

Norfolk Brawds open co-ed scrimmageWhat seemed like a good handful of skaters had bailed out on the day of yesterday's Norfolk Brawds/East Anglo Smacksons open and co-ed scrimmage but in the event there were sixteen person teams plus some skaters splitting between bouting and officiating.  Encouragingly visitors from Suffolk RD, Full Metal RD and MK Concrete Cows and fun was definitely being had, at one point chicken sounds coming from somewhere in the pack:)

su 7 Jun

At yesterday's British Championship bouts in Norwich the Norfolk Brawds came from behind against the KillaHurtz (they're from Chelmsford) for a very emotional last couple of jams 144-138 win.

sa 11 Apr

Norfolk Brawds birthday cakeWe wore our fanboy hat for The Norfolk Brawds fifth anniversary last weekend.  The celebrations included a Sur5al format tournament with guest skaters from LRG, the Billies and other leagues, a choo choo train and an absolutely brilliant cake.

mo 16 Mar

Sad Norfolk Brawds at Easton College yesterday.

mo 26 Jan
Australia Day

The Norfolk Brawds held their first ever co-ed scrimmage with some Suffolk Roller Derby guests at Otley College near Norwich yesterday.  Great stuff!  We saw ourThe Norfolk Brawds' first ever co-ed scrimmage first pegassist with Kid Hell swinging Ben Jamin over the infield but Ben couldn't quite stay in bounds.  A star pass to Philthy Delphia over the blockers at the whistle did work.  There were a lot of star passes perhaps indicating we're still post Christmas plus a shortage of jammers obliging blockers to take their turn.  The Brawds expect to continue these open (you just need basic skills, a black and a white top and a fiver, trainee officials welcome too) scrimmages as a monthly event ... bring it on.

tu 23 Dec

The Norfolk Brawds have come a long way since we first saw them at play three years ago.  They hosted their first intra-league bout Saturday in a tv studio which unlike a sports hall didn't have a horrible echoey acoustic so for the first time at a derby we could actually understand the announcer.  We found the team names difficult to retain but it was a comfortable win for Black over Brown.  Our favourite moment was Teki for Brown breaking through as lead jammer and giving a double two fingers to the Black bench ... so why didn't we snap it?

su 28 Sep

Roller derby has more rules than the EU making a ref's difficult job essentiallyMutiny on the Bouty impossible during the frequent bursts of frantic activity.  Inevitably there will be calls that bemuse the benches and crowd, when events allow it would help if refs could signal long enough so third parties as well as the offending skater are informed.  Know we keep banging on about this but mixed team skaters in the programme should have their home league named... and ref Mimey is not ordering an Americano with just one sugar at the Norfolk Brawds' very excellent triple bouter Mutiny on the Bouty yesterday.

su 13 Jul

Yesterday there was derby l♥ve Feel the derby love! in Norwich.

tu 8 Jul

Feel the derby love! Saturday there will be derby l♥ve in Norwich.

tu 27 May

Youthful RDL supporterSunday the Norfolk Brawds hosted a mixed league scrimmage plus a full bout against visitors Roller Derby Leicester.  RDL were short handed (as it seemed all four teams were) and although newly hatched (November) we recognised some experienced faces.  It would help at a bout with no public game clock if time left on the half was announced before the five second warning, several times the visiting coach asked for it ... just saying.  High spot for us was the youthful RDL supporter who had a selection of signs to display including 'BORING' during time outs.

mo 21 Apr

Sur5val pile-up in NorwichThe Saturday before last the Sur5val roller derby format came to UEA Norwich.  A little difficult to follow as the scoreboard had software problems and to prevent colour clashes the teams didn't wear their league jerseys but still highly enjoyable derby.  Impressively Suffolk Roller Derby came fourth in their first public bout and hosts the Norfolk Brawds celebrated winning by falling to the floor prompting a mass pile up/bundle.

sa 4 Jan

The Saturday before Christmas in Norwich the Norfolk Brawds hosted a three way (four way if you count theNorfolk Brawds Christmas scrimmage Brawds skating for White) mixed league scrimmage.  It had a definite Christmas air with committed skating, many official timeouts because the track tape must have been bought at Poundland, the Brawds sometimes taking ballet first position at jammer line starts and a shy HellLucyation on the score board.

It was the third flat track scrimmage for Malicious Wishes who has come from banked track derby, she told us she's still having to get used to taking her penalties immediately (in banked track penalties are served after the jam) ... derby name of the day Coco Shrapnel.

mo 19 Aug

The Billies' mascot was undoubtedly the star of Heartland East round 5 in Norwich (Romsey Town Rollerbillies 243-127 Mean Valley Roller Derby) the weekend before last but what gave us a nice warm feeling was the Norfolk Brawds' confident (eventually) 166-122 win over Rebellion Roller Derby.  A power jam from Yours Truly halfway through the second half put the Brawds in the lead for pretty much the first time and then the Brawds steadily built on their lead despite the as always impressive jammer skating from the Rebs.

Power jams can make such a significant difference to a result we do wonder if there should be some cap on them ... like in ice hockey where a power play ends early if there's a score ... maybe the other jammer gets released if 40 points are scored on the power jam?  Or maybe not:)

mo 24 Jun

Yours Truly made the effort at the  Norfolk Brawds yesterday.

su 12 May

The UEA sports hall in Norwich yesterday for Jam Theft Auto had the usual sports hall rubbish lighting but is BIG, has tiered seating and the daddy of the trio in front of us was saying I know absolutely nothing about it but I like ice hockey.  It might have been the magic wimples but probably not that gave Slaughter House Sisters aJam Theft Auto comfortable win over Machete Mamas (a proper reporter would written the score down).  What was impressive was with five debutantes from Blue Thunder, three from Rockin' Rollers and other open door firsties the bout went off at 100mph AND the mixed league teams were organised ... looks good for derby speaking of which Amy and Ryan say Ipswich should start training at the end of the month.

We really wanted the Norfolk Brawds to do well against the Vendetta Vixens after they were mugged and left for dead by the Billies last month but at the half the Vixens had a comfortable lead (should have written it down).  Don't know how the Brawds came back but they did, nothing succeeds like perseverance (and power jams) with the game ending on a no score jam and us jumping up and down for a 164-153 Brawds win ... it could have easily gone the other way Vixens and Brawds, stay out of the box!

we 13 Feb

Saturday the first day of the Eastern division Heartland series was in Norfolk Brawds celebratingthe eight badminton court sized sports hall of the Catmose Centre in Oakham, it's actually a school apparently?  Not only did we hear how cute the Norfolk Brawds looked in their uniforms but they had an almost full team too but then the Bedfordshire captain was stuck in Luton airport leaving them short too.  Either way the Brawds had a good quality 143-120 win despite two virtually simultaneous majors (the only kind of penalty these days) towards the end of the final jam.  Nice to see Beds occasionally choosing to line up on the dear old pivot line despite one whistle starts and lots of baby Brawds spectating suggesting the Brawds will soon put a full fourteen on the track.

Mean Valley/Rebellion pile upYou couldn't say the Rebellion looked cute but we like their new tops, the previous dark green and white piping jobbies looked very smart but also made them look a bit like a table tennis team.  The Rebs followed in the Brawds tradition and put nine skaters on against fourteen giving them a steep hill to climb and eventually a 230-149 loss against an organised Mean Valley.  Thankfully no very serious injuries but a worrying bang on the head for a Beds skater, excellent beer at the after party in the Grainstore Brewery ... well it would be wouldn't it.

tu 13 Nov

As is their style hosts the Norfolk Brawds were short handed Sunday pitching up 12 skaters against the Bristol Harbour Harlots B Bristol Harlots v Norfolk Brawdsteam's also a short 13.  The Brawds started with some rampaging power jams and we thought they would storm the bout but then the Harlots' jammers kept finding the inside line and steadily moved away.  Bags of good humoured attitude on the Bristol bench with some jammer on jammer faffing about near the bout's end dumping both skaters on their bums which was much enjoyed by the closed door spectators ... and a smiley high five between the two at jam end.  Not like us to know we know but the final score was Bristol 224 - 153 Norfolk and it was the Brawd's last bout of their season.

th 12 Jul

Peeing down for jubilee Sunday at the beginning of June, our satnav and website streetmap convinced Easton college Norfolk is in East Dereham six miles away, we find the campus but it's doing an impression of 28 Days Later so several circuits of Say No To Camel Toethe campus to find the sports hall followed by more circuits to discover you enter the front car park from the rear car park where we first stopped.  Inside the hall is not big enough for a full size track and the shiny surface causes some early skidding for the closed door bout but the skaters soon figure that one out and the derby magic starts.  Visitors Hertfordshire Hell's Belle's did loose to hosts Norfolk Brawds despite particularly sparky skating from speccy Phizzbang and a confusing half time team talk from Brawd Philthy Delphia We're winning but we mustn't be compliant yeah? ... and we were so lucky to turn round just in time to see Brawd Colletteral Damage jump the apex ... you never forget your first time.

su 6 Nov

Yesterday one Norfolk Brawds' car wouldn't start, another Brawd left her Brawds captain Jessica Whackitcontact lenses behind, in Houghton Regis the satnav decided to send the 50 seater down a tiny lane that had a locked gate across it, just 30 minutes for the after party and a 170-33 beating from hosts Rebellion Rollergirls in a closed door bout that had five Brawds injured including one hospital visit ... but there was the warm enveloping chattering companionship of the 50 seater plus the group laugh passing Stevenage's CHEAP ADULT DVD SHOP and well ... it's roller derby!

tu 17 May

What struck us about last night's Norfolk Brawds roller derby training in Norwich was commitment and inclusion.  Commitment with a weekly three hour training session

The Norfolk Brawds

 even though their next bout is not until August and inclusion with some newbie Cabin Girls who can just about skate and the league refs actively involved.  As with all roller derby bags of attitude ... and a bit sexy.  Pix on that there Facepack.

su 24 Apr
Easter Sunday

Norfolk Brawd GRIMbolinaYesterday's outstanding Brawl at Sea in Southend was the first ever roller derby bout for both the Seaside Sirens and Norfolk Brawds ... we were slightly taken aback by the smallest blocker and largest jammer we've ever seen on a flat track.

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