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sa 23 Jan

The London Rockin' Rollers (not to be confused with the London Roller Girls) are recruiting a head coach ... #rollerderby eh?

su 15 Nov

Revolution Sprint SeriesThe mobile box office outside the Olympic Velodrome was brilliant at sorting the ticket up cock of our own making.  Inside the velodrome the Revolution Sprint Series was providing entertaining racing from all sizes and gender.  Our last visit with its non-starting Derny was reprised when the meeting ended a little prematurely because a three man pile up on the banking had damaged the track.

we 21 Oct
Trafalgar Day

Monday night we went to the Olympic Velodrome on comps for the first six day London Six Daybike race in a large town since 1982 ... we went to that one too.  We could moan about the poor signposting, poor lighting on the obligatory walk through the park, five pounds for a pint of Heineken and far too loud music but the velodrome is very impressive inside, the racing was brilliant and there was all the fun of a Derny that refused to start for the final keirin.

mo 10 Aug

Ipswich Cardinals v Bury SaintsReckon when we saw the Ipswich Cardinals play the Wembley Stallions last month Ipswich were outnumbered two to one.  Yesterday when Ipswich played Bury Saints reckon it was three to one.

th 2 Jul

After decades of watching American football on tv saw our first live match Sunday.Ipswich Cardinals  Not surprisingly being outnumbered at least two to one the Ipswich Cardinals lost to the Wembley Stallions 19-44 but an honourable loss.  We were surprised how difficult it is to follow the ball at ground level and in this soccer obsessed country how hit and miss the kicking was.  We're looking forward to last match of the season against Bury (St Edmunds) Saints who reputedly are mostly US military.

we 27 May

Hog Hill 2015Bit of a busy bank holiday weekend.  At Hainault the first Hog Hill of the year was full of longboarding, some buckboards, slalom and an impressive slide though this jammer must have hurt himself when he came down even faster the next time to repeat this stunt.  A BMX track has been built in the track centre and was being used by tinys being coached by a not tiny.Framlingham Gala Princesses 2015

Monday's Framlingham Gayla had it seemed to us more spectators than usual and coped with surprisingly busy roads for a Sunday morning.  The parade included from Dennington school a Jack and the Beanstalk float dispensing sweeties.

fr 20 mr 15
Spring Equinox

Stradbroke library and post office Before High Ongar in Essex was bypassed we used to pass the newsagents and sub-post office at seven in the morning.  Though they were open to get to the papers delivered they'd sell you papers, sweets and cigarettes but they couldn't conduct post office business until nine because it would be unfair competition for the main post office in Chipping Ongar.  So we were very impressed to find that not only is the Stradbroke library open on a Sunday but so is their post office counter.  But big organisations like the Royal Mail have a genetic need to cock it up and in Yoxford are insisting that the shop can only have a post office counter if it opens on a Sunday.

we 18 Mar

Hog Hill 23-24 MayNice to see there will be more Hog Hill's this year at Redbridge which is almost Essex but in fact still a large town.

we 11 Mar

The East of England co-op has withdrawn it's planning application for what was the garage in Stradbroke.

su 15 Feb

Today we snapped in Stradbroke and Otley near Norwich but that can wait while we try and wrap up pleasing Mr Google.

we 18 Feb

Kim Bannon at Radio StradbrokeHaving been distracted by Stradbroke's community run library and post office being open on a Sunday we made it to Radio Stradbroke in time for the last fifteen minutes of Kim Bannon's show.  This Sunday 10am-1pm it's Richard and Huggy with another punk show.

we 7 Jan

Klaudia Sokolowska has been found safe and well in Bethnal Green.

th 18 Sep

Marcus BrigstockeWe've noted before the Haverhill Arts Centre has become a try out zone for Himoff Thetellies so weren't stunned but a little surprised that nice Stephen Mr Cleverclogs Fry is playing there next month.  Then we read more carefully, it's a broadcast of him on stage in a large town ... a broadcast? <in Lady Bracknell voice>.

Marcus Brigstocke's Diss Corn Hall gig at the end of next month is halfway though a proper tour ... maybe it's because it's Norfolk.

we 17 Sep

Sunday morning's 5.5 mile time trial in a large town was the penultimate stage ofSupport car stopped on the inside the 2014 Tour of Britain.  At the end of Lower Thames Street there's enough of a rise that it was making the riders think.  British rider Nathan Edmundson's support car stopped on the inside so the mechanic could get out to recover whatSir Bradley Wiggins might have been his dropped mobile.  He'd only just got back into the car when following rider Manuele Boaro had to ride round the outside.  Overtaking the still stationary GB car the driver of Boaro's team car gesticulated and expostulated (it's like ejaculated but without the innuendo) in Italian.

Didn't recognise Mark Cavendish who looked a little porky and Sir Brad Wiggins' beard and national time trial champion's jersey confused us.

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