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Aldeburgh teens

sa 25 Aug

West Side StoryAs part of Bernstein At 100 Aldeburgh Cinema is showing tonight West Side Story (the dancing is still a revelation) introduced on stage by Leonard Bernstein's biographer Humphrey Burton.

su 19 Aug

Aldeburgh Carnival tomorrow, when we saw it earlier this century with Lady KRJ who grew up in Hackney she asked Why's it so quiet and where are all the black people?

we 25 Jul

Police are concerned for 34 year old Robert Lye missing from Aldeburgh.

we 27 Jun

The 2001 Star ChildWe saw the re-release of 2001: A Space Odyssey in 2001 at the Aldeburgh Cinema, it was maybe our fourth viewing.  Leaving afterwards the couple in front, HER: I really enjoyed that.  HIM: I can't believe I missed the football for that.  For the epic's 50th anniversary the cinema is showing it Saturday and Wednesday in its original form with an intermission.

we 30 May

Miss Hailey Tuck will be appearing at the Aldeburgh Proms Snape this August.

tu 24 Apr

Suffolk ConstabularyPolice are asking for witnesses to a collision between an older woman cyclist and a white van in Aldeburgh High Street Saturday afternoon.

tu 2 Jan

It's A Wonderful LifeChristmas Eve there were sufficient kids in the Aldeburgh Cinema for It's A Wonderful Life for us to think Some optimistic parents here.  When the film started it was Star Wars ... It's A Wonderful Life was being shown in the new to us 40 seater Studio screen upstairs.

we 27 Dec

Even more difficult these days to park in Aldeburgh with two hours parking no return within four spaces by the Moot Hall seven days a week ... it's not like they're hosting the bloody Olympics or something.

fr 17 Nov

A gherkin - pic by Renee CometWhen you order a gherkin (nicknamed a wally when we were kids) in the Aldeburgh chip shop (not The Galleon) what you get is a small polystyrene pot of gherkin slices ... alrightish ... easier to share.

th 27 Jul

♫ The Aldeburgh Proms start Tuesday with jazz singer Clare Teal's tribute to the ladies of swing and the following day the Wednesday it's the magnificent Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

we 24 May

Hello Dimitri?What a brilliant idea!  Aldeburgh Cinema after the polls shut on 8 June election night have a one off showing of Dr Strange Love Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb.

tu 17 Jan

Aldeburgh in 2014 and 2012.

tu 10 Jan

An Aldeburgh High Street convenience store (the smaller co-op?) burgled in the early hours of today.

th 1 Dec

Photo by CF DowsingIn 1935 AG Potter Framlingham received an invoice for threshing, in 1910 the Aldeburgh golf clubhouse caught fire, we don't know where licenced grocer John Allen had his shop but our favourite is this little girl in her sturdy boots.

tu 15 Nov

We recall Aldeburgh Music being a name change from something like Aldeburgh Foundation some years back?  Either way as Aldeburgh Music now owns all the Snape Maltings site Aldeburgh Music is changing its name to Snape Maltings.

we 12 Oct

The Aldeburgh man arrested on suspicion of rape has been released from bail and officers are now confident no crime has been committed.

fr 12 Aug

This weekend it will be the 74th Aldeburgh Carnival weekend (we wen to the 72nd).  This year it's a circus theme.

mo 4 Jan

(Lto R) Alice Mottram, Matt Jopling and Julian HarriesDespite the filthy weather (and our word wasn't it windy on the Aldeburgh front last night) a very decent house in the Jubilee Hall for Justin and the Argonauts.  The five handed cast tackle a multiplicity of characters (our favourites were the Scottish hand maidens) and musical numbers.  Common Ground's tour continues tomorrow at the New Wolsey Studio Ipswich.

On our way home two people in front of the Aldeburgh cinema were wringing a rug out ...

tu 3 Nov

Aldeburgh community day tomorrow, we went last year.

th 16 Jul

It was a good sized and appreciative house in the Jubilee Hall Aldeburgh last night for Common Ground's one act comedy Stranded.  Some effective adlibbing by Julian Harries when inadvertently a vase fell breaking some china That was five pounds in the Red Cross shop and we enjoyed the analysis that Sweep was the maverick one of Sooty and Sweep.

we 17 Jun

2015 Women's Tour stage 1 finishAldeburgh was looking very yellow this afternoon for the stage one finish of the 2015 Women's Tour.  We missed stage winner Lizzie Armitstead crashing just after the line but did notice unhappy faces in the team area afterwards and later on King's Field discovered it was the unfortunate Ms Armitstead being airlifted out.

mo 23 Feb

The DAB (digital) radio network is to get 182 new transmitters with near the coast benefiting from new transmitters at Aldeburgh and Blythburgh.  Picking the bones out of a government document is an unsatisfying experience and we can't find a date for these two newbies beyond completion of all by 30 September 2016.

th 20 Nov

Aldeburgh Community CentreThe trick to finding the Aldeburgh Community Centre (a local community centre for local communities) entrance is it's round the back.  Once we'd worked that out we found it crammed with help organisations and charities though the police easily had the mostest and bestest freebies.  Organiser PCSO Terry Barrow told us the day had been doubly useful with not only the public but organisations finding out about each other ... depressing though to discover that even a place like Aldeburgh has a food bank and rough sleepers.

mo 17 Nov

Edwyn Collins at the Aldeburgh documentary film festivalIf you don't know who Edwyn Collins is you'll probably know this if only from the M&S ads.  In 2005 he suffered two near death cerebral haemorrhages but at the Aldeburgh documentary film festival yesterday for a showing of The Possibilities Are Endless about his recovery he entered employing a walking stick and an energetic hobble that was life affirming rather than disempowering.  At the sound check it was a joy to hear his basso chest voice as full as ever. ♫

sa 1 Nov

Aldeburgh trick or treatersWe anticipated that Aldeburgh last night would be awash with creatively attired trick or treaters but to catch the light perhaps we were too early and at first could only find DP's bar being Halloween decorated (their Halloween party is tonight).  A street light was doing it's best to look moody in the surprisingly busy town when we stumbled over two trick or treat parties who both said they'd only just started ... so we finished.

tu 19 Aug

As best we could make out peering over people's heads (security had apologeticallyAldeburgh carnival parade moved us on from the the Coop Daily ramp) yesterday's Aldeburgh carnival parade had a samba/Brazilian theme.  We thought it pretty impressive but our visiting guest from the east of a large town wanted to know where all the black people were (there were a handful) and why it was all so quiet (no sound systems).  Afterwards there was a packed food village by the boating pond (though we were a little disappointed by our lamb samosa), donkey rides and a twinkling traditional whirligig.

sa 2 Aug

Why does it not surprise us that Aldeburgh bowls club use a Daily Mail cd as a bird scarer?

mo 23 Jun

♫ In Aldeburgh yesterday we got see the Broadside Boys for the first time and though they weren't dressed Suffolk their anthem Suffolk Punch was suitably and rousingly patriotic.  They were part of the Aldeburgh Festival's Musicircus which is maybe a 100 bands of absolutely all flavours playing close by each other along the front and it is absolutely all flavours; school choirs, string quartets, ukes, a Hendrix wannabe, a folk quartet with the melody taken by children's tinkle bells, three vibraphones and a drummer playing Latin American ... everything and it was wonderful.

th 12 Dec

Hopefully tomorrow night we will be drinking white wine at the private view for Ania and Thom Hobson's second show in Aldeburgh.

mo 15 Jul
St Swithin's Day

10:55am  What's that Skip?  You met someone who grew up inWhat's that Skip? Aldeburgh and didn't like Benjy because he stopped the ice cream van ringing its chimes?  Probably graceless to mention it in Benjy's centenary year Skip.

mo 13 May

We were surprised when Argo won Bafta best film back in February and we didn't get to see it in Aldeburgh (love sitting there doing nothing waiting for the film to start).  Brundish are showing it this Thursday as the last film of their winter season ... looks a bit American.  Is it us or are trailers getting longer?

th 14 Mar

BE WARNED the police will be speed checking in Valley Road Leiston, and North Warren and Leiston Rd in Aldeburgh.

sa 9 Feb

To honour Aldeburgh Cinema's chief projectionist Neville Parry's 80th birthday there's a 3pm showing today of The Smallest Show On Earth on traditional 35mm film probably complete with scratches.

th 29 Nov

Ben Parry - pic contributed♫It would seem that for Benjamin Britten's centenary next year the Britten-Peers Chamber Choir conductor Ben Parry has renamed itself the Aldeburgh Voices (well the Britten-Peers Chamber Choir didn't really trip of the tongue did it?) and will be auditioning experienced choral singers in January.

tu 13 Nov

After his recent(ish) cameo appearance in the Framlingham Bookshop the Bill Nighy - pic contributedüber cool Bill Nighy will be presenting a lifetime achievement award at the Aldeburgh Documentary Film Festival this weekend ... well he is cosy with the festival director.

mo 10 Sep
World Suicide Prevention Day

Fabio SabatiniWe thought it something when we got to see reigning world road race champion Thor Hushovd on Suffolk roads at Framsden last year but yesterday on the Aldeburgh-Thorpeness road we got to see British reigning world champion Mark Cavendish and Tour de France winner Brad Wiggins, that won't happen again in a hurry.  Loads of spectators (nothing like being on telly to make people think something is interesting) and the many police motorcyclists enjoying their celebrity by waving at the spectators.  Coverage of the tour all week on ITV4.

mo 18 Jun

The Aldeburgh tortoise has found its way home.

th 14 Jun

Early Tuesday morning in Aldeburgh cigarettes were stolen, it's becoming quite the trending crime near the coast ... perhaps hashtag fagblag?

th 7 Jun

Have you LOST a tortoise in Aldeburgh or a gold necklace in Woodbridge?

mo 2 Apr

Aldeburgh Gallery private viewOne of the nice things about the Aldeburgh Gallery is it's next to the other chip shop in Aldeburgh, mind you the chip shop closed surprisingly early last Friday so was of no use to those who had stayed late buying at the packed private view of Rendham brother and sister painters Thom and Ania Hobson ... they're both young and talented ... we hate them.

fr 9 Mar

The 11th and three day Aldeburgh Literary Festival starts today with Roddy The Commitments Doyle Jesus sent him?  On a fecking Suzuki?! in the evening, tomorrow morning Claire Tomalin biographer of Charles Dickens in his bicentenary year and our personal favourite Sam Pepys, and Ian Hislop in the afternoon.

we 2 Nov

Daytime house burglaries yesterday in Aldeburgh and Saxmundham.

we 27 Jul

71 years ago today the destroyer HMS Wren was sunk by German aircraft some 20 nautical miles east of Aldeburgh.

we 13 Jul

A surprising amount of Isle of Man TT coverage last year on ITV4 and Andy Tiernan commented it's an alien environment for a motorbike.  The feature length doc Closer to the Edge shows at the Aldeburgh Cinema this Friday and Saturday though it's not clear if it's in 3D.

sa 4 Jun

Suffolk RoadsafeAt the Family Fun Day in Aldeburgh it was great fun to watch the local law enforcement community re-enact that jolly royal wedding copper ... but also poignant as so many of the public services present are under threat.  We were particularly impressed by two dudes beavering under the Suffolk Roadsafe awning fixing bikes, they also teach bike maintenance and road safety ... not just cones in the playground safety but culminating in four hours on the public roads safety.  They are paid for by the county council, have had to reapply for their jobs and don't know if they'll be around next year.

tu 26 Apr

Mobile phones pinched in Aldeburgh and Leiston.

sa 5 Mar

Mary ChamberlainYesterday in Aldeburgh for the 10th literary festival Virago founder Carmen Callil was in conversation with Mary Chamberlain author of Fenwomen, Virago's first publication.  There was little sound as late we approached the auditorium doors, audience must be pretty thin we thought ... the Jubilee Hall was packed!  Afterwards a very impressive if slightly secret bookstall at the back of the stage and then across the road to the cinema gallery for Justin Partyka's shot on real film photos for the new Full Circle edition of Fenwomen.

we 9 Mar

The Aldeburgh White Lion shut for refurbishment last month and won't re-open until 21st April.  Now that is a refurbishment.

we 2 Mar

Be warned, the cops are going to enforce parking in Aldeburgh.

su 24 Oct

BlackthornWelcome to new advertiser Suffolk Exhibitions who have a show in Aldeburgh next month, thank you to the Greener Garden Guy who has renewed his Leiston slot and it's cost Damini Custard just £1.21 to support Russian girlie symphonic metal band Blackthorn (we like the synchronised hair twirling).

mo 16 Aug

A red Hyundai in Aldeburgh had it's rear window smashed yesterday.

mo 5 Jul

Collision in AldeburghCrikey!  Surprisingly nobody seriously hurt in this Aldeburgh one yesterday but the police have asked for witnesses.

fr 14 May

Skimmers found this morning on cashpoints in Framlingham, Leiston and Aldeburgh ... so that's why a police car outside Barclays this am ... or not.

th 29 Apr

Green party Rachel Fulcher at the Aldeburgh hustingsThe hustings last night in the Aldeburgh parish church organised and chaired by the Reverend Nigel Hartley in an ultimately neutral manner were not surprisingly very well mannered.  Perhaps a little surprising the church was easily 7/8s full to see all five Coastal Suffolk candidates (and what a wonderful opportunity to see them in one hit) make a short pitch (the Rev had an apologetically polite time's up beeper) and then answer questions.  We left after an hour but are assured all remained even tempered ... more pix

Remains of Aldeburgh boatyard fireThat must have been quite a fire at the Aldeburgh boatyard yesterday morning, there's nothing left of the main boat shed.  A bystander who was there told us that being a boat yard there were many gas bottles on the site.  More pix on Facebook

sa 2 Jan

The inherent self righteousness of councils punctured when Suffolk Coastal sell the electoral roles for Aldeburgh and Framlingham for £26!

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