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Andy Tiernan

tu 19 Jul

BSA light car in FramlinghamLast week by Andy Tiernan's Framlingham we saw this 1930s BSA three wheel light car on a trailer with the very appropriate number plate.  The BSA number had belonged to the factory but Andy scored the plate from a London antique dealer about to retire.  We were a bit confused by the lack of brakes on the BSA's front wheels but Andy explained the brake was a rod operated drum brake mounted inboard on the diff.

we 2 Dec

1920 AJS combinationBehind the Framlingham Station Andy Tiernan always has something interesting to look at.  Recently we were much taken with this 1920 AJS and sidecar with separate child's compartment ... but don't look at the price.

we 3 Jun
Andy Tiernan on a Ner-A-Car model CAndy Tiernan's in what was the industrial south of Framlingham always has something interesting.  Recently it was two 1940s War Department motorcycle combinations with driven sidecar wheel but no reverse and a 1925 Ner-A-Car Model C, one of perhaps just 50 examples in Europe.  Ner-A-Car-motorbikes had a step through design and the model C an enormous front mudguard so you could ride to work in your everyday clothes.
tu 14 Apr

Andy Tiernan with a 1960s ExcelsiorVery nice to welcome back Framlingham advertiser Andy Tiernan .  Andy was on the telly a couple of weeks back buying a 1960s Excelsior from Henry Cole in the ITV4 series Shed & Buried.

Advertising available right now ... we just missed 16,000 visitors last month.

mo 8 Sep

Last week we were watching a motorcycle combination back from something in Ireland1962 motorbike tax disc being washed at Andy Tiernan 's Framlingham.  The bike had a brass tax disc holder and as this month we'd placed our last tax disc on a car windscreen we mused that owners will surely keep the tax disc holder on their vintage vehicles and no doubt there will be a new trade in period discs.

From October when renewing road tax a disc will not be issued and payment can be monthly.
th 12 Jun

Considerably more than a hatful of bikers outside Andy Tiernan 's yesterdayWest Midlands something at Andy Tiernan's in Framlingham, they were the West Midlands section of something ... possibly the Vintage Motorcycle Club ... would make sense.  Also in Framlingham Mark Palmer has a full time job going for a promotions representative and diary coordinator.

sa 3 Oct

BSA light carFrom behind it looked just like a Morgan (exact same red as a Morgan owned by a cousin in the late 1950s) outside Andy Tiernan 's in Framlingham but the full wings threw us.  A BSA three wheeler ... "Bloody Sore Arse" said Andy "I can't get into 'em" andAndy Tiernan proved it by getting in but having quite a struggle to get out again.  The wings are the whim of a previous owner and should be motorcycle type mudguards, the v-twin engine is reportedly based on a seven cylinder aero engine and we recognised the instrument panel ... from a Morris 8?  If you're interested Andy has another BSA in stock but this one did go for £10,000 and would have brought twice that if it were a Morgan.

fr 18 Sep
Motorcycle combination taxi for hire
Cog drive for speedo on BSA motorcycle taxiThis exquisite BSA motorcycle combination TAXI (thanks for the pic Trev) has been flaunting itself this week outside Andy Tiernan 's in Framlingham.  It has been restored with a devotion that almost makes your skin crawl, the slot screws and cup washers holding inBSA taxi interior place the chair's trim have been sprayed to match the interior and show no signs of being screwed in.  Despite the combination's stunning elegance Trev opines it must be a beggar to drive; two separate throttles (one for air, one for petrol), manual advance and retard, manual gate shift gear lever on top of the petrol tank, manual control of oil pressure via a glass and twiddler, and the very early electric headlamp is as useless as the rear brake.
BSA motorcycle sidecar taxi in Framlingham
we 2 Sep

1940s Hanomag in FramlinghamThis curiously dumpy vehicle was outside Andy Tiernan's in Framlingham this afternoon.  Though it came from Romania it's a 1940's German Hanomag with a 2 litre diesel engine and a top speed of 12mph as it was intended for towing things ... which is why the hefty old diff has got its own sump.

fr 19 Sep

Harley-Davdison army combinationSome beautiful machines gleaming in the Framlingham sun outside Andy Tiernan 's, twoAJS being unloaded Triumphs, this WWII army Harley-Davidson combination with the throttle where you'd expect it, unlike an Indian ... and more arriving including this immaculately restored AJS, also part of a combination.

th 13 Oct

Andy Tiernan over the weekend had bought at a German auction a 1915 2.5ltr French motorbike set up for pacing bicycle racing. 

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