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Framlingham in 2012

su 9 Dec

House sales around near the coastHouse sales lively in Framlingham and bubbling under in Woodbridge.

sa 1 Dec
Adnams new seasonal beer Shingle Bells is dark, not stupidly strong and despite
Snow machineTwo young skatersSkater's fallFramlingham market pies

being overly chilled by the chilly night was very pleasant in Framlingham  castle's car park last night.

mo 12 Nov
Remembrance Day

It was a frosty start to Remembrance Day yesterday but the sun shone for the parade in Framlingham  and at the closed door roller derby in Norfolk we couldn't choose between Chick Dastardly and Tarty McFly as our favourite new to us derby name of the day, honourable mention to referee Booster Quadburn.

we 17 Oct

A yellow mini Labradoodle has been missing in Framlingham  since yesterday lunchtime.

fr 12 Oct

Leighton PageAfter 27 years (they used to be in part of what is now Fram DIY) Animal Health Supplies opposite Potters in Framlingham  have decided the Internet and parking lost to the upcoming Hopkins Homes development is too much and are closing.  They still have a little stock to sell at major discount and they will be there till the end of the month.

th 11 Oct

01:20pm: Bloke in Openreach hiviz has just been poking about in Stately Terrace, maybe Framlingham  is going to get optic fibre? ... nahhh.

sa 22 Sep

Though later joined by a Spitfire today over Framlingham  what we initiallySpitfire (L) and Yakovlev Yak (R) thoughtwas a Spitfire we're told was a Yakovlev Yak stunt aircraft ... photographed at the same distance as the future (assuming she stays married) queen's breasts.

mo 13 Aug

It may have found it's way home already but if you find a New Street B and B sign possibly in the New Street Framlingham area then Catherine Girling wants it back.

we 11 Jul

Unlike the royal wedding in Orford last year the rain last night made Danegeld morris retreat into the Framlingham  Castle Inn but the two fellas erecting the Magners cider garden in the courtyard soldiered on.

tu 3 Jul

Framlingham first responder Steve LovettAll things will pass ...Five years ago yesterday the Framlingham first responders went live and ever since typically get called out ten times a month.  We find it a great comfort that they are likely to be with you before the ambulance or paramedic ... but though their experience is people are very generous with money what is really needed are more responders.

tu 19 Jun
Wickham Market 1907 Castle Street Framlingham Riverside Framlingham 1920

Wickham Market 1907, Hacheston school pre-1920 and Framlingham Riverside and Castle Street.

su 20 May
oil seed rape  Clay Lane  dog walker
Today Framlingham is surrounded by oil seed rape and last century the corner of Bridge Street and Riverside wasn't a car park and the Castle Inn had trees outside.
Bridge Street Church Street The Castle Inn
su 13 May

Kathrin Shorr of Sweet Talk Radio♫ We wouldn't expect to hear If I Only Had A Brain or Thin Lizzy's The Boys Are Back In Town at a Maverick concert but last night in the Framlingham  Crown Sweet Talk Radio turned them into gently lyrical slow ballads.  Like we've said before they can all sing in country and Sweet Talk's roadie Alex Berger sang and played someone else's guitar beautifully in a two song spotette.

th 10 May

The Framlingham Flyers were best (possibly Saxmundham Rotary mean first) team in Sunday's Heritage Coast Run at Thorpeness.

tu 1 May

Framlingham allotments ~ pic by John ByerJohn Byer of the Otters on the Mere tells that the Framlingham allotments are all in use, the broad beans are flowering a month early, rhubarb is being picked and all that's needed is for the rain to stop ... no comment John.

mo 30 Apr

♫ Ukulele goddess Lucy Sampson is from Benhall but in our pic she's playing in the Framlingham Crown so we've added her to the Framlingham Ladies page.

fr 27 Apr

The Saxmundham IT Club was formed in February and has members from Framlingham, Leiston and Debenham, newbies always welcome.


Apache helicopter near FramlinghamThe helicopter landing at Framlingham college tomorrow should be an Apache not the air ambulance.

fr 13 Apr
Friday the 13th

Andrea HoneywoodFive years ago today Framlingham's last community copper Andrea Honeywood retired and was replaced by a Safer Neighbourhood Team.  Nowadays the Fram SNT (and we bet most people still don't know what that means)All things will pass ... has merged with Saxmundham and Aldeburgh and is commanded by a sergeant in Leiston ... he probably has a satnav.

tu 27 Mar

♫The open mike night Sunday before last at the Framlingham  Castle Inn had over 60 people turn up including Benhall ukulele goddess Lucy Sampson.  The next open mike night is the Sunday after next the 8th April.

fr 16 Mar
Framlingham first responder Avatar in Framlingham A dragon in Framlingham 118 in Framlingham
Framlingham today
th 8 Mar

Something curiously comforting about the return of traditional Friday night vandalism in Framlingham.

su 4 Mar

Saw Lord Brundish in the Framlingham Co-op this morning and he told us the Brundish Crown now has folk music 2-4pm every last Sunday of the month.♫

tu 31 Jan

Not surprisingly our roller derby girl pix on Flickr attract a lot of views but perhaps more surprisingly the Framlingham flat rat is the most viewed of our recent pix.

mo 30 Jan

Open mike at the Castle InnNo strippers, conjurers or performing dogs at the Framlingham  Castle Inn's open mike last night but plenty of guitarists.  We were particularly impressed by newbie Marc Everett who didn't even bring a guitar, he borrowed one.  If you want to try yourself out in front of people then you'll find the Castle audience very generous in spirit.

sa 21 Jan

BT poking about on the road between Parham and Framlingham  in two places, hopefully they're upgrading the broadband from totally rubbish to a bit useless.

fr 6 Jan

A flattened pigeon in Fairfield Road Framlingham, then a flattened fence and now a flattened ... well make your own mind up.

mo 2 Jan

New year's eve the Sweffling White Horse was open and serving Brandeston Gold, and earlier thesps Bill Nighy and Diana Quick visited the Framlingham Bookshop.

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