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earlier in Felixstowe

tu 19 Jan

Crikey!  The constabulary certainly stuck with this one, an Ipswich and a Felixstowe man are due to be charged with a Melton shop robbery in 2014.

tu 12 Jan

After the Felixstowe DipFelixstowe's mayor Doreen Savage has emailed to tell us that the Christmas Day Dip had 352 dippers and raised in the region of £20,000 for the St Elizabeth Hospice.  As dip registrations were five or ten pounds that's an impressive amount of sponsorship!

tu 29 Dec

Felixstowe Christmas Day DipWe survived Christmas despite getting up far too early Christmas morning andbloody Christmas ... eh? driving to Felixstowe in the dark to find the satnav had taken us to the part of the front where David Berry's cortege had assembled but no Christmas Dip.  Fortunately some dog walkers put us right and though we were still far too early suddenly the Dip was upon us and it was rewarding to see the dipper's pleasure of achievement.  The dip raised an unspecified number of thousands for the St Elizabeth Hospice.

fr 17 Jul

St Elizabeth Hospice is holding a truck pull tomorrow afternoon in Felixstowe.

tu 16 Jun

Tomorrow the first stage of the Women's Tour starts in Bury St Edmunds,Aviva Women's Tour 2015 takes in Bradfield St George, arrives in Aldeburgh around 2:00-2:30pm and if it's anything like Felixstowe last year there'll be a free Costa Coffee van.

fr 16 Jan

Suffolk ConstabularyEarlier this week a Land Rover Defender in Wickham Market had a window smashed and items stolen ... bit concerning this crime is being dealt with by PC Gemma Spink at the Felixstowe station, not Woodbridge?

we 7 Jan

Klaudia Sokolowska has been found safe and well in Bethnal Green.

tu 6 Jan

Klaudia Sokolowska14 year old Klaudia Sokolowska has been missing from Elizabeth Way Felixstowe since Saturday.

tu 30 Dec

The Tinder BoxWe saw the Common Ground Theatre Company last year in the Halesworth Cut.  Since then principal Julian Harries has been the pub quiz master in an episode of Detectorists.  The company's Christmas show The Tinder Box is out on the road around near the coast with tonight the last at St Mary's Hall, Walton near Felixstowe.

mo 14 Jul
Bastille Day

Felixstowe Music Shop♫ The Felixstowe Music Shop is part of Felixstowe Radio and is next to the Co-op in what was the railway station.  Today and only today as an absolute just once a year the shop is offering discounts on bass guitars, in fact it's their ... Bass Deal Day.

fr 9 May

Dutch national team rider Anouska KosterSad to recall that our last visit to the Felixstowe sea front was for Dave Berry's funeral ... but today the sun managed to shine for the Women's Tour of Britain third stage with much milling about and whistle blowing before hand.  Champions jersies gave us a chance to identify some riders plus FREE coffee from a Costa Coffee serve yourself van.  Sunday's final and fifth stage ends in Bury St Edmunds about 1pm.

su 4 May
Star Wars Day

Women's Tour of Britain 2014Next week the inaugural women's Tour of Britain flirts with near the coast twice.  Stage 3 Felixstowe-Clacton on Friday passes just south of Woodbridge and the final and fifth stage on Sunday passes to the west of Stowmarket to finish in Bury St Edmunds.

we 19 Mar

 FOUND  Held at Woodbridge police station an iPhone 4, a Nintendo DS and a holdall containing baby books, at Felixstowe police station a lady's bracelet.

mo 27 Jan

The Tour de France Féminin has had a troubled history but we suspect with Britain's new found interest in (if not understanding of) cycle racing the Women's Tour of Britain may do better ... that is until Britain discovers it's interested in full contact piggy in the middle when the Tomo twins from Stackton Tressel win world gold at Sarajevo.  Stage 3 of the Women's Tour of Britain starts Friday 9 May Felixstowe-Clacton.

su 19 Jan

The Seckford Foundation has granted £1,500 to the Felixstowe Youth Development Group.

fr 3 Jan

A Happy New Year to you all - and thank you for the amusing Near the Coasts over the year - even though I am a foreigner living in Felixstowe!!  Doreen Savage

Thank you for the kind words Doreen and we rather like Felixstowe and don't consider it foreign at all.

tu 31 Dec

A quantity of cash found in a Felixstowe public toilet.

mo 7 Oct

At last night's Suffolk Coastal community awards the Framlingham Flyers beat out Felixstowe hockey club and Woodbridge rugby club for Club of the Year and Leiston police are appealing again about a camera found in Aldeburgh and August containing over a 1,000 family photos including a graduation.

tu 7 Aug

Too late today but continuing tomorrow and Friday Felixstowe and Haven Ports Seafarers' Service (rolls off the tongue doesn't it?) are having a book sale.

th 19 Jul

Felixstowe Ferry golf club have emulated Thorpeness with their own avian House In The Clouds.

fr 15 Jun
Our fifth birthday

Crane 3 Felixstowe ~ pic by Mark Cook ♫Life for rock'n roll stars is not all groupies and substance abuse but Framlingham's finest The Outlaws do have an impressive location to throw tvs from.

su 25 Sep

Miles JuppA giant tombola for Macmillan cancer today on Felixstowe market, the Matt Wates sextet at Ipswich jazz club tonight and, if you've got a passport and a snooker ball in a sock, stand up Miles Jupp at Haverhill arts centre (misleadingly he's Archie in Balamory as well).

fr 19 Aug

An 89 year old woman has a suspected broken hip after her bag was snatched outside Morrisons Felixstowe yesterday morning.  Encouragingly the female bag snatcher was held by passers by until the police arrived.

tu 24 May

Overturned lorry in Felixstowe - pic contributedLast night Smiler was speaking of this overturned lorry in Felixstowe and now the police are appealing for witnesses.

fr 4 Mar

Wednesday police dog and springer spaniel Paddy returned to visit Looking for a homeold friends at the Felixstowe Blue Cross Adoption Centre and highlight the constabulary's support for the centre's Complete the Dream appeal.  The centre takes in and rehomes primarily dogs and cats (who have chalets) but also rabbits, guinea pigs and even hamsters.  On Wednesdays in the tiny surgery a vet is available to the elderly and unfortunate.

tu 18 Jan
Winnie the Pooh Day - AA Milne's birthday

Damien Payton isn't so much gamekeeper turned poacher as gamekeeper turnedThe Village Grocer in Walpole grocer.  His Village Grocer van takes a week to visit villages between Felixstowe and Southwold and then starts again.  Despite the chilling and insistent rain yesterday he was parked up on that corner in Walpole where there used to be a pub and his fruit and veg looked in good shape.

tu 9 Nov

Armed robbery in the Felixstowe Ladbrokes earlier this evening.

mo 13 Sep

What sounds like an unpleasant assault in Felixstowe last night.

sa 7 Aug

Silk and SteelThis is three fifths of hard/glam rock band Silk and Steel giving a free concert in St Felix Catholic Church Felixstowe last Wednesday.

th 5 Aug

Lorry meets bridge in Felixstowe ~ pic contributedBet that made somebody's eyes water!  Police are appealing for witnesses to this HGV colliding with a bridge yesterday near Felixstowe docks.

we 4 Aug

Of the Victorian massiveness that was Felixstowe railway station just Felixstowe radio studio half the platform remains as a station with most of the rest being the co-op (be warned with time limited car parking).  Inside the old station one of the co-op's neighbours crammed into what was the ticket offices is Trevor Lockwood's love child Felixstowe Radio broadcasting seven eleven on fm 107.5 and the net.  The station (radio station that is) has two cramped studios, a reception that can double as a studio and a student digs type notice pointing out that milk does not buy itself. Trevor Lockwood

Trevor is so full of stuff he wants to do he probably comes under strategic arms limitation treaties ... expect Aldeburgh Radio soon ... more pix here.

we 2 Jun

Today Matthew we will be mostly localising the weather ... as always not as straight forward as it looks ... sorted, Woodbridge done ... Aldeburgh, Felixstowe, Halesworth ... that'll do for now.

su 30 May

A 66 year old man was charged yesterday with the attempted murder of a 73 year old man in Felixstowe.

tu 5 Jan

Scarily four men have been charged with the rape of a 16 year old girl in Felixstowe.

mo 18 May

We don't really understand about dance mats but for those who do there's a first off disco for them at the Felixstowe Spa Pavilion tonight.

th 7 May

Felixstowe is appealing against the loss of blue flag status for its beach.

mo 9 Mar

On line station Felixstowe Radio now have an FM license to broadcast to Felixstowe, Walton, the Trimleys and surrounding areas.

th 4 Sep

Art on the PromIt was Art on on the Prom Sunday in Felixstowe, the Felixstowe Chamber of Commerce had helped by giving a £1,000.

th 7 Aug

Felixstowe Chamber of Commerce Summer D&D

Spot the difference?

Know anything about this photo?

sa 12 Jul

Tracey Laflin, a property specialist with solicitors Jackaman, Smith and Mulley, became the new secretary of the Felixstowe Chamber of Commerce at the beginning of the month replacing Louise Berrill.

th 10 Apr

Belinda Gillett has been found safe and well (thanks Smiler).

we 9 Apr

Misssing person Belinda GillettBelinda Gillett is 32 and was last seen Friday afternoon in Felixstowe, she was due to meet friends on Sunday but did not show up.  There is police concern for her well being.

th 14 Feb
Valentine's Day

Yesterday a ladies black leather wallet containing a gold ring with two diamonds and a sapphire, a gold ring with an emerald, a gold wedding band, a pendant watch on a gold chain and a ladies wristwatch with a gold bracelet was lost near Felixstowe.  The whole shebang has been handed in at Felixstowe police station.  Heart warming.

we 6 Dec

David Berry's funeralFelixstowe yesterday saw 138 bikers (plus some stragglers) in the cortege and a Spitfire fly past for David Berry's funeral.

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