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fr 17 Dec

Winter Solstice - the shortest dayLike we've said before Tuesday is the shortest day and the Rendham Mummers will be marking it with Dracula's Longest Night.

sa 29 May

Paintings and drawings of Sweffling by Ruth Finn at Studio Sosenka Rendham  this week.

we 19 May

Sweffling by Ruth FinnStudio 80 in Rendham  has transmogrified into Studio Sosenka (it's Polish for pine, presumably pine as in wood not as in pining for the fiords).  From six pm Friday they will be showing paintings and drawings of Sweffling by Ruth Finn ... it usually involves white wine.

th 10 Dec

The Rendham Mummers Summer 2019It's the winter solstice the Monday after next starting the days getting longer.  Perhaps inevitably and certainly regrettably the Rendham Mummers have cancelled their winter solsticeshow but Covid permitting will be back 21 June next year for their good humoured chaos.

su 25 Oct

Maggi Hambling: Making Love with the PaintIt is a truth universally acknowledged that In Suffolk you are never more than five yards from an artist.  Last night a BBC 2 doc about near the coast's very significant paint botherer Maggi Hambling, more than once the non-surgical mask was pulled down.

fr 12 Jun

Summer Solstice - the longest day  It'll be the longest day tomorrow week but no Rendham Mummers.

su 15 Dec

Figurines at Studio 90's 2019 Winter ShowWe've noted that what were private views have understandably and increasingly become openings or launch parties.  Last night in Rendham Studio 90's Winter Show opening was crowded, an impressive number of sales and some items really caught our eye.

tu 27 Aug

Boudicca at the Battle of Pipney HillAt yesterday's Rendham Mummers' The Battle of Pipney Hill Revisited every time the warrior queen arrived on her chariot the band went ♫Da da da da Daaaaah da♫ tickling our memory buds.  It was only on Boudicca's third entrance we realised it was Chariots of Fire.  Passing the bucket after the usual magnificently chaotic show the Mummer's raised £444.86 for Lighthouse Women's Aid.  Next Mummers show for the winter solstice Sunday 22 December on Rendham's green at the junction of Sandy Lane and Chapel Road ... Romani Ite Domum.

fr 2 Aug

Tonight yet again the Rendham Mummers will be defeating the Romans, this time at the Laxfield Low House.

fr 12 Jul

The Rendham Mummers will again be defeating the Romans tomorrow night, this time at the Sibton White Horse.

we 19 Jun

Live bronze casting at Studio 90 - RendhamSo as to not clash with the Rendham Mummers on Friday Studio 90 has moved the live bronze casting by Simon Bowbar and Emmie Ray forward to 6:00pm

tu 18 Jun

Like we've said before it's the summer solstice Friday so the Rendham Mummers will be presenting The Battle of Pipney Hill Revisited at the Sweffling White Horse .. Death to the Romans!

sa 22 Dec

As is their signature style the Rendham Mummers last night were their usual chaotic and magnificent selves including wonderfully incompetent guitar solos for the Mummers' version of Bohemian Rhapsody ... l♥ved it.

tu 28 Aug

Passing motorbike at the Rendham MummersYesterday amidst passing cyclists (who stopped), motorbikes and drivers (one of whom informed the crowd The police are on the way) the Rendham Mummers in their usual chaotic manner delighted.  The post performance buckets go to the Suffolk and Norfolk charity Fresh Start.

su 15 Jul
St Swithin's Day

Rendham Mummers at the Sibton White HorseAlmost too sunny yesterday on Framlingham market and in the evening the Rendham Mummers were crammed into the garden at the back of the Sibton White Horse.  We know we're not supposed to like the French with their nice food, world cup and Tour de France but we so enjoyed last night's Gallic aristocrats we had to suppress a Allez les bleus!

fr 13 Jul
Friday the 13th

The Rendham Mummers in 2016 and they were FREE then!With our relationship with the French currently being a little tetchy, the Mummers will transport you back to a time when our relationship with the French was errrrrr still tetchy.  The Rendham Mummers at the Sibton White Horse 8pm tomorrow evening with Brothers In Arms, you'll l♥ve them and it's free!

we 27 Jun

To prove us wrong that everything happens in June Rendham have their summer fete Saturday week 7th July.

sa 2 Jun

Tonight a private view at Studio 90 Rendham and just up the road another tomorrow at the Printroom Studio Sweffling.

fr 20 Apr

Claudius at the Alde Valley Spring FestivalI:00pm tomorrow in Great Glemham artist and Rendham resident Maggi Hambling will open the Alde Valley Spring Festival and you can be assured she will amuse.  From 10:00am it's the Makers Market in the Framlingham Unitarian.

fr 24 Nov

bloody Christmas ... eh?Loads happening Saturday: during the day Christmas Bazaars inVix of Vix and the Kicks Brundish, Halesworth Cut and at the Riverside Centre Stratford St Andrew; in the evening the private view for Studio 90 Rendham's Winter Show, the Fat Band at Charsfield Village Hall and Vix and the Kicks (she does make the effort) at the Halesworth lights on. ♫

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