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Rendham noughties

th 31 Dec

Artist and Rendham resident Maggi Hambling has been made a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire).

sa 21 Nov

St Michael's in Rendham last night was looking lovely with so many candles and Rafal Luc and Jessica Hayes quite toasty under the red glow of the wall heaters for the concert given by outstanding players Jessica Hayes cello and Rafal Luc accordion.  The unlikely duo complemented beautifully with us sometimes not clear which instrument was making the low sustained notes and during the very modern piece Tahtela, Place of the Stars they even on occasion sounded like guitar shredders ... and in the intermission there were warm sausage rolls.

su 2 Aug

Beware Pandas

su 26 Jul

Quite a musos's day near the coast yesterday; we didn't make it to Benhall Music Day because Le Tour was just too exciting but in the evening Anna Noakes and Gabriella Dall'Olio at Rendham Church (which has a very pleasant just reverberant enough acoustic) sounded and looked just brilliant.  (The harp is such an ethereal instrument even when you can see it being played the sound seems to be appearing from out of the ether.)  You can see Anna and Gabriella again next month at the Yoxford Arts Festival.

su 5 Jul

Rendham Field Dance

Some 10 miles away from Maverick in Rendham ceilidh band Happy Feet were making the crowd kick, skip, twirl and laugh in an idyllic setting ... and Gosia tells us later on the moon came out to make things even more perfect.Youngsters dancing as well

Happy Feet

Gorgeous sky

tu 30 Jun

At least two of our cats claim Scottish ancestry (which is a bit rich when you've got Costa Rica written on your side) so they're looking forward to Saturday's Field Dance in Rendham which is dancing in a field under the stars to a live Ceilidh band.

su 20 Aug

Flying mud at RendhamYou have to pay to get in but in there in the middle of a field in the middle of some other fields in the middle somewhere between Rendham and somewhere else mud was flying as were motorbikes being ridden by people of all persuasions including the female, the distinctly portly and the very young indeed.  It's just so real, see it if you can.

tu 17 Aug

Rendham White Horse  des' dinners 45

Lunchers were Spadge, NaTCH, The Brewer , Goddess Steph, and Max.  Good selection of beers but no ESB.   (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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