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fr 16 no 12

Eamonn McCabe has been sports photographer of the year a record four times and was 1985 news photographer of the year for his coverage of the Heysel stadium disaster ... he's talking in Rendham village hall tomorrow night.

tu 25 se 12

Helen Crayford and Justin LavenderWe've always found Tony's song Maria from West Side Story a tediously whining ballad but with the confidently easy tenor voice of Justin Lavender Saturday night in Rendham we discovered it's powerfully enjoyable.  Regrettably we then had to leave but the entirely home cooked (apart from the bread) supper provided by the friends of the church looked spectacular.

fr 6 jl 12

Hair flying as it shouldThe Rendham field dance tomorrow night is an absolute delight, you could end up dancing through ankle deep mist under moonlight ... you'd pay to see that at the cinema wouldn't you ... and this year it doesn't clash with the Maverick festival.

mo 2 ap 12

Aldeburgh Gallery private viewOne of the nice things about the Aldeburgh Gallery is it's next to the other chip shop in Aldeburgh, mind you the chip shop closed surprisingly early last Friday so was of no use to those who had stayed late buying at the packed private view of Rendham brother and sister painters Thom and Ania Hobson ... they're both young and talented ... we hate them.

we 2 no 11

FREE entry bonfire party Rendham Saturday marshmallows and mulled wine.

fr 9 se 11

Tomorrow evening the Cassia String Quartet are playing Haydn and Kodaly in Rendham and there's drinks and a finger buffet too ...  alternatively the Trianon Orchestra have an interesting looking prog at the Snape Maltings including Carmina Burana.

mo 04 jl 11
American Independence Day

The Rendham field dance before the dance

♫ Our cunning plan Saturday was to visit the Rendham field dance early so we could then go on to snap Rich Hall at the Maverick festival in Easton.  In the event we arrived at the field dance even before the band and forgot to photograph Rich Hall at Maverick but the vids show the field dance was it's usual triumph and from Grundisburgh Freya Roy playing the intermission was a positive broadening.

su 15 my 11

The bride looking beautifulGrooms, horse and carriageA proper journalist would have found out who was getting married in Rendham yesterday but does it really matter?  The bride looked beautiful (of course) and the horse and carriage (did you know they go together like love and marriage?) looked gothic.

th 20 ja 11

mobile police station in RendhamDespite chillingly miserable rain there'd already been a customer for PCSO Kevin Mann at the mobile police station in Walpole when we visited last Monday morning, Nat Bocking had visited to tell Kevin about the handy bus project.  The Suffolk Coastal mobile is one of four in the county and has on board Internet, loads of info, can postcode free bicycles and mobile phones and has a computer linked speed indicator display to monitor traffic speed through a village.  We followed Kevin on to Rendham but the rain seemed even more penetrating so we didn't hang about.

we 22 se 10

The Suffolk archive film festival running through October and November includes Peasenhall, Stonham Aspel, Great Glemham and Rendham.

su 19 se 10

Lauren Walker @ Thurston's BarnsCan't think of anything nicer, three course meal, 50p could win you a case of very decent red wine and the 90% cocoa mezzo voice of Lauren Walker ... plus the catch you out surprise of her accompanist James Platt having a very decent voice too.  All in aid St Michael's Rendham and next month a Suffolk archive film show.

th 8 jl 10

Rendham Field DanceJudging by the smiling faces and laughter people were enjoying this year's Rendham Field Dance perhaps even more than last year.  During the break the children had a wonderful time straw fightingSmall boy with strobe though one small boy continued to consider us fair game after it had ended ... so we got him to hold a strobe.

sa 3 jl 10

Today Peppery Prods are supplying two FREE stages of world and roots in Christchurch Park Ipswich; tonight Walkway (highly regarded by Duncan) are playing the Fressingfield fete, the charity launch of Geraldine Rose's new book at Cretingham golf club and it's the Rendham field dance ... phew!

su 16 my 10

Radio Stradbroke's on air this morning and this afternoon it's the Crow's Hall Country Fair near Debenham and an Open Garden in Rendham.

th 31 de 09

Maggi HamblingArtist and Rendham resident Maggi Hambling has been made a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire).

sa 21 no 09

St Michael's in Rendham last night was looking lovely with so many candles and quite toasty under the red glow of the wall heaters for the concertRafal Luc and Jessica Hayes given by outstanding players Jessica Hayes cello and Rafal Luc accordion.  The unlikely duo complemented beautifully with us sometimes not clear which instrument was making the low sustained notes and during the very modern piece Tahtela, Place of the Stars they even on occasion sounded like guitar shredders ... and in the intermission there were warm sausage rolls.

su 2 au 09

Beware Pandas

su 26 jl 09

Quite a musos's day near the coast yesterday; we didn't make it to Benhall Music Day because Le Tour was just too exciting but in the evening Anna Noakes and Gabriella Dall'Olio at Rendham Church (which has a very pleasant just reverberant enough acoustic) sounded and looked just brilliant.  (The harp is such an ethereal instrument even when you can see it being played the sound seems to be appearing from out of the ether.)  You can see Anna and Gabriella again next month at the Yoxford Arts Festival.

su 5 jl 09

Rendham Field Dance

Some 10 miles away from Maverick in Rendham ceilidh band Happy Feet were making the crowd kick, skip, twirl and laugh in an idyllic setting ... and Gosia tells us later on the moon came out to make things even more perfect.Youngsters dancing as well

Happy Feet

Gorgeous sky

tu 30 jn 09

At least two of our cats claim Scottish ancestry (which is a bit rich when you've got Costa Rica written on your side) so they're looking forward to Saturday's Field Dance in Rendham which is dancing in a field under the stars to a live Ceilidh band.

sa 27 jn 09

Postponed:  Next month's concert in Rendham church has been put back a day.

su 20 au 06

Flying mud at Rendham

You have to pay to get in but in there in the middle of a field in the middle of some other fields in the middle somewhere between Rendham and somewhere else mud was flying as were motorbikes being ridden by people of all persuasions including the female, the distinctly portly and the very young indeed.  It's just so real, see it if you can.

tu 17 au 04

Rendham White Horse  des' dinners 45

Lunchers were Spadge, NaTCH, The Brewer , Goddess Steph, and Max.  Good selection of beers but no ESB.   (first visit  subsequent lunch  previous lunch)

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