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Saxmundham teens

fr 9 Nov

Yesterday Des Fry from the Saxmundham Waitrose presented a cheque for £600 to the popup Smile café which is so shiningly new it probably still smells of paint.

Cheque presentation at the Smile cafe - pic contributed

sa 27 Oct

Tango malonga in FarnhamThere's a tango malonga in the Saxmundham Market Hall tonight and from our previous experience not only will the hall be decorated but this time there's a live band too.♫

sa 6 Oct

Saxmundham Smile CafeThursday was the launch of pop up cafe Smile which pops up every Thursday 10:00-2:00pm at the Fromus Centre in Saxmundham.

th 18 Oct

Hound of the Baskervilles is approaching the end of it's two month East Anglian tour with Stradbroke tonight and Saxmundham tomorrow.

th 16 Aug

Things to do Saturday include the scouts' boot sale in Saxmundham (they use to be on Sundays?) and Framlingham Castle Inn's Party by the Park 2 with Marc Everett and Lucy Sampson and others.  We ate Sunday roast off a Lavenham decorated place mat for our teenage years so know it's picturesque, this weekend in the village hall Suffolk Exhibitions are showing Art Photography Ceramics and Textiles.

su 5 Aug

After a collision last night on the A12 near Saxmundham a man from near Southwold has been arrested ... sounds hairy.

tu 24 Jul

Terry needs musicians for an upcoming monthly gig in Saxmundham.

su 22 Jul

We sense a certain lack of enthusiasm for a betting shop in Saxmundham and bits stolen (eventually) from a dinghy in Aldeburgh at the end of the week.

we 4 Jul
American Independence Day

Seaside Siren Holly GofightlyThe Peasenhall Assembly Hall is one of three green token good causes this month at the Saxmundham Waitrose (roller derby league the Seaside Sirens was one of last month's three in the Southend Waitrose).

su 10 Jun

A barman at the Monday jubilee jolly in Saxmundham told us the town council had paid for it ... makes a change from flags.

we 6 Jun

Hertfordshire Hell's Belles and the Norfolk Brawds

What we did in Norfolk, Saxmundham and Framlingham for the jubilee ... ah well, back to work.

Saxmundham Market HallThe Framlingham StationBarney being patientFramlingham's finest The Outlaws

th 22 Mar

Ipswich band Anything But Ordinary are playing the Saxmundham Meerkat Hall Saturday night to raise funds for the town's jubilee celebrations ... it'll probably involve flags.♫

tu 28 Feb

Dodgy £20 notes have been popping up all over near the coast including Aldeburgh, Saxmundham, Snape and Walberswick.

sa 18 Feb

Rural Myth 36:  Sax is what posh people have so they have someone to leave the money to.

tu 24 Jan

Strada Cars LtdGetting a good response on the board to a drastic plastic query about Strada sports cars built on the Carlton Ind Est in Saxmundham during the 60s.

sa 7 Jan

It may have been Epiphany yesterday but Saxmundham was still looking rather lovely in her Christmas lights and last week in the charmingly named Laundry Lane Huntingfield a half hearted break in.

fr 2 Dec

Part time staff WANTED for a competition stables near Halesworth and a relief chef wanted for a Saxmundham boutique hotel.

mo 28 Nov

An elderly non-functioning Massey Ferguson stolen from a field near Saxmundham.

tu 22 Nov
St Cecilia's Day patron saint of musicians

Saxmundham High StreetSaxmundham High Street is looking very pretty in its Christmas lights.

we 2 Nov

Daytime house burglaries yesterday in Aldeburgh and Saxmundham.

fr 28 Oct

Church Street SaxmundhamIn 1994 what is now the Saxmundham Waitrose was Gateway, half the size and didn't open on Sundays ... this is going up opposite in Church Street ... things change.

we 12 Oct

It's the open Saxmundham and Framlingham Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting in the Sax Market Hall 2pm this afternoon.  Worryingly not only has Fram PCSO Mary Thompson been moved from Fram to Halesworth but Sergeant Daye Goddard along with 29 other officers has been given notice to leave and the Sax and Fram SNT will be run by the Aldeburgh and Leiston SNT Sergeant ...

tu 20 Sep

Police are asking about a collision between a cyclist and a blue VW Golf car in Saxmundham Friday night and in Parham there was a break in last night.

fr 9 Sep

Did you see a lonely rucksack travelling to Saxmundham on a 64 last week?

we 17 Aug

A woman has been arrested after threatening behaviour and criminal damage in Saxmundham yesterday.

we 27 Jul

The Saxmundham RailwayAlbion Street Saxmundham is looking a little sad with the Railway boarded up and the Coopers Dip up for sale.

th 21 Jul

Jo CramptonDeparting advertiser Jo Crampton the enterprising hippy was on the Saxmundham market yesterday, Woodbridge today and Framlingham Saturday with possibly a fourth day being added to her weekly round and welcome to newbs the Framlingham Castle Inn who have a Caribbean Beach Party coming up next week.

we 18 May

Ah, that's what they were building opposite Waitrose in Saxmundham.

we 13 Apr

A tree stolen in Saxmundham.

fr 8 Apr

Ophelia a bit bonkersTheatre company The Keeper's Daughter who toured a tight and creative Dracula last year are rehearsing what will certainly be an original Hamlet around the libraries (mostly) of ntc later this month (while we've still got the libraries) including Halesworth, Stradbroke and Saxmundham.

fr 11 Mar

Peter Dominic SaxmundhamNo sign yet that what was the off licence in Saxmundham is going to be a water softener showroom but a previous identity revealed.

sa 5 Feb

Good authority has it the Saxmundham offy is going to be a water softener showroom.

th 3 Feb

South EntranceIt always seemed a great convenience that in Saxmundham the offy is opposite the chippy and the offy has certainly been a wine merchants since the 1920s but something seems up?

tu 1 Feb

You can see two building sites from the Waitrose car park in Saxmundham and surprisingly only one of them is a Hopkins Homes development.

sa 29 Jan

Steve Smedley at Leiston LibraryBraving the cold, and it was cold outside Leiston Library this morning, Steve Smedley was leafleting borrowers to remind them about next Saturday's demo outside the library and that unless something gets sorted the library along with another 28 including Aldeburgh, Debenham, Framlingham, Saxmundham, Stradbroke and Wickham Market will close.

sa 8 Jan

House sales around near the coastSuperficially house sales lively in Saxmundham and Woodbridge.

fr 31 Dec

Tonight's New Year's Eve disco in Saxmundham has been CANCELLED.

th 21 Oct
Trafalgar Day - 21 October 1805

SmartWaterSmartWater, no SmartWater not BlueWater, is an invisible liquid (that's a pic of it on the right) that codes your valuables to identify where they came from.  It's been wheeled out in Lowestoft and Leiston where over a 1,000 households have taken it up and now it's available in Saxmundham.

we 1 Sep

The Invited's gig at the Meerkat Hall Saxmundham this Saturday has been CANCELLED but the table top sale in Laxfield is still on and with bacon rolls!

th 24 Jun

Purse stolen yesterday in the Saxmundham Waitrose.

we 12 May

Saxmundham and Framlingham safer neighbourhood team public forum 2:00pm this afternoon at the Resource Centre, Seaman Ave, Saxmundham.

we 21 Apr

SingOut 2010Here's the spring newsletter for Saxmundham Rotary's SingOut 2010, presentations next month.

we 14 Apr

Tesco in Saxmundham is provoking some debate.

fr 26 Mar

Men playing quoits in Saxmundham 1930sThis pic of men playing quoits in Saxmundham and the 1930s brings a perspective to the Ted Ray line My family were very poor but bought me a cap so I could look out the window.

sa 23 Jan

Rather nasty assault in Saxmundham last Saturday.

th 14 Jan

Six good souls, including a county councillor and a Benhall lady, turned out in the snow yesterday to the Saxmundham Resource Centre Saxmundham resouce centre on a very gray day(it's down Seamen Ave by the fire station) for the Sax and Fram SNT meeting.  All very informal, sofas and coffee rather than platforms and standing orders.  Sgt Daye Goddard reported there'd been no drink related disorder over Christmas in Framlingham or Saxmundham and road safety education is ongoing in the area's primary schools; but the meeting seemed uncertain about anti-social behaviour at Toby's Walks, a picnic area on the A12 near Blythburgh.  Next SNT meeting in Fram 2pm Wed 10th Feb at Avocet House, Station Rd.

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