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Farnham~Stratford St Andrew

we 20 Mar
Spring Equinox

Landlord Leon Bonds in the Farnham GeorgeThe Eastbridge Eel's Foot and the Middleton Bell have closed but hopefully only temporarily.  We've never quite made it to the Bell but visited the Eel's Foot a good few times when chum and one time landlord of the Farnham George Leon Bonds lived opposite and if memory serves Thursday nights were folk music night. ♫

fr 2 Feb

Regrettably des' dinners never visited the Leiston Volunteer and now like the Farnham George and Framlingham White Horse it's long gone.

fr 27 Oct

Suffolk ConstabularyA Farnham outbuilding was broken into and a petrol washer stolen sometime between 5.30pm Tuesday and 5am Wednesday.  If you have any info please contact Suffolk Police quoting crime reference 37/62401/23.

sa 18 Feb

Table top sale in CloptonNear the coast you're supposed to know by osmosis when the Framlingham Gala happens and when the Stratford St Andrew Riverside Centre is open but this table top sale Saturday week has relented to let you know it's in Clopton today.

th 17 Nov

house sales around near the coastHouse sales around near the coast are always interesting and the latest update includes Badingham, Brandeston, Kelsale, Knodishall, and Stratford St Andrew.

tu 5 Jul

Suffolk ConstabularyA white Ford Ranger truck registration AO20ZDM was stolen between 11pm Sunday and 5am yesterday morning from Langham Road Farnham and a chainsaw taken from a nearby shed.  Any info please contact Suffolk police quoting crime reference 37/41834/22, you can call 101.

Langham Road is the back road that connects Farnham to Blaxhall and Snape.

we 4 May

About halfway between Great Glemham and Stratford St Andrew on Low Road there's free horse manure ... it's on the left if you're travelling from Glemham.

fr 28 Aug

When we passed the Stratford St Andrew village sign this week it was so bright and colourful we thought That must be a new sign but it was there in 2011.

mo 30 Dec

Coming off stage at the 2013 Maverick Festival one time local resident (we think Farnham) Neil Innes had two little girls rush up, put their arms round him That was great granddad ... sleep well sweet idiot. ♫

fr 24 May

Charlie 'Slightly on the Huh' HaylockTonight Charlie Slightly on The Huh Haylock is at the Riverside Centre Stratford St Andrew with inclusive refreshments at half time.

fr 17 May

Tonight Spring Serenade at Farnham Church with fizz and canapés beforehand.

sa 4 May

♫ Anglo-French acoustic five-piece Topette!! play the Riverside Centre Stratford St Andrew tonight.  Folkeast presented them in Wickham Market's village hall last year.

fr 28 Dec

75 year old Lesley Creese has been missing from Stratford St Andrew since midday yesterday.

tu 27 Nov

EDF Energy at the Suffolk Skills Show - pic contributedIn case you haven't had one of these through your letter box EDF are taking a show about the proposed Sizewell C on the road at the start of January.  No show in Framlingham, nearest Hacheston Thursday 10 Jan but perhaps the most convenient for the working person Saturday 19th at the Riverside Centre Stratford St Mary.

we 3 Jan

Skeet in the Farnham George 1994In 1994 when the Farnham George was still open we were pressed as the night's quizmaster with fellow regular Skeet as the time keeper.  30 seconds between questions with Skeet to give a 10 seconds to go warning.  A bit into the quiz we noticed the quizzers were finding the 10 second warnings increasingly amusing ... Skeet was calling 10 seconds when we lifted our glass which then didn't make its way to our mouth:)

we 27 Dec

A tango malonga at the Riverside Centre Stratford St Andrew tomorrow evening.

fr 24 Nov

bloody Christmas ... eh?Loads happening Saturday: During the day Christmas Bazaars inVix of Vix and the Kicks Brundish, Halesworth Cut and at the Riverside Centre Stratford St Andrew; in the evening the private view for Studio 90 Rendham's Winter Show, the Fat Band at Charsfield Village Hall and Vix and the Kicks (she does make the effort) at the Halesworth lights on. ♫

fr 30 Jan

Keith Kendrick and Sylvia NeedhamIt looks like the Everyman Folk Club at the Riverside Stratford St Andrew is every last Friday of the month, tonight it's Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham. ♫

we 15 Oct

Valerie Leverett in her Farnham workshopOn the industrial estate by that bend in Farnham is Valerie Leverett Memorials named for their principal Valerie Leverett.  Inevitably computers are involved in the design process but the headstones are still hand made.  On that saddest of occasions when a child has died it may be that materials can be recycled to reduce the expense to younger parents.

fr 1 Aug

An unlocked lady's shopper bike stolen in Leiston and a load of tools taken from a van in Stratford St Andrew.

sa 7 Jun

Fat Band and the Broadside BoysTONIGHT! The Fat Band (prepping for a gig in Jerusalem?!) and the Broadside Boys at the Riverside Centre Stratford St Andrew + Maverick Festival pre-festival hog roast and hi-jinx at the Easton White Horse.  The festival is 4-6 July with a lineup including Hank Williams' granddaughter Holly ... we just want to touch her. ♫

tu 14 Jan

Neil Innes at last year's Maverick festival♫ Farnham resident ex-Bonzo and unofficial seventh Python Neil Innes will be on Radio 4's Chain Reaction 6:30pm tonight in conversation with Grant Morrison who suffers from the soubriquet comic book legend.  As is the way with Chain Reaction next Tuesday Neil will be speaking with Graham Lineham who created Father Ted and The IT Crowd.

we 11 Sep

Chainsaw stolen in Farnham last week.

tu 23 Apr
St George's Day

Last week a Charsfield garage was broken into and petrol pinched, four chainsaws stolen in Brandeston but just one in Stratford St Andrew; two disc cutters burgled in Melton over the weekend, worryingly three shotguns, two rifles and ammo stolen in Otley yesterday but the good news is a man's Rotary watch was handed in to Woodbridge police station Saturday.

fr 19 Oct

We've just been told by what must be a lifetime Farnham resident that the fireworks at the Riverside Centre are always on 5th November, we salute their very admirable traditionalism ... mind you I was once told the Riverside is always open on a Wednesday night, except that is when the pool team is playing away ...

th 4 Oct

Things to do this Saturday include John Cooper Clarke at the Ipswich Corn Exchange (as we think he lives near Colchester he may even not be late), Framlingham Writers will be reading their work in the library and the Fat Band with Polly Gibbons and traditional hog roast at the Stratford St Andrew Riverside Centre.

mo 10 Sep
World Suicide Prevention Day

The Friday Street boot sale yesterday morning was fulsomely attended and has moved to the side of the road opposite the farm shop ... maybe it moved decades ago and we just haven't noticed.

tu 26 Jun

A fish and chip supper is just part of the Suffolk Gun Dog's Summer Shindig at the Stratford St Andrew Riverside Centre this Saturday.

mo 7 May

The Friday Street boot sale still looked lively enough yesterday around 11am despite the weather.

sa 14 Apr

Argentine Tango are back in Stratford St Andrew tomorrow with a Tea - the cup that cheers but does not inebriate dance including an hour from guest teacher Michael Lavocah.

mo 29 Aug

Stratford St Andrew malongaThe tangos at yesterday's malonga in Stratford St Andrew were not the overly dramatic jobbies you've seen in films but attracted dancers from Northampton and Cambridge to the evocatively lit room with its decorated tables and next door mountains of tuck ... impressively as many men dancers as women.  Suffolk Tango are in Saxmundham at the end of October, we'll be there.

mo 25 Jul

Castle Street FramlinghamHay in a field was set alight last night in Farnham, a money changing fiddle in Castle Street, Framlingham last week and pumps plus other stuff stolen from a garden in Lower Hacheston (that's the one east of the A12).

we 22 Sep

Air weapon fired at a car in Stratford St Andrew last night.

th 2 Sep

The Stratford St Andrew garage was broken into last night but the thieves failed to rob the cash dispenser; more encouragingly an engraved gold watch has been handed in to the Woodbridge cop shop.

th 19 Aug

An art and photography exhibition this weekend at the Riverside Centre, Stratford St Andrew.

su 2 May

Pinkness at the Thorpeness Heritage Coast Run/WalkOnly the burger van on the field for the Stratford St Andrew boot sale when we passed this morning.  Arriving at Thorpeness in forceful wind and icy rain for the Heritage Coast Walk/Run the pa was playing ELO's Mr Blue Sky ... not surprisingly no tutus, only Runners starting at Thorpenessone pink wig we saw and the ninja look was popular though much pinkness in the Suffolk Breakthrough tent.  There were three different starts and we heard shouted at the departing second group That's the half marathon you donut!  Total respect to everyone who turned out.  More pix on Facebook

sa 17 Apr

Pond Gallery at the Snape MaltingsTwo new artists (including painter Cyndi Speer) for the collective who showed at Chloe by Cyndi Speer Brandeston in February and now showing at the Snape Malting's Pond Gallery until Wednesday.  Their next show is 20-22 August at the Stratford St Andrew Riverside Centre.

th 18 Feb

Missing teenager Bobby Joe SkeltonFlying objects in Farnham and 14 year old Bobby Joe Skelton has been missing from his home in Lowestoft since Tuesday.

tu 27 Oct

Neil InnesEx-Bonzo, Ruttle and endearing local celebrityette Neil Innes is playing the Riverside Centre, Stratford St Andrew this Friday, tickets limited but try Shelia Woods 01728 602740 (thanks to the GP).

mo 26 Oct

Big sign outside the Stratford St Andrew petrol station 'FULL TIME STAFF WANTED'.

th 15 Oct

Boot sale this Sunday at Farnham/Stratford St Andrew.

mo 15 Jun

Some 500 ltrs of red diesel stolen from a Farnham farm.

th 14 May

Freebie at Stratford St Andrew club tonight about keeping period properties warm, and it's not being too warm is it?

su 5 Apr

John Daniels was the landlord of the Farnham George (and Dragon), we're pretty sure, some time in the 80s.  His son was also called John Daniels so the George pool team would wittily sing in the style of a football chant There's only two John Daniels.  John Daniels senior passed away last week aged 79.

mo 9 Feb

Saturday theft from a car in Farnham, a little like the weekend before in Great Glemham

th 8 Jan
Leon Bonds

We first alighted near the coast in 1994 just a few feet from the A12 in Farnham.  The shop had closed the previous year and the post office was a booth in Coastal Glazing but the George and Dragon pub had a pool table in the back bar and Tolly's bitter, keg mild, a choice of two brown ales to go with it, sometimes poker dice and always conversation in the front bar.

Leon Bonds behind the bar of the Farnham George

We will be eternally grateful to the then, and as it transpired penultimate, landlord Leon Bonds for providing a place for us to join in the life of the village.  Sad to report Leon died suddenly of an aneurysm last Friday aged just 57.

th 8 May

Farnham George and DragonWhen we first saw this early 50s pic of the Farnham George and Dragon we assumed it was the village not the pub sign but no, it's the pub sign and how unusual for a pub sign.  We think the G&D closed in 1995 but it was certainly our local when we first moved near the coast and it was serving Tolly's then.

we 19 Mar

Temporary traffic lights on the A12Temporary traffic lights on the A12 in Farnham just before that sharp left when travelling north.

sa 19 May

Don't Dance on Glass

Last night Don't Dance on Glass were tearing up the Saxmundham Market Hall and in Farnham it was quiz night and, as everywhere, the raffle winners were pleased to win.

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