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Ginetta in 2008

26 de 2008

George got far more than he bargained for when he searched for this title on the internet! 

Four contenders so far for the sad email prize!  Favourite Christmas present ...

18 no 2008

Henry Cooper loved his G15!We delivered carpets for the G15s of Alex (had it from new) and Tony (new-boy, only 30 years) yesterday.  We also collected parts for the G16 and the G4 kit

Having just got round to reading the Ginetta feature in the November issue of Classic and Sports Car we were amazed to see that our friend Richard Heseltine quoted the 1.9 G32 as having a Peugeot engine!  Well, why ask, when you can make it up?!

13 no 2008

Marvellous!Reading through a 1970s copy of Autosport as one does here, we were amazed at the amount of Ginetta content and marvelled at the style of the advertising.  John Absalom dominated at Rufforth beating another G4 driven by a singing Welshman.

Brian Alexander took the class record at Prescott from a Chevron B8.

31 oc 2008

The Brands Hatch BOAC 1000km event in early 1969  was actually called the "500" according to the lucky purchaser of the Hickling G4.

30 oc 2008Or were they caterers, parked behind the marquee?The Brands Hatch BOAC 1000km event in early 1969 had at least two discerning spectators.

Take a closer look by clicking on the picture and please let us know if you recognise either of these two cars.

Our G4 has had a new rev counter, oil pressure gauge, race seat and some other minor fettling recently.

The engine from the G2 is out and apart, soon to be rebuilt

21 oc 2008Trafalgar Day - 21 October 1805

We read of George Douglas' mishap in his G12 in Autosport but he tells us it's OK and he'll be out with us again next year.

Graham Moore came to see us in his G15 recently. Following an enjoyable test drive on the winding A and B roads around here, he is booked in for some new front shocks and springs.

sa 11 Oct

Dave Randall's back with the Ginetta G4, this time it's raining and no yellow Elan ... but there is an orange one.

22 se 2008Autumnal Equinox

We have genuine round tube G4 in stock. The chaps at the Ginetta factory are finally coming to terms with working closely with our little operation.......

We should have the dates and regs for next year's Ginetta Heritage Race Series very soon and there is an online G15 user guide in the pipeline.

12 se 2008

We love racing.  Racing customers take priority. We were a little perturbed to Mark's G12 with rapid - fit new panels learn that someone might not want to go Ginetta racing because he felt that; should he have an incident, the spares would take a long time to come to fruition. In fact, the period of 9 months was mentioned!

When Mark Faulkner had an off at Spa (not his fault) he had a new front and rear for his G12 fitted in 2 days! Brian Ashley and several other G12 and G4 racers have had a similar service, not that there is a huge demand. We have all the G4 and G12 panels in stock. We have G12 chassis and a G4 chassis of each type in stock!! We have donor G15 chassis and the jig right here. And now with the support of the factory we are beginning to fill up our G15 moulds too.

We have almost everything for a racing Ginetta G4, 12 or 15 on the shelf. It's some of the trim and restoration items that take a little longer. With only 180 man hours of  highly skilled, Ginetta experienced labour capacity a week, the restorations do take time - especially if a race job comes in to jump the queue. But if a racing customer has a problem we can assure a rapid turnaround as long as the budget is there; and at £35 + VAT an hour we are not expensive!

20 au 2008

We went up to the Factory yesterday.  Like us, but on a different scale, they seem to have a lot on.  There are some exciting versions of the G50 about including the road car that has a boot for two sets of Golf clubs, and electric G50 and a 500 + bhp G50.

We rescued all the old moulds which means that we can now produce panels and in most cases COMPLETE SHELLS for the following on behalf of Ginetta Cars: G4, G8, G10, G11, G12, G15, G17, G18, G22, G4/4, G29, G32 but not the G33.

2 au 2008

Rude G21 rear!Possibly the widest Ginetta G21 we've ever seen was collected for work this week.  Jaguar IRS and a Cosworth V6 and all sitting on 15" rims!.

Peter St Barbe's G4, repatriated from Canada is now in one piece and off for paint, ready for the Ginetta Heritage Race Series.

We will also be involved with a new UK 1000cc screamer Historic Sports Racing and Prototypes Race Series along with Chevron and Crossle which will be of interest to those lucky folks with G16, G12 and G4R. As long as they are to period specification replicas will be able to race along side the genuine cars.  The first 1 hour Race is in October.

22 jl 2008

Dear Spadge,
closeJust thought I'd drop a quick note telling you I earned my first career victory at BeaveRun weekend before last, in the Ginetta. I had just a super run.  I also qualified P2 for the PVGP, but my race was rained out.  Attached is a picture of the car and me.  My friend is in the yellow G4 bought from Tony Ingram.
Regards, Ralph

25 jn 2008

Great fun to drive nowWe've been ridiculously busy recently.  The things we can tell you about include Eric's G27 ebaY special that ended up with a new engine amongst other things! Light restoration already underway

We were thrilled to be able to buy one of only 8 surviving G2s last week. It's not far off being a runner and may be destined for the Ginetta Cars Heritage Collection.  However, it's such a delightful little thing that we would be pleased to keep it.

17 my 2008

Dennis is taking his Ginetta G10 up to Mallory Park for the Chris Meek We're particularly fond of Dennis' G10 celebration this weekend.  Also there will be the G4R from the factory and Tony Webb in a G12.

Pictures of the Ginetta G27 race car are in.

We have a G15 with a lot of work already done, that requires completion, coming in soon.

9 my 2008

It needs a repaint for more than one reason!The Ginetta G27 runs, drives and stops!  It's a cheap way into Club Ginetta at £4950

Our own G4 has sold already, so our plans to rebuild that one for the September festival have been scuppered.

6 my 2008

The weather has been great  for driving a G4 about recently so we took some photographs at last.

In the workshop we have a G15, a G4 and a G27.  In the body shop, our own G4 and lots of G12 panels

7 ap 2008

We even got a mention in the programme!Despite the threatened snow the first 2008 Ginetta Festival at Cadwell Park over the weekend was a great success.  We got to drive 25 URO around the track at lunchtime along with some hardy Ginetta Owners Club members.  The racing was terrific and the hospitality first class.  Thanks chaps!

2 ap 2008

Gentlemen (and ladies we suspect) start your engines!More information on the First Festival!  The Ginetta Cars site has some great information and so does the Motor Sport Vision one.  Coming soon: a genuine square tube G4 for restoration completion and a couple of interesting G27s.

The ex Minilite wheels sponsored G4 from Canada is coming on well in the workshop.

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