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Ginetta G12

G12 race carDespite what the books say, less than 30 of these cars were produced in 1966-68.  Thereafter, one or two body/chassis units were produced for enthusiastic customers.  We have traced records of every car and body/chassis unit.  We have chassis 11.  The chances of one coming up for sale are now remote and many are out and out race cars.  We have sold a genuine restoration case for £15,000.  We know of a blatant fake that was recently sold for in the region of £35,000.A G12 we sold in 2001

In the late 1980s and early 1990s Ginetta Cars Ltd produced a total of 30 cars with Lotus Twin Cam engines and Hewland transaxles.  We have a production list from the factory.  The cars were produced from original tooling and a few minor, but important concessions were made; to make them road usable.  The cars are therefore ideally suited for either road or race with suitable modifications.  They are however, not eligible for some forms of historic racing.

Ginetta G12Ginetta G12 factory body/chassis £  SOLD

This is currently in stock, as shown here, ready to go but we can fit the windscreen and supply any other parts needed to finish the car off, we have most things on the shelf.

kitGinetta G12  

factory restoration kit £SOLD


Chassis with full cds cage

All body panels These are currently in the process of being fitted. All suspension arms. Machined rear uprights, stub axles, spacers etc, are in the process of being assembles onto the car so that it will be sitting on it's wheels.

Screens and seals. Ginetta aluminium radiator, 6" minilites and tyres for the front, 7" minilites and tyres for the rear.

All these parts are here ready to ship.  Other options such as steering parts, wiring loom, front uprights, brakes, fuel tanks, body fitting etc. etc. can be supplied as necessary.

LumpFollowing a number of requests, we have just popped the head and sump off the engine.  The head looks sound. The pistons are standard but the block obviously needs a rebore. The crank mains are -40 thou and the mains are - 20 thou so we'd suggest a new crank is required - which seeing as it's a race car, one would probably have put a steel one in anyway.

It's pretty much the ideal starting point for a race twin cam.  Pictures: cyclinder head and crankshaft and mains.

pistonsSOLD And we've just remembered these set of +20 Hepolite/AE pistons that we had on a shelf. They have been used but were wrongly assembled by someone and we found that valves had been touching the pistons at high revs. The engine was rebored and these were surplus. We had the valve pockets machined out ready for re-use. There are two top rings missing but we'd buy a new set from Burtons.  We'll chuck these pistons in with the package.

Ginetta G12 Chassis 12/48   £Sold March 2010

Ginetta Factory approved Continuation chassis built in 2003/04 with 6 point roll cage and removable chromed rear stays

EngineEngine: Cosworth BDH 1300 John Wilcox Formula 3 engine with Wilcox fuel injection and Wilcox engine management and electronic programmable ignition. 2 x 30 minute races since £6000 rebuild with new 711M block and Cosworth pistons. Dry Sump system. Tony Law tuned exhaust system 103 dB. Lightweitht Mitsui Race 55 amp alternator. Walbro fuel injection pump. Ark Lightweight high torque starter. Red top battery. Pace Alloy Radiator. Tony Thompson swirl pot. Silicon hoses. Laminova Oil Cooler

BHP 159-172 at 8900 rpm, depending on set up

200 bhp available with lower torque camshafts. Dyno sheets and video available

Transaxle: Hewland Mk9 5 speed. 9/31 CWP Rebuilt by JP and PDS Racing. Superclutch Formula 3 sintered clutch that has only done two races. Fully floating solid drive shafts with Lobro joints.

Wheels and Tyres: Avon ACB10 2 races old on 7J x 13 and 8J x 13 magnesium minilite wheels for dry.

Avon CR28 new on 6J x 13 and 7J on alloy minilite wheels for wet.

suspensionSuspension: A.V.O. Alloy shock absorbers, rose jointed with adjustable platforms and damping. Cadmium plated wishbones, trailing arms and anti-roll bars front and rear. Front GT6 stronger uprights and bearings

Brakes: Front; Competition AP alloy AR calipers, Rear steel calipers. Adjustable bias pedal, braided hose system. M1144 competition pads

Equipment: 4 Litre piped Spa extinguisher system – needs recharging. Willans 3 inch 6 point harness new in 2007, valid until 2011. Tailored car cover with Ginetta logo. Quick release steering wheel. Racetech gauges. Stack Rev counter. Alloy foam-filled fuel tanks.

Body: Lightweight panels – some distortion on roof and cracks on the rear body. Perspex windows, laminated windscreen. British racing green paintwork.

Ginetta G12 less engine and transaxle £SOLD January 2009

The chassis has a full cage built in On the button!

Ginetta G12 Ginetta G12 rear
Ginetta G12 less engine and transaxle £SOLD November 2008

BDG engineUK and Japan road registeredGinetta G12

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