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tu 5 Apr

Uprated radiators for a Ginetta G15 and spyder wants to know where he can get a Perspex rear screen.

fr 25 Mar

Spyder has asked for help with an electrical problem on his Ginetta G15.

we 16 Mar

Ginetta sports cars were first produced in Campsea Ashe by agricultural engineersGinetta G10 the Walkett brothers (we think that surprisingly wide single story building to the right of the Stratford St Andrew garage is one of theirs).  We're steadily uploading a Ginetta archive and there's a drastic plastic board too.

we 20 Oct

Dave Randall has sent us another vid to edit, a make you gasp stormer start, lots of gob smackers and a stinger end.  What is terrifyingly magnificent about Dave is his 1500cc Ginetta G4 isn't that powerful ... he just waits longer than everybody else before braking.  This is Dave at Cadwell Park 2006 dealing with a spinning Lotus ... twice.

28 jl 2010

The factory G10 just got a new MOT as we prepare it for Tour Britannia in Gear changes are hardly necessary on our Suffolk roads. September.

A G4 nears completion in the workshop, Norman's Cosworth G21 will be here for work soon, as will Zane's G15 just as soon as we can get over to pick it up.

The turbo G32 goes up to Scotland next week and Dave and Nina's G21 is coming down as it is sold to a guy in Germany.

24 jl 2010

This is a good value G21The G20 GTC is on ebaY!

The G12 is sold. Dave and Nina's G21 is on the free ads and we can get the car down here in the next few weeks if required.

22 jl 2010

Super light, special GTC bonnetThe G20 GTC is finished. All steel dry-sump Zetec engine, 240 bhp. Quaife close ratio gearbox. LSD.  Various sets of wheels and tyres. Stack rev counter. Superlight body. Seat and belts in date.  All new shocks, rose joints; this is a fully rebuilt, newly-painted and set up car ready for testing.  Eligible for the Ginetta Challenge, GOC Speed Championship, a whole host of other series and of All bits to finish this are available. course, track days too.

There's a lot of chat about it on the bulletin board and we have lots of pictures to send you.

The G12 we have in stock has come on rather well recently. Suspension is on.

24 jn 2010

That colour again!Rob Knox's G15 is for sale at £8,000.  It's a cracker ... we supplied a lot of panels and parts to a previous owner.

23 jn 2010 Dave Randall's G4 scored an outright win at Mallory park last weekend.

And a nice colour it is too.The boys' G4/4 is back from paint and a change of plans means that it may be for sale when it is finished.

The G20 GTC is at the paint shop. It is up and running.

A panel of experts from the Ginetta Owners' Club were recently spotted at the Ginetta factory, where Lawrence kindly hosted their AGM, redesigning the G50.

Another F400 was out and about at Croft last weekend.

There's been progress in the G12 stock situation.

11 jn 2010

Hugh Smithson's gorgeous and expensively restored G15 is on ebaY. Far Too Cheap!! BUY IT!

More good news in the Motorsport section.

The Ginetta G32 is sold.

9 jn 2010

Join the G12 train!The Ginetta G27 is now sold and we are upgrading it to full MOT status for the new owner. The Ginetta G12 is being assembled but we have sold the twin cam engine separately.

More GOC Speed Championship news on the Motorsport section.

3 jn 2010

Two of the G15s are now sold. More GOC reports are now on the Motorsport Section.

The G20 GTC is complete and set up. It needs paint, more info very soon but is available for sale now.

27 my 2010

Our Ginetta G27 will hit ebaY on Friday. Spadge has a knackered knee so can't drive it at the moment.  Ready to test, it starts at £5,500 with no reserve!!

Paul Matty is advertising the nice modern G4 that he's had for a while.  We saw it at auction a few months ago, perhaps it didn't sell?

The Guild of Motoring Endurance didn't quite go to plan.  News in the Motorsport section.

20 my 2010

Martyn has rebuilt this beauty since we did the chassis.Martyn is entering his G4 in the Guild of Motoring Endurance 6 hour event  at Mallory. He has a co-driver and is in team with the G27 of the Father/Daughter team of the Robinsons.

There's a very interesting G4/4 with an MOT on ebaY.  Owned by a charming chap called Terry, we will certainly be bidding it past the reserve as it would benefit from a makeover like we've done on our one.

17 my 2010

Nice picture from Charlie WoodingDave Randall has been doing his stuff again in the G4 on The Silverstone GP circuit.  See the motorsport section.

17 ap 2010

We're entering this for some races right now!The Stealth Transit was out and about this week.  A lovely G15 has returned to us after 7 years for sale again.  The Ginetta G27R is up and running and ready to race.

12 ap 2010

Testing went well on Friday They've put the hours in, now Spadge has to put some more cash in! and Paul did the business on Saturday! Our friend with a novice cross, at a circuit he'd never seen, in a car he'd never driven, in the first race since his major off last year, qualified 8th out of 20 and finished the CSCC race at a sunny Snetterton 6th!  Well done matey!

More recent, excellent Ginetta results are now on the Motor Sport page

Ben and Joel's G4/4 is off for paint tomorrow.

9 ap 2010

New tyres, new engine, good luck Paul!Paul is off to test our old G4 with 159 fresh bhp today.

G12 project for sale!  G4 Project for sale!  Ginetta G27R Road/Race Car for sale!  Paul Tapner's G33 was MOTed this week, as was the G32 Turbo

2 ap 2010

Oh my goodness! Today we have been mainly buying cars!  A G20 senior project and G27R race car!  Both will be up for sale soon, either as they are or ready - to - race in the case of the G27R.

The missing left hand drive G10 Coupe has turned up in the States, where we always thought it was.

John Gafford's G4 is going home to Bolton tomorrow. We will have a round tube G4 continuation kit ready next week and there's a van full of G4 style bonnets for the G4/4 and G27 on their way to Germany as we write this.

20 mr 2010Spring Equinox

Restored chassis G32, some reassembly required!Seemingly the G4 is sold.  Our G32 has it's own slot on the bulletin board and is also for sale.

Work on the G20 continues - we're still after a Sierra LSD

4 mr 2010

The G32, outside at last!The Turbo G32 has been back on the road.  Vince Hawtree has started a G32 site.

We have 2 spare tickets for anyone who wants to drive their nice, road-going classic Ginetta to the Ginetta Cars Media Day at Silverstone on Monday March 15th.  It should be quite a day We've all sorts of nice bits to go with this... with some excellent hospitality.

A Budget level G15 competition car project has popped up on the G15 section. We need the space so unless sold soon, we will be putting this rare opportunity on ebaY!

Talking of which, we have a G27R LSD and shafts, Imp Sport engine and transaxle on there at the moment.

2 mr 2010

There is an unmolested G15 here, for sale.

25 fe 2010

Stop that headlamp! We'll need it for the G20 GTC!The G12 is sold. The long wheel base G4 has zoomed off into the sunset at the hands of a tall new owner.  We now have both a round tube and a square tube G4 chassis in stock.

A genuine 1966 square tube G4 is coming in for sale next week.

15 fe 2010

One minute it was a complete car ...Spend ten minutes on YouTube.  1970 Targa Florio. A highly modified G12 called the Jerboa (we have lots of history on it), Ferrari 206S and period photography, colour and nice music.

We took the G27 apart today.

The Green G12 has provoked a lot of interest from Europe and Japan so please be quick if you want it. Or you may consider our G12 continuation, base level kit at £9,000?

9 fe 2010

That interesting G4/4 or G27 in the USA didn't sell at $29,000!

6 fe 2010The G20 Junior Chassis is the basis of the G20 GTCThe long G4 is sold!

There's some news in the motorsport section.

The G10 is being collected on Monday for some cage fabrication.

While our lightweight round tube G4 comes together, we are rebuilding the G27R into a G20 GTC which should be a somewhat quicker and less-expensive process.

1 fe 2010

This is a very well built car.Where did January go?!  We spent some happy times at the Autosport Show where the lovely G40 was unveiled

The G10 body is looking good and there are some pictures on the bulletin board.  The G32 Turbo is running and nearly ready for the MOT. We have bought a G20 junior to build into a racer a la G20 GTC and we are working on the G27 race car also.

The boys have put in a lot of work to make this!We are interested in buying G27 body panels, particularly light weight ones and we are gearing up to be able to support all the various models that were produced by Ginetta cars. To that end, our G4 style bonnet for the G4/4 and G27 will shortly be available.

One G4 is off to the paint shop. We have a special offer on a G12 body/chassis - and we have a round tube G4 chassis in stock.

There is an update on the motorsport page.

6 ja 2010

Bugger! We've let it go.Happy New Year  Snow has delayed the return of several  finished cars since the break. And even worse, we've sold our blue race G4 just when we'd got it all sorted. The proud new owner is an old friend with a bad neck!

Work has started on that special G32

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