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Ginetta G15


Built between 1968 and 1974 the G15 grew from the Walkletts' desire to build an affordable smaller sports car.  To this end, it used a simple 2" ladder frame chassis with a bolt on GRP body.  A complete Sunbeam (NOT Hillman, this is very important apparently) Imp Sport drive train was bolted into the rear and front suspension was Triumph Herald/Spitfire.

Around this time Ginetta became members of the SMMT which allowed them to show at the London Motor Show.  The G15 was announced at the 1967 show and several orders were taken, however due to development problems no cars were delivered until mid 1968.  These early cars had lay-back indicators, separate sidelights, small side windows and MGB door handles.

This very pretty little car went through several subtle updates until its demise as the Series 5 in 1974.  Despite other people having different ideas we are pretty sure that nearly 600 were sold and it has become, perhaps with the Ginetta G4, Ginetta's best known model.  A contributory factor was undoubtedly its excellent competition history in the hands of drivers like Chris Meek and Alison Davis.

su 19 Jun
Father's Day - pic contributed by R Magritte

More history of 1972 Ginetta G15 GVD 673 K 1983 Scottish Hillclimb champion:

Yellow Ginetta G15I was actually the original owner and builder of Genevieve, bought brand new from Ginetta as a kit.  The registration reflects the fact it was first registered in Lanarkshire Scotland.  I and my brothers built it on my father's farm, Hamperhill near Braidwood in Lanarkshire and I had it for about three years until I got married in 1976 and sold it (much to my everlasting regret) as my new wife found it a bit frightening.  One of the guys working on Dad's farm bought it and I believe painted it a ghastly orange colour so I'm glad to see her back in her original colours, I had wanted Lotus yellow but Ginetta could only do their version at the time.

I'm delighted she still exists though looking somewhat different to when I had her.

Chris Airey, I.Eng. M.I.E.T.


DSV Mermaid Commander

March 2010

Ginetta G15 £SOLD

body shell and chassisA G15 shell with rear arches and a spoiler. No V5. A restorable chassis. This will make an interesting competition car project. Obviously we have many other parts which we can sell at bargain prices to whoever buys this "kit". It will go on ebaY soon, so be quick.

More pics: chassis and body, chassis, body shell offside front, body shell rear, body shell offside and nearside front

Jun 2006

Click for larger pic SOLD

Ginetta G15  £7,500 was £8,500

998cc road/race engine, twin Webers, fastidious restoration, leather interior, CD player, alloy tanks. Wilton carpets, removable front spoiler, etc, etc!

Apr 2006

Click for bigger picGinetta G15  £3,800   SOLD 

Shtop!  It'sh not ready yet.  A not quite complete restoration because the previous owner lost his garage.  The car is running an 875cc engine with twin Stromberg carbs.  It has a fully restored chassis, alloy and silicone cooling pipes, Aeroquip brake hoses, alloy fuel tank, original dash and gauges, new headlining (needs sticking in properly), restored original seats (at a cost of over £600), new Perspex, original glass, new side windows channels, and 12" Revolution wheels.  All theClick for bigger pic electrics are working except the wipers.  It has been repainted but the front cover was damaged and the new replacement needs painting ... the rest of the car could do with a top coat as there are some blemishes.

This sweetie is so new in we haven't had a chance to take some proper pics and it's an outstanding bargain.

May 2005

Series 2 Ginetta G15  £6,595   SOLD 

Click for bigger picThe 1969 Earls Court Motor Show car - still in gold paint (see John Rose's Super Profile) and first registered 1 January 1970 so road tax exempt, chassis number 63,  recorded mileage 30,900 (3,300 miles since August 2001).

998cc fast road engine with twin Stromberg carburettors, previously restored on replacement galvanised chassis, MGB door handles, small rear quarter lights, flat front indicators, period front spoiler, tinted glass side windows, stainless steel fuel tank, adjustable reclining seats, fire extinguisher, new rear trailing arms with LedaClick for bigger pic gas adjustable shock absorbers and new competition Rotoflex couplings, 5.5" Superlite wheels with Yokohama AO32R's, and twelve months MOT.  Spares include four original Minilite wheels, and an engine and gearbox suitable for exchange.

A well presented and sorted car ready to use.

UPDATE: New owner Richard Batt July 2022.

Mar 2005

Click for bigger picGinetta G15  £2,600   SOLD

Restored chassis, rebuilt engine, stripped body shell.  Lots of money spent several years ago. Dry stored ever since.  Relatively easy re-assembly required.

Jan 2004

Click for bigger picSOLD

Ginetta G15  £4,250

Cage, MOT, replacement chassis, Leda shocks, lots of sensible road modifications, rebuilt engine, single downdraught Weber, Revolution wheels, sunroof, and rewired.  Use it everyday if you want.


GinettaGinetta G15 £SOLD

Engine:1800cc Alfasud boxer engine mid mounted. Big valve full race head and cams. Forged pistons. Steel rods. Nitrided crank with additional oil ways. Four into two into one chromed manifold Twin 46mm Dellorto down draft carb's producing around 160 HP. Dry sumped.  Transmission:5 speed Alfa transaxle.

Suspension and Brakes: Front Adjustable camber. Adjustable anti roll. Chromed round tube wide track (+3") wishbones by Crossle cars. Four pot Wilwood callipers. Ventilated discs. Twin master cylinder brake bias adj. Spax dampers with adjustable platforms. Rear Fully adjustable double wishbones.Alloy uprights from Noble cars. Inboard discs. Spax dampers with adjustable platforms.

Wheels and Tyres: Currently on brand new Momo Corse 15" alloys, New unused Federal 195/45X15 tyres

Interior: MSA compliant full roll cage. Plumbed in fire extinguisher. New Willans four point harness. Tillet drivers seat. Red top race batteryexhaust system

Colour: Porsche Arctic Silver. Could do with a respray to make it perfect.

The car is currently in Northern Ireland but will be here soon if there is the anticipated interest in it. It will be sold fully up and running and with a fresh MOT. Additional work can be undertaken on behalf of any new owner by ourselves, with pleasure.

More pics: the bonnet, offside rear, engine compartment, more engine compartment, yet more engine bay, the driver's seat, fire extinguisher, front hub, rear hub, and rear suspension


Ginetta G15 £  SOLD

green carNew MOT, fully serviced, rebuilt carbs, changed cooling pipes, dash and electrics work and checked over in our workshop. Electronic ignition, original interior with upgraded door trims and CD player. Large header tank, stainless steel fuel tank, alternator and electronic ignition; for reliability. Lovely paint job. Great bumpers (ding dong!) Minilite style wheels. Original cosmics are available.

More pictures: carburettors, front view, near side rear, and rear view.


GinettaGinetta G15  £SOLD

Unmolested and original. It is absolutely complete. One door hinge is broken. The steering lock has been removed and one original seat is broken. One of the Cosmic wheels is missing but they can be found quite easily.  More pictures here: speedometerseatsoffside rear, nearside rear, and petrol tank


Ginetta G15  £SOLD

A more original car to recommission would be hard to find.A low mileage car with effectively one owner/user from new.  The car is incredibly straight, complete and original.  Some parts have been removed, cleaned and boxed up and it has a new stainless steel fuel tank.  We put all these parts back to find that the only thing missing is one seat!


Click for larger pic1972 Ginetta G15  £4,750  SOLD

875cc mildly tuned sport engine and bright yellow paint work with silver painted bumpers.  Full restoration several years ago and still in fine fettle.  Factory Webasto sunroof Mk 2, Cosmic wheels, and nice interior trimmed with red carpets and headlining.


Click for larger picGinetta G15 Super Profile by John Rose

Large (more or less A4 size) book published in 1986 and copiously illustrated.  The nine sections are Foreword, History & Evolution, Specification, Colour Section, Road Tests, Owner's View, Buying, Clubs, and Photo Gallery.

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