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Ginetta in 2007-06

23 de 2007

Best card and best present ( Spa Francochamps beer)Happy Christmas! There's a Tornado project in the offing - interested?

There's a bare square tube IRS chassis in the offing - interested?

There's a round tube G4 with a body and suspension, assembled needing finishing for racing etc for £8,500 in the offing - interested?

21 no 2007

Ginetta G27 reduced to £7,000  What a bargain!  Especially as a potential front runner in the new race series

24 oc 2007

Dave 2nd this year - due to a couple of mechanical nigglesThe Boys did it!  Dave Randall came 2nd overall and won his class in the race thereby securing second in the championship and Josh Sadler won his class and clinched the championship in the HSCC Historic Roadsports. So that is a G4 one two.

19 oc 2007

Dave Randall and Josh Sadler will be fighting for the HSCC Roadsports title at Silverstone tomorrow in their Ginetta G4s.  Good luck chaps!

1st oc 2007

Good progress with the Fairthorpe. Work continues on the Davrian and G4.

25 se 2007

Off to Germany to deliver a G15 and collect the GSM.  Apparently the G27 we have for sale has the record for the fastest car around Goodwood on road tyres EVER!!

20 se 2007

What a fantastic time we had!  The most G4s in a race ever?

Wonderful cars, well worth the trip

8 se 2007

Those flares are SO last year darlingThe Goodwood Revival was excellent. All the G15s have SOLD We have bought a second GSM Delta. The Fairthorpe race car is coming on well. The engine and gearbox went into the Grantura 1800S this week. The G4 we are restoring needs some suspension tweaks.. Work resumes on the Davrian and the Tornado imminently.

29 au 2007

Fragile but blindingly quick in the right hands!We are off to the Goodwood Revival and rather excited, as usual. The G4R, 25 URO we restored is in the Fordwater Trophy and we are helping Joe Throbnozzle with a  Cortina 1500 GT amongst other things.

6 au 2007

A great little G15 at a remarkable price with an MOT. The yellow G15 now has an MOT. Gerry Hunt's G4 is SOLD

5 au 2007

Ding dong! The front end looks better than ever!Chris Dady came in a splendid 4th in the Handicap race at the delightful Bentley Driver's Club Meeting at Silverstone yesterday. Best time of 1.18 on Dunlop Historics with a 1600cc FIA legal engine was a good performance we thought.

17 jl 2007

An exciting 230 bhp Zetec Ginetta G27 has just arrived.

23 my 2007

The amazing Chris Lawrence of Lawrence Tune fame needs some cash for his Deep Sanderson Race engine.

25 ap 2007

A con rod and one of the three holesThe Marcos 1500GT has  SOLD  and whilst testing recently the driver, who wasn't Spadge, thought "just one more lap" and this happened.  There are two more similar sized holes, one in the sump and one on the other side of the block!

10 mr 2007

A Ginetta G15 For Sale .  We've known this car since 1994 and it's always been well maintained and little driven, what else do you want?

13 ja 2007

Happy New Year and the bulletin board will be erratic from 9am tomorrow (Sunday) for about an hour while we update the software ... a little late but we're starting the upgrade ... 10:10am and all done.

27 no 2006

Lotus Elan +2We've always maintained that the Lotus élan +2 is one of  the few plus twos that makes a practical classic and is still a sports car and the +2 we now have for sale is a very practical classic.

5 no 2006

Here in rural Suffolk communications become more Dave Randall and the Championship Cupdifficult as winter sets in but the wires are being  fairly burnt up on the bulletin board.  That's where you can read how star of People Spinning and flags ... Dave Randall won this year's Road Sports Championship.  (And we hear there's another video on the way.)

3 oc 2006

Spadge's Ginetta G4 to be collectedSpadge has acquired a Ginetta G4 which he has to drive back from Norway!

11 se 2006

Spadge, Elva and Chris at Oulton ParkChris Dady qualified for the Equipe GTS race at Oulton Park Saturday but the antique fan belt on the newly acquired Elva caused a pushrod to jam (work that one out) during Spadge's qualification.  Problem fixed and Chris did twenty race minutes getting used to the car but obviously losing oil from the antique rocker cover gasket that they hadn't been able to replace.  Spadge took over and throwing the car sideways around the "carousel" on the first lap the oil light came on!  So that was that, no major harm done and they're both looking forward to Mallory Park in October.

8 se 2006

The red Ginetta G21 has sold and tomorrow Spadge is co-driving the Elva Courier Coupe with Chris Dady at Oulton Park.

8 jn 2006

Too late!  The partially restored Ginetta G21 and the yellow Ginetta G15 are  SOLD

9 fe 2006

We have a genuine round tube Ginetta G4 for sale on commission.

26 ja 2006
Australia Day

Do you know where Bill Petrie is?  We have a buyer for his lovely yellow Ginetta G15.

We're looking for an immaculate Lotus 7 series 3 or an early Caterham?  Email us if you know of one for sale or exchange, or if you know where Bill Petrie is!

19 ja 2006

Lenham GTExciting news! The only road registered Lenham GT has turned up and is for sale.  It still has it's Lotus Twin Cam engine and unlike some of the other Lenham GTs out there is 100% genuine. K reg Ginetta G15  This would make an excellent historic sports race car, as David Methley is currently proving at a circuit near you!  Anyone interested should drop us an email ...

... and here's that pic of the Ginetta G15 we promised.

13 ja 2006

Happy New Year!  We have for sale a K reg Ginetta G15 875 Sport, no sunroof, red, two owners from new and garaged for the last 13 years.  The engine is not seized and it's a totally unmolested and original complete car except it's been repainted red; originally it was orange.  In need of re-commissioning there are lots of useful spares though nothing too sexy.  No photos as yet but at £1200 we expect this to sell before we collect the car. You can collect it from York yourself or we'll deliver anywhere in UK for £200.

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