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Click for larger pic SOLD   March 2007

Lotus élan  +2s four speed

Locally owned for twelve years and over recent years serviced and maintained by us.  Galvanised chassis, recent CV driveshaft conversion, Lotus 130 bhp engine with a Mick Miller rebuild 20,000 miles ago and still sweet as a nut.  At the same time as the engine rebuild Mick did the suspension. Servo brakes, new Aeroquip lines and a period radio wired in but no Click for larger pic speakers.  The interior needs tidying and the passenger seat has small tear but headlining and door trims are nice Click for larger pic and the electric windows work.  There's a recent MOT  and the car qualifies for free road tax.

The body and chrome work are presentable (and the L on the boot hasn't gone missing, it's just coyly hiding in bubble wrap) but reflect the regular use the car has enjoyed rather than the number of shows it has attended!

Click for bigger pic SOLD   earlier than 2007

Lotus élan  +2s

This car has suffered minor engine bay fire damage but has a lovely interior and was in excellent condition before the fire. Click for bigger pic

The car's previous owner was  racing legend Gerry Marshall.  Gerry was in the first race Spadge Hopkins ever saw as a lad.  It was a thrilling race and sowed the seeds for much of the enthusiasm Click for bigger picseen on these web pages.  When Spadge collected the car  he enjoyed  listening to tales of colourful motor sport characters such as Ian Burgess (F1 Coopers etc), Bernie Ecclestone, Jackie Stewart and Ron Dennis.  Obviously he chipped in recounting stories of Mark Faulkner and Fos Wilson, but they lacked a certain something ...

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