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Bond & Elva

1964 Bond Equipe 2+2 SOLD  2007? 2006?

1964 Bond Equipe 2+2

Yesh!  It's a BOND!  An Equipe 2+2 which like the Gilbern is a rare four seater.  Your chance to acquire James for road or competition use starts here!  Registered AOJ 339B the previous owner thought it might stand for Any Odd Job.  The car is from 1964 and the model was homologated for competition use and performed honourably in the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally.  The Equipe was based on a slightly modified Triumph Herald chassis with the popular and Prevous owners with the Equipe at a showtuneable Triumph Spitfire engine.  450 of these were made, fewer than 30 survive and perhaps fewer than 20 are on the road. A small pile of parts

This example has been in dry storage for many years, re-trimmed in the late 1970s it has been used little since.  It is very original and, unusually, complete and though much of the paint has been stripped the glass fibre body is in good condition.  The rear has been used to make a mould so some of the rear lights have been removed but they are in the small pile of parts that come with the car.

Serving suggestion - Transit not included   Missing lights in the box of bits  Click for bigger pic

Triumph engineAn excellent spares package to prepare this car as fast road/race/rally includes a good Spitfire 1300cc engine, two spare diffs, two spare propshafts, Weber, brake cylinders, engine mounts, etc overdrive gearbox, new Weber 40 DCOE and manifold, tubular competition manifold, new brake callipers, new brake master cylinder, rear brake cylinders, pipes, Goodrich brake hoses, engine mounts, alloy bell-housing, twin harnesses, wooden dash, crankshaft, new front upper wishbones and external door handles.

Very straight bodywork SOLD   2007

1964 Bond Equipe 2+2  

Registered BCR 622B this would make a straight-forward restoration case or a race/rally car.  It has an excellent chassis and bulkhead and is essentially complete but dismantled of engine and gearbox etc which are included, as are the glass, dash, loom etc.

A BIG bag of bits  The Bond bulkhead  Rear seat

The Elva at Goodwood Revival SOLD   Aug 2006

Elva Courier Coupe


Extremely rare Elva Courier Coupe race car with FIA papers and eligible for Goodwood, Classic Le Mans, Equipe GTS, HSCC and other historic race meetings and series.  MGA three main bearing engine, helical close ratio gearbox, limited slip differential, Dunlop historic race tyres, road tyres, as you can see beautifully prepared.

On the grid at Goodwood    Rear view

Click for larger pic SOLD   Oct 2004

Elva Courier


A 1960 Elva Courier and what a lovely thing it is!  It could be a stunning road car but it also has a period race history and is currently drum-braked so it could run in many historic racing classes.

The chassis and running gear have been restored.  The body is sitting on the chassis but  needs to be bonded on and a new floor fitted.  We have done this to a Courier before and it isn't too difficult.  There is a rebuilt MGB short engine with the car although it would originally have had an MGA engine and the V5 still has the engine down as 1588cc.  There are also both MGA and MGB gearboxes and  a host of other parts including a manifold for a Weber carb.  As the photos show, the car is virtually complete.  The actual hood is missing but  the side screens and hood frame are there.  Some of the parts on the car, such as the seats and dash, are just put in place and are not fixed.  The car will be sold with a set of original wheels not the wheels shown in the picture.

The main tasks restoring this car are bodywork it has suffered no major damage,electrics the loom is out of the car, the braking system all new hydraulics are needed and the new owner may wish to convert it to disc brakes, and trimming.

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